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Follow These Easy Winter Workout Tips for a Fabulous Summer Body

Olivia is a nutritionist and diet, fitness, and weight-loss consultant based in Texas. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition.

Winners Never Quit And Quitter Never Wins

Winners Never Quit And Quitter Never Wins

Winter Workout Fear

Is it too cold outside? Don’t want to step out on a cold winter morning? A less than the favorable temperature outside can significantly disrupt your daily workout routine. And considering the number of pounds you’ve probably put on during the end-of-year festivities, not exercising is definitely not an option.

Workout #1

  1. Side tap squats - Drop into a squat and bend low, tap a toe out to the side and bring it back in and stand tall, repeat this on the other side. The goal is to have weight on the heels, back long and check lifted and then stay in this position for as long as possible for the toe tap. As you tap outside to ensure that the knee of the squatting leg remains straight.
  2. Lunges and side raise - Stand straight with feet leg hip side apart, then take a big step forward with your left leg shifting the weight toward left heel when it touches the floor. Lower the body until the left thigh is parallel to the ground. Let the right knee lightly touch the floor. While doing so, raise both your arms all the way up. Now press weight on your heel, go back to the original position, and repeat the same with the right leg.
  3. Skiing - Lean over a bit, take a big step to left and extend both arms at the same time. Bring the hands and leg to the original position while gently tapping the right toe out to the side. Repeat the action.
  4. Low side steps - Position yourself in a little squat and then move two steps to each side.
  5. Windmill jacks - Tap your left toe out and reach it with your right hand, then go back to standing tall. Then jump with arms stretched out, come back to the original position and repeat the action with right leg.
  6. Grapevines - Tap out the right leg and stretch out the hands apart. Bring in the leg and hands to criss-cross position before taping the right toe out to the right side. Now repeat the action with the right leg.
  7. High knee squats: Start with a squat and raise your alternate knee after each squat as high as you can.

Workout #2

  1. Jump rope: This will work as a good cardio workout while keeping it fun! You will get to relive your school days!
  2. Dance: Dancing is a great way to burn calories by getting your heart rate high, while it’s exciting at the same time. So dance your heart out!
  3. Stair stepping: You could use the stairs at home or in case you don’t have the stairs, use a chair or the biggest book in place of a chair. You may not break into a sweat like a jump rope, but it will keep your body active.
  4. Jumping jacks: Great cardio workout and another throwback to school days.
  5. Plank: This is an important exercise to strengthen your core. Doing a 30 sec plank at least 3 times will help you to build up your core
How to do PLANK

How to do PLANK

Benefits of Working Out in Winter

There are multiple benefits of working out during winters, besides acquiring a summer-ready body! A few of them are listed below.

  1. It will keep you warm: All the strenuous effort put into the workout will help you with pumping blood, which will keep you warmer even after kicking off your trainers.
  2. Higher fat loss: Since more energy is required to heat up your body’s core temperature, you end up burning more fats storage.
  3. Increase your resting metabolism: By tapping into the body reserves to help you withstand cold weather.
  4. Increase mental strength and robustness: From building discipline to giving you a sense of achievement, the benefits of winter workouts are certainly not exclusively physical.
  5. It will boost your immune system: A moderate level of exercise will help you keep away from the dreaded winter cough and cold. However, an excess of anything will lead to the opposite outcome, hence, ensure that you keep it moderate.
  6. It will keep you happy: For people affected by Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) which is linked to the winter, exercise endorphins really help in elevating the mood when the person is down.
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Eating Correct Food Is of the Utmost Importance

  • Stay away from refined and packaged food: Let's face it, refined foods do taste good! But they are also among the most unhealthy food to consume. Packaged foods are loaded with preservatives and contains high level of sodium, the overconsumption of which can lead to various health issues
  • Drink a lot of water and herbal tea: Water helps in detoxing your body and make you feel full so that you stay away from unhealthy finger food items. Herbal tea doesn't contain caffeine, which is why it is a healthier substitute for the beverage. It helps in relaxing and calming the person.
  • Eat loads of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, thus ensuring that your body is detoxed and exercise-ready faster. Moreover, the rich fiber content along with the micronutrients aid weight loss.
  • Proteins are a must in the meal: Proteins are essential to building out your muscle mass while muscle toning exercises are being undertaken.
  • Start your lunch and dinner with a bowl of soup: Soup has high water content and also a tendency to satiate your hunger faster, thus preventing you from overeating.

As you can see, there are tons of benefits of working out in winter, so don’t let the cold or the temperature deter you. Always remember, to sweat it out, all you need is determination. The season doesn’t matter.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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