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For The Love Of Your Lady/man


The Kept Vows

If you are lucky in life to have a good husband/wife, yeah ,never subject him/her to any scorn. But wait, there are daughters and sons of Jezebel that only the children are keeping them around because they are sent straight to stress you. Men/women should respect their wives/ husbands.Nowadays people are thinking about the future life of their partners or kids and not other women/men.

If you have to Cheat, don't let your wife or husband know about it rubbing it on their faces and also don't be the Platform as to why the other woman or man reaches your wife/husband .Those other women/men can be a pain in the heart.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, If you nolonger need him/her in your life, Kindly pack his/her belongings and get her means to leave for her parents' place or his way to happiness .Where does this other man/woman get this courage to call your spouse or even the father/mother to your children? My sister/brother, if you ever be a side-chick or the other man in her life then you should never be seen nor heard anywhere but it should only be known to yourself.

Dear married woman/man, give no man/lady friend any attention and affection that befits your husband /wife. Let your husband/wife stand as the king/queen in your heart in loving affection of speech, touch, gifts, time, sacrifice and service. Let no other woman share this premier position. Let none even come second or third in rank; your husband/wife comes first and all else come last as a pack. Let none have a special reserved place in your heart. Give none the impression that you belong to them and they to you. If exclusivity is a weak pillar in your marriage, strengthen it with increased focus on the one you vowed to love to death; deny any other man/woman this rare privilege. An exclusively loved man/woman blossoms like a rose and crowns the head of his/her wife/husband with peace.

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