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Ways to Live Longer, Better

Addendum 1 6/28/2014 Beware the aged apothecary

Rapamycin and Metformin for Cancers or Diabetes with serious autoimmune conditions

Both Rapamycin and Metformin have strong anti-aging properties, and the side effects of rapamycin are offset by metformin; however, both substances are extremely powerful and can be extremely toxic so are only to be used in cancers and serious diabetes with autoimmunity. Metformin comes from the "French lilac or goat's rue (Galega officinalis), a plant used in folk medicine for several centuries.[107]"

Someone skilled in the use of herbs could use goat's rue to extend lifespan; however, the plant is still toxic. Due to these limitations, the knowledge gained about life extension pathways is better than the current pharmaceuticals. However, in advanced age and diseases of advanced age where one must receive treatment, why not use something that may extend lifespan. Generally, that which extends lifespan improves health and quality of life so the actual goal is not to live longer, but to live better.

Apothecaries, witches, and wizards of old may have discovered such things long ago and lived very long lives. The main drug categories, belladonna (anticholinergics such as scopolamine which modulates MTOR), datura, and opium are not new substances and many of their derivatives made into pharmaceuticals existed at some levels in the plant itself. Plants generally do not produce one active allkaloid but many related ones. A plant like opium doesn't have just one pain reliever and cough suppressant, in it, but dozens.

Addendum 2 6/28/2014: Nicotinamide mononucleotide

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide: not yet affordable or tested, but probably the first 'pill' to actually reverse aging. We are interested in the mechanism again here, not the pill which is not suitable for use presently. None of the precursors including niacin are suitable at effective doses either as they become toxic. Only NMN appears not to be toxic at effective doses. The mechanism however is clean and clear mitochondria.

University of NSW research finds compound that can reverse aging.

Duplicate Age-Reversing ...

The second article explains the finances of NMN and why it's not feasible. I have no experience of the product they offer but the article has good information.

Also there's this intuitive approach:

Cold: Stay Cool and Live Longer? Genetic Program Promotes Longevity in Cold Environments

I have personally made a mad dash to cooler climes not for longevity but to treat heat intolerance. Athletes also use cooling gloves to increase performance. A little birdie also told me sleeping in a very cold room 65 F for example will prevent the occurrence of hangover from alcohol consumption, over-eating, or heat sickness.

Addendum 3: 6/28/14 How to Find the Cure for Aging

Many substances, diets, and other regimens have anti-aging properties, they simply are not discovered because interventions are not tracked to see who is living longer and what they are doing different. A system that can track all of these interventions and see which ones are leading to longer life is in development. It is called Quantimodo. Check it out, leave a comment or contact us.


1. Reduce Calories to Live Longer and Healthier

There is one main pathway for life extension and it is slowing down metabolism and having the cells in a resilient stance, I call this resilience bias. There are two main ways to accomplish resilience bias: 1. caloric restriction to cause the body to slow down and conserve which biases the cells into resilience, 2. changing how the liver functions to mimic caloric restriction to induce resilience bias in the cells.

Read in the links below about caloric restriction, eating a low calorie diet, which is the only proven way to live longer. Check the links below: (Hold down ctrl + click)

It's Never Too Late To Get It Back! Aging Interrupted

How calorie-restricted diets fight obesity and extend life span


Cheats are ways to increase longevity that may have drawbacks and so are to be used by those who have conditions that indicate their use. For example, metformin, a drug for diabetes, may extend lifespan so someone with diabetes when choosing medications would do well to choose metformin for it's other benefits; however, someone without diabetes should not start using metformin as they will get the harmful side effects with less benefit.

Each of these cheats has a similar mechanism, they slow down metabolism or reduce blood sugar and this effect is consistent with life extension.


2. Change the way the liver works with:


Studies Provide More Support for Health Benefits of Coffee

New Evidence That Drinking Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Coffee May Protect Against Endometrial Cancer, Study Suggests


Metformin for Diabetics (harmful for nondiabetics)

Metformin May Protect Against Liver Cancer

Metformin Can Substantially Reduce the Risk of Parkinson's Disease in Diabetes, Study Suggests

Diabetes Drug Can Prevent Heart Disease, New Study Suggests

Metformin May Lower Cancer Risk in People With Type 2 Diabetes

Metformin Appeared to Slow Prostate Cancer Growth

Metformin May Lower Risk for Oral Cancer Development

Metformin and Exercise Combination Less Effective for Glucose Control

Diabetes Drug Makes Brain Cells Grow

3. Small Amounts of Alcohol

Small amounts of alcohol from a teaspoon to 3 drinks per day has been shown to increase lifespan. The smaller the amount, the better. One might dissolve a half teaspoon or less in a drink of one's choice. If one is already a drinker, up to three drinks may provide benefits while more than that will lead to health problems.

Small amounts of alcohol extend lifespan through various mechanisms that turn down metabolism including acting as an anticonvulsant and an antiinflammatory.

These studies and many others show some benefit of low alcohol consumption.

TINY Amounts of Alcohol Dramatically Extend a Worm's Life, but Why?

"The concentrations correspond to a tablespoon of ethanol in a bathtub full of water or the alcohol in one beer diluted into a hundred gallons of water," Clarke said.

Drinking Benefits: How Alcohol May Affect Longevity And Heart Health

The bottom line is that moderate volumes of alcohol do seem associated with fewer heart attacks and other cardiac illness -- but only if that volume is spread out evenly, with one or two drinks a day, rather than clumped together in sporadic binges, says Jurgen Rehm, lead author of the study just published in the journal Addiction.

4. Anticonvulsants, HDAC inhibitor: Ethosuximide, Sodium Phenylbutyrate

Ethosuximide and similar anticonvulsants (trimethadione, and 3,3-diethyl-2-pyrrolidinone,) have been shown to extend life-span in worms and may work in humans since it is another way to lightly switch down metabolism without difficult side effects. If you have a condition in which they are indicated as treatment, such as absence seizures and Generalized Anxiety, you may choose these medications for their possible life-extending benefits.

Deprived Of A Sense Of Smell, Worms Live Longer - Science Daily

Effects of anticonvulsant drugs on life span


5. Lithium

Trace amounts of Lithium have been shown to increase life-span in humans.

Fountain of Youth from the Tap? Environmental Lithium Uptake Promotes Longevity, Scientists Demonstrate

6. Resveratrol

There has been much ado about resveratrol but I have personally found it to have less anti-inflammatory action than aspirin. However, since many studies suggest it may extend life and it is contained in red wine, why not have one drink of red wine per day since it has a small amount of alcohol and reservatrol, both having life-extending benefits?

Two Glasses Of Wine A Day Helps To Reduce Quantity Of Fat In Liver

7. Olives, Olive Oil, Olive Leaf Extract 1 gram

Olive oil extract shows brain protecting benefits

An olive extract rich in hydroxytyrosol may protect neurons in the brain from the normal deterioration associated with aging, suggests a new study.



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