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Forget Toilet Paper - Just Use The Tausio Electric Portable Bidet


Get Rid Of Toilet Paper

Ever notice that the bathroom is never the highlight of a house being sold? Okay so that might not be something to get excited about, but as anyone who has driven too far on the highway and needs a “pit stop” knows, there are times when there’s nothing more important than a bathroom. But as long as we’re noting that, let’s also bring up all the issues that bathrooms have — such as needing toilet paper all the time, which can clog a toilet. And even with that not causing problems, there’s the need to conserve water.

Yet with all the conservation and “green” needs, the basic fact is that people are going to continue to use bathrooms — and that includes those outside the home in offices and restaurants and so many more places. So wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a way to avoid having to use all that toilet paper and having to do the flush routine multiple times? There is — it’s called a bidet but this doesn’t just appear like magic; it has to be installed on a toilet and that means the cost of getting it as well as installing. Plus it isn’t mobile but tied to that bathroom, so if you’re that guy on the highway and finally find that bathroom and it doesn’t have any paper you are so out of luck. Unless you have the Tausio Electric Portable Bidet handy in your bathroom or the trunk of the car. Because of what it does and how it does it, without having to be permanently installed one bit.


Ready, Set, Spritz

So start by charging up the internal rechargeable battery with the magnetically-attaching cable. Give it some time to get fully charged because then you’ll get about a month’s work of juice to work with (dozens of times for sure). Now extend the telescoping and rotable spray wand and choose the best of the three settings: soft which is nice; forceful which hits harder because it’s necessary; massage which is sort of like patting the behind in a pleasant way.

Modes are switched by a button that works via a click or double click or long press. Muscle memory will get it working because you won't be looking at it while pressing that button unless you want to get a spritz in the face.


Take It With You

Portability doesn’t just mean being able to fit in a suit pocket or jeans — looking at it seems to be more like a flask (for the oldies) or a smartphone power bank. It’s totally self-contained, weighs under 6 ounces (assuming my conversion from grams was right). Besides being IPX7 waterproof, because there's always the chance of slippy fingers and a dunking, it holds190ml of water (almost 6 1/2 ounces). Certainly you can use common water, but those looking to use distilled water in order to avoid any sediment issues can go that route too. There's also an adapter that lets it be attached to a standard water bottle for glugging water access intake.

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Now you might have to say that Tausio is a bit invasive, since it’s hitting your butt with water, but realistically that's like putting your hand under running water in a sink (only this time it's shooting up at you). So it’s certainly safe for any adult to use. Just don't mistake it as a high-tech water pistol, ok? But it’s unmistakable that it will cut down on toilet paper as well as flushing stoppages at home. Which are both really good things.

The Tausio Electric Portable Bidet comes with all the accessories you’d want inside the box: there’s the charger and the water tank and tank joint, plus a dust cover and a travel bag. Talking about saving trees starts with using less toilet paper is great, but actually being able to get away without needing same requires help. That’s Tausio. Check it out

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