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Open Letter to the Anti-Maskers: Why We Choose to Wear a Face Mask


Many people are CHOOSING to wear a face mask and it has NOTHING to do with the coronavirus.

"Why are you wearing a face mask?". "Are you going to be wearing your mask forever?" "Do you not realise how stupid you look?".

Those were the questions and comments I received by proteters at an anti-mask Anti-lockdown protest at Trafalgar Square, London, UK, where thousands of people without face masks had rallied to oppose the government's guideline of 'locking down' and the 'mandatory wearing of face masks', calling it all a "PLAN/SCAMdemic" - created to enforce 'Marshall Law' and 'control' society.


My replies... "the coronavirus is NOT the reason why I'm wearing a mask." And, "If you were in MY shoes, I would NOT be harassing YOU for choosing to wear YOUR face mask for whatever reasons YOU choose to wear it for."

And, the ironic thing is, one second they were telling me to remove my face mask. The next second they were telling the police without facemasks to put on their mask without knowing or asking if they were exempt!


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Since 2020, when the world came under attack from the coronavirus (COVID-19), we all went under lockdown, and life dramatically changed for us all. Some have come to terms with it and accepted the government's guidelines, rules, and restrictions to help combat the virus and reduce lives by following their advice. Including the wearing of face masks. Others, the 'anti-maskers' and 'coronavirus sceptic's' are quite happy to wear a mask depicting the image of 'Guy Fawkes' as seen in the 2005 film 'V for Vendetta' — a symbol of anti-government resistance which has become widespread among groups protesting against the government and financial institution, as well as the coronavirus sceptics who think the government's and scientists are exaggerating the severity of the virus.

on 5 November 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament , and what has become known as the 'Gunpowder Plot'.

on 5 November 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament , and what has become known as the 'Gunpowder Plot'.

The anti-vaxxers believe that the plan is to implant trackable microchips when injected with the coronavirus vaccine, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is behind it.

Unfortunately, they are taking it out on all the people who have chosen to wear their face mask. Choosing to follow scientists and governments guidelines to keep people safe — what's so wrong with that! Many don't know or believe the conspiracies, because they are not on social media, nor the Internet. They trust the government and the "mainstream" media!

Also, many 'anti-maskers' are using the 'exempt' reasons as an excuse to refuse to wear a mask.

This is OUR Protest. Dear Anti-Maskers...

Why we choose to wear face masks

More than 50 countries require people to cover their faces when they leave home.

More than 50 countries require people to cover their faces when they leave home.

Aside from people respecting the scientists and governments advice and rules to wear a face mask, the following comments are the other reasons why people are choosing to wear a face mask... along the lines of...

NOTE: All the below quotes were from radio, TV, social media and personal conversations.

  • "I only wear a face mask, because it's compulsory in shops and on public transport".
  • "I have had pneumonia 5 times since I was 3, and I look fairly young. That is what I am more worried about."
  • "I have to wear a face mask. Where else can I hide my drugs, and emergency cash!".
  • "It hides some wrinkles I hate. A silver lining in every cloud."
  • "I wear my mask when I cannot be bothered to put on my lipstick, or be assed to remove my upper-lip hair".
  • "My face mask easily hid the bits of tissues stuck on my face from shaving cuts."
  • "I bought a pack of masks, just to keep my face warm in winter, and to stop my nose from going red"
  • "I no longer have big lips."

The Centre's for Disease Control and Prevention said, we can save 100,000 lives in the next 100 days (in the U.S. alone), if everyone wears a mask in public.

  • "Okay, so the coronavirus maybe a hoax, but I am not going to trust my life on a maybe."
  • "Trust me, I look MORE attractive with my mask on."
  • "It makes me feel mysterious."
  • "I work in a shop selling second-hand items, which can be quite dusty and I have always wanted to wear a face mask, now I can without anyone laughing or staring at me."
  • "Air pollution kills thousands, so why would I not want to wear a face mask in public".
  • "I have noticed people don't stare at me as much". (said by a beautiful woman).


  • "With some peoples mug (face), the wearing of face masks should be mandatory."
  • "Who do I wear my mask? My dog loves seeing us both muzzled, it's as simple as that"
  • "I am just following the government advice, on behalf of OTHER people."
  • "I am exempt from wearing a face mask, but I started to wear it again, to stop the evil eyes and comments I was getting from people on busses and trains."
  • "When I wear my mask, I often find myself feeling like the bad guy in a film or on a robbing spree."
  • "I don't wear my mask in solidarity with my deaf friends who cannot read people's lips in public."
  • "My dear wife's asymptomatic, and will die from the common cold, let alone the coronavirus if she catches it, that's why she chooses to wear her mask."
  • "This is one way of dealing with the police's facial recognition CCTV."
  • "At least nobody can tell I'm talking to myself wearing one at work".
  • "I have to wear a face mask in all public toilets"

Studies have suggested that flushing a toilet can spray viral particles around a room. A person could then be exposed to SARS-CoV-2 by breathing in floating faecal matter, or by ingesting the virus after touching contaminated surfaces. Breathing in these particles can also cause other medical problems.

Why does a pumpkin wear a face covering? Because it's Halloween!

Why does a pumpkin wear a face covering? Because it's Halloween!


  • "Shoplifting is that much safer with a face mask on."
  • "I saw a man trying to stop his bleeding nose, his friend went into the station where they were giving out free masks and used it to hide the piece of tissue stuck up his nostril — perfect."
  • "I hate wearing a mask, but I wear it out of respect for people around me"
  • "Who shall I believe, my neighbour whose never had a job in her life who thinks the coronavirus is not real, or the government and scientists!"
  • "To protect me from my wife's farts which have got worse since she had a curry the other night."
  • I would have thought everyone was thankful for me wearing my mask, but obviously not."
  • "For personal reasons, I'd wear my mask forever if I could"

Please stop picking on us for wearing a face mask


To combat this virus, no matter how deadly or NOT it is, the easiest thing to do is wear a face mask. Much easier than self-distancing or self-isolating or potentially dying.

If the wearing of face masks had been obligatory/mandatory from day one, Maybe fewer people would have died. The lockdowns and restrictions could have been lifted a long time ago, and society could have got back to some kind of normality. If there was NO difference from wearing face masks, then, we could have said YES, the anti-maskers were correct. And yes, there WAS no point in wearing face masks.

The reasons why I choose to wear a face mask? I don't want to catch YOUR cold if you have one, nor would you want to catch MINE, let alone the coronavirus, even IF the chances of dying is very low.

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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 03, 2020:

Nicely done. I wear a mask because my wife won't let me back in our home unless I do ;-) It seems to me that many people, for whatever reason, just don't use their judgment on such matters so a straight up rule is helpful.