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Frank Medrano Callisthenics Program Review

I have a masters degree in sports science and around 10 years experience in personal training and sports research.

Frank Medrano Overview

Frank is a very well known callisthenics expert and has multiple videos on YouTube. His amazing ability to lift and control his own body is extremely impressive. I first stumbled across him in around 2015 seeing videos of him online. After some research I found him on Facebook and realised he also had his own workout programs for people to follow.

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Frank Medrano Workouts.

As far as I am aware Frank has 5 separate workout programs. The first one is a new one which is a 4 week shred workout program. I didn’t purchase one but I feel the name is self explanatory. He also has a rolling plan where you pay monthly and he will give you a personalised meal plan, personalised workout programs as well as 24/7 customer support. His main workouts are the Super Human Callisthenics programs. For these programs he has split them into the Beginners Super Human Program, Intermediate Super Human Program and the Advanced Super Human Program. His information of which program to purchase if by testing your pull ups, push ups and triceps dips. After my test it landed me in the intermediate plan, which is the one i proceeded to purchase.

Pre-Purchase Price Review.

Before i purchased any of the programs i looked into the price of all of them to see if they seemed reasonable. The prices are as followed; 4 week shred is $47, beginner, intermediate and advanced programs are $47 individually or you can purchase all 3 for $94, the monthly subscription program is $30 per month.

First look at these prices to me makes them seem more than reasonable. $47 for a workout program in my eyes is very good value, the $30 per month subscription is probably around the average/cheap mark. It would all depend on how tailored the meal plans and workouts are to you whether it would be high value or moderate. Being able to purchase 3 of the workout plans for the price of 2 however is very good value so i think Franks plans are a very good price.

Pre-Purchane Price Review: 4/5 - Very Good.

Super Human Intermediate Program Review

This is the program i decided to purchase and actually used for around 5 months. At first look he included more information that what I expected. The overall outlook is that it's split into 4 workouts routines that are spread out across an 8 week program split with active rest days in between. The amount of days you rest/workout differs throughout and so does the routines you perform on certain days. It's clear that he is aiming for your fully body to be hit each week.

He also has a lot of extra information which is great to have. This includes things such as nutritional information (with a sample meal plan), video tutorials for movements, importance of recovery and how to recover. As well as extra workouts and movements to try, with the added motivational information which most personal trainers will add into their plans.

The workouts themselves do seem relatively simple and easy. He has added in super-sets, rest time periods, number of sets and number of reps. This makes it easy to understand and complete but also seems easy to be put together with minimal effort. However saying this he has included some movements that i have never seen or heard of before such as Korean Dips and Windshield Wipers. The movements have video tutorials so it's easy to grasp them in the end but these movements definitely can only come from a callisthenics professional like Frank.

Super Human Intermediate Program Overview: 3.5/5 - Good

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Workout Program Results.

I used this program for 3 full cycles so, therefore i used it for 24 weeks. This should be long enough for a good indication of what to expect from this workout program. Certain things I noticed where that some of the movements where difficult in terms of the actual movement itself and not the strength needed to perform it. I must say that his video tutorials really do aid with such movements and they're very helpful.

After the 5 months my body had trimmed down as i was no longer lifting weights. The great thing is that i managed to maintain most of my muscle, I wouldn't say I got any bigger but i definitely maintained. My callisthenics strength on the other hand increased an incredible amount. Even for a specific callisthenics program i was very impressed with how much strength i had gained. Certain movements that i could barely perform 1 or 2 reps on to begin with, i was now performing 12-15! This wasn't all down to the increase in strength but also my technique considerably improving.

Workout Program Results: 4/5 - Very Good.

After Program Price Review

After completing the program and seeing the results, I wanted to review the price once again. I think one of the great things about this program is the video tutorials for every single movement used. On top of that the extra nutritional information definitely adds more value to the product as well the extra workouts. As said previously on the other hand i did feel part of it felt lazy with the basic 4 sets, max reps, 2 minutes rest layout. Taken all this into account i do believe it's a very good value program.

After Program Price Review: 4/5 - Very Good.

Customer Service Review

Whenever getting one of these programs i like to test out the customer service. I decided to firstly message Frank and ask him which program he believed was the best suit for me. I actually got a response within a matter of a few hours! It was very helpful and turned into a short back and forwards conversation, with me leaving it knowing exactly what to do. I then decided to put it to the test again later on, asking what i should do with a lack of equipment at my disposal. Once again i got a rapid response and the help was second to none. They listened to what i had to say and give me some very good solutions.

Customer Service Review: 5/5 - Perfect.

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Frank Medrano Overall Review

If i'm honest this was an great program for me. In terms of callisthenics trainers I would highly doubt than many online would be able to better Franks programs. I got some excellent results and even though now i don't use the program, i believe it still helps me in CrossFit majorly. For people looking into callisthenics I would highly recommend to give Frank Medrano a try.

Overall Rating: - 4/5 - Very Good.

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