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Summer Helps for the Ladies

We have all probably found ourselves in the situation of getting ready to go out to some event when there is some clothing snafu that screws the whole thing up. The kind of problem that leaves us at the pool party without a swimsuit, at the dance without our favorite dress or shoes, or the issue that causes us pain. While we cannot always fix every problem, we run across there are some things we can do to prepare for mishaps or make a quick fix to get us to the event.

Swimsuit Issues

You pull out your new swimsuit for the pool party and realize it does not fit. This has happened to most of us. We purchase a new suit in the fall when they are on sale, or we buy online just before the season begins. Then we shove it in the drawer and forget it until we need it. When we do try it on we suddenly find it does not fit at all. Maybe the one-piece suit fits fine on the bottom but we just cannot fill out the top. Perhaps the problem is the top fits fine but the bottom is too small. Thankfully, we were not created with a one size fits all body. Unfortunately, that means clothing manufacturers make judgements on what size we are by how big we say our hips or chest are, which we all know does not always match up with the standard. Sometimes it’s an easy fix. Hole in the suit you did not see before? Just pick up a patch kit at the fabric store or glue it. Here’s a neat video on how to do that.


The Problem

  1. 2-piece swimsuit bottom too small? This happened to me recently. Although the top fits fine, the bottoms were cut short and narrow, there was no way I could wear them with my build.

Solution: Keep a pair of swim or bike shorts/leggings handy to use instead. You can wear with any kind of top you want.

  1. Bra style bikini top too small? Ever put on your bikini top and realize you cannot get it around your body or if you can you feel like it will blow off like a slingshot if you move too much? It can be a very painful experience and make you quite self-conscious.


A) Keep a bra extender at home. The small piece of fabric can be added to the back hooks and loosen up that too tight top. Yes, it will show but it is better than not going to the pool or beach at all. They can be found in a few colors so look around or if you sew, make your own or create a cover for it.

B) If your top uses buttons you can also purchase a button extender (normally used on shirts) it gives you about a half inch to an inch of extra room. In a pinch, you could use a hair binder or rubber band. Just pull the band through the button hole, fold and wrap the rounded ends around the button.

  1. Top too big? Does your top slump like a sling in the front making you afraid to move or bend down? Do the straps fall off the shoulders?


A) Tie a pretty ribbon or string across the straps across your back. Then tighten until the front fits snugly. Remember that a shiny ribbon will easily slide up the straps and be less effective. The more resistance of the two fabrics the better.

B) Find a cute tight fitting top. Avoid cotton as it will sag and stay wet for a long time. A nylon top will dry quickly and fit more snugly.

C) Get out the needle and thread and shorten those straps. Cut as close to the inside material as possible on the back side of the suit. Then either fold over the existing strap or cut it down to size and sew it back into place.


Going Barefoot in Dress or tennis Shoes

The last thing you want to do is wear socks when it’s hot or humid out but sometimes going barefoot creates issues. Blisters, shoes that slip off or the back of the shoe that continually folds under your foot as you walk, or maybe it’s that your feet become sweaty or swell.

  1. Blistering heels and toes from constant friction as you walk? Many of us have tried using a bandage or tape only to find that it peels off and ends up stuck to the side of our shoe or is just plain missing.


A) Purchase some foot protection tape. You simply put it on before you slip on your shoes. There are several products out there. Some of the top brands are Nexcare, KT, and Dr. Scholls.

B) Recently I have used medical tape to prevent blistering but you must make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying it if you want it to stay put. Also, use a long enough strip to wrap the sides of the foot.

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  1. One of the biggest problems is when you do not want to wear pantyhose with those wonderful new heels or slip-ons.

Solution: There are some wonderful little socks called no-shows. They are light and do not show in most shoes depending on the style you choose. Many also have little rubber grippers on the heel that hold onto either your foot or the shoe so you can go without nylons while still protecting your feet.

Note: If your heel does not bump out like mine, they will slip off. I have had this issue. My heel is almost straight up and down. However, if you can wear back strapped shoes you should not have any problem.

  1. Swollen feet - You go to put on your favorite pair of shoes but your feet are so swollen you cannot get them on, or if you do get them on your feet are in such pain you can barely walk.

Solution: This one is a bit tougher because it takes time and a little effort.

A) First, if you know you are going out and want to wear a particular pair of shoes, plan ahead. Keep your salt intake down that day and stay off your feet for at least thirty minutes before putting your shoes on. It is best if you can raise them up as well.

B) If this is not possible then get a container and fill it with cold water and soak your feet to aid in shrinking them back down to normal size. To speed the process, add ice, although this can make it a bit uncomfortable.

C) Wear shoes that have a bit of give, such as canvas to give your feet a little extra room. Many of today’s sandals not only have adjustable straps/coverings for the length of the foot but also for the width. This is especially nice if you are out and about when your shoes feel tight.


Heat Rash and Chafing

You may have experienced the dreaded rash that can appear on your inner thighs, the back of your knees, or your elbows. It happens more often in humid climates but can strike in dry climates as well. It is caused when sweat glands are blocked or you irritate the skin repeatedly in some way. A heat rash may also be called prickly heat. Sometimes it occurs where one part of the body overlaps another. Near a surgical scar or where there is overlapping skin. Whatever the reason, having a rash is just no fun. While baby powder often works, it can be unsightly or rub on your clothes leaving you just as vulnerable as you were to start. The trick is to stop it before it begins.

  1. Thigh chafing/rash – Caused by your thighs rubbing together as you walk or from sitting too long in the damp.


A) One way to avoid this problem is to wear slip shorts which cover your thigh area but these are usually made of nylon and can defeat the purpose in humid weather. Look for a pair in cotton or some other light fabric.

B) Bandalettes are lacy sleeves that pull up and over your thigh, protection with a feminine look. Some even have pockets.

  1. Rashes under the arms and in the creases behind elbows and knees. While it can show up on other areas of the body these are most common.


A) Wear loose-fitting clothing that does not hold in moisture. You can also purchase garments that whisk away moisture.

B) If you feel a rash beginning cool down quickly in front of an air conditioner, with an ice pack or in the water. Quick action can stop the rash from forming.

C) Something I have found quite effective is to use your underarm deodorant on areas that are prone to sweating or retaining moisture. The idea is to keep the area from sweating too profusely thus stopping the rash from forming.

What works for all kinds of rashes and chafing is a product called body glide. There are many brand names to choose from, so you can select one that works best for you. The idea is to keep your pores from closing and creating a rash. If you do not catch it in time and develop a rash, try an aloe burn solution. They work quite well. I have often used the one put out by Solarcaine. It cools and soothes your skin.

Aloe is great for sunburn and rashes.

Aloe is great for sunburn and rashes.


As mentioned above for heat rash, Solarcaine is great for sunburn too. For any burn -but especially those really deep burns- try Noxema. I know it sounds counterproductive but this information came straight from my doctor and it worked like a charm for me in soothing an unbearable sunburn.

I recently saw a newscast that said menthol based shaving cream works wonders. Just spread a thick layer of it all over the burn and leave for 30 minutes. Supposedly it will cure the sunburn by morning.

What about you?

Do you have any life hacks or summer tips to share? I'd love to hear about them!

© 2018 Lorelei Nettles


Alicia Rose Harrell from Central Oklahoma on June 28, 2018:

Enjoyed your hub! Learned a lot more than I thought I would; very well written. Thank you for sharing all these Summer tips and tricks! :D

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