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Foods to Avoid During Lip Piercing Aftercare

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Choosing to get a body piercing is an exciting decision for many individuals, especially those who desire to get a single lip piercing or a snake bite.  What is not realized, however, is the fact that there are quite a few do’s and don’ts that come with having a piercing to make sure your piercing heals properly, avoiding any possible infection that is not only painful, but obvious to others if you are desiring to hide a lip piercing.   Along with the recommended oral piercing aftercare, there are a few foods and habits that you should avoid with your new piercing.

Liquids to Avoid during Oral Piercing Aftercare

If you have a piercing or are considering getting a piercing, you have probably realized that oral piercing care is required, especially with food and drinks.  Beverages can be quite painful during the first few days, especially those that are hot like coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate.  This may seem like common sense, but another liquid culprit that can be quite painful is any alcoholic or caffeinated beverage.

These drinks can lead to additional bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.  To avoid having issues, you should avoid beer, wine, hard liquor, soda, and any other caffeinated beverage during the initial healing period.  It is best to drink cold bottled water during this time to avoid any unneeded discomfort or infections.

Foods that Increase Lip Piercing Risks

Even though they may taste great, avoid any foods that are spicy, salty, acidic, or are hot temperature wise. These foods may irritate the lip piercing hole, leading to additional pain, swelling, and in some cases, will encourage an infection. On this same note, you should also avoid gum and biting on anything that isn’t food, to guarantee that you keep your piercing clean of any bacteria, or larger objects that could rip the lip piercing hole.

To help keep your piercing clean using proper oral piercing aftercare, it is highly recommended that you find an oral piercing cleaning product that has sea salt as one of its major ingredients. Since many people do not have the time to make their own solution or the means to transport it, it is ideal to buy an oral piercing cleaning solution that is made specifically to clean and sooth lip piercing holes. For an example of great oral piercing cleaning product that is recommend by many piercers, take a look at the H2Ocean line of piercing cleaning products.


Brandi on February 14, 2020:

I have noticed it all depends on the persons body with the healing im still waiting for mine to swell and i just got it done

Ron on June 05, 2017:

I got a lip piercing once. I didn't make enough enquiries. Initially it wasn't painful but then I took everything stated not to take here (hot tea, spicy, hot food and all) bottom line I eventually decided to pull it off. But I want to try again. ..properly this time.

nikkie on March 13, 2016:

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I got my lip pierced yesterday afternoon.

You can use a sea salt to water solution and put it into a travel sized (like the one you'd use for a plane) bottle. Act mouthwash works well too, as long as it is alcohol free (:

You don't want to use alcohol or peroxide with your new piercing and also want to avoid the ocean or pools or submerging in your bath water.

Soft foods for 2 weeks are recommended, ice chips and frozen or shaved ice are great to eat.

paris on September 27, 2014:

I got my lip percing this Thursday nd I a blood clot that's what my pierced said what u think it is. My inside of my lip is red

Jayla brown on March 31, 2014:

I want to know how much u charge to do my eye brow it's my first one I seen u work u look like u do good I'm 14 by the way nice to meet u mrs hub

Drew on June 29, 2011:

What about diary products?

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