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Five top age related problems and their solutions

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The golden old age.

‘The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm’- Aldous Huxley.

‘My children do not care for me and they do not have the inclination to spend time with me’ my servant maid’s mother’s eyes welled with tears. She was about seventy five and it was really sad to see her wrinkled face crumble in tears. Is she a lone case of discard by children? The sad thing is that most of the old aged feels that their children do not care for them.

What are the main problems old age people faces? Old age is something which you have to accept as it is a phase everyone experiences. But it is also a very vulnerable phase in your life as there are various uncertainties you undergo.

1. Health problems

As you grow old, your health becomes your biggest worry. You are not as agile as you were before and your body shows signs of wear and tear. When there is a health problem, money becomes a big issue for you. ‘Who will spend for me’ you dread the medical bills as your financial status is not as stable as before.

How to solve

You should always take care of your body from your young age. When you are young you feel that your physical condition will be healthy always and squander your health by leading a hectic lifestyle. Always eat healthy and lead an active life style. Medical insurance is a must to take care of your health problems.

2. Loneliness

It is indeed sad when you face a lonely old age as your children wander away from you to look after their own family. You become depressed and miserable. You feel that there is no one to care for you and this makes you feel even lonelier, and your inner mind screams in agony of rejection.

How to solve

You can be lonely only when you feel so. You should not depend on others for your happiness. You want your children to look after you and if they don't , you feel all alone in the world. Why should you want your children to fill in your loneliness? When you think that you are too old to be left alone you will feel lonely.

Loneliness is a state of your mindset and you can choose to be lonely and feel miserable, or be active and be mentally happy. You should mingle with people of your age group, go for long walks, do things which you wanted to do when you were young.

3. Uncared life

You want your children to interact with you and show their care for you. When your children do not converse with you, or visit you, you feel that they do not care for you. When they do not include you in their conversation, you feel an outsider with your own children and it is a terrible experience to say the least.

How to solve

Do not depend too much on your children for your happiness. Just as they have their life to lead, you too have your life before you. There is so much to enjoy in your old age. There is no hectic life style and you can relax back and do things for which you had no time in your youth. Visit places you always wanted to, spend time with your spouse, have good time with your friends and just live your life to the full.

4. Boredom

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You feel that your old age is one big bore. You do not have the aptitude to enjoy life and feel that death is fast approaching you. You do not read, you do not dress well, you do not smile, you do not interact and the 'do- nots' goes on and on.

How to solve

Old age is not the end of the world for you. You should enjoy your life as you did your young age. If you had rollicking time in your youth, you can have mellow enjoyment in your old age. Never ever think that being presentable is for youngsters. You are wrong if you think so. At any age, being presentable should be an integral part of you and it can give you immense feeling of goodness.

5. Financial problems

Financial setback at old age can be as dreadful as cancer. When you do not have money, your self esteem gets battered, your happiness gets shattered, and your morale is tattered to shreds. When you have to depend on others for your day to day survival you lose the respect of your children and others.

How to solve

You should save for yourself from your young age. Do not throw money around when you are young and active and repent when you are old and down. When you have saved money as a back up, it gives you a sense of well being.

Old age is not to be feared. It is as good as your youth, provided you take it in your stride. If you think that you are elderly and hopeless, your life becomes useless. If you think that you are worthy and effective, you can lead a credible life. You age in body alone and your mind can be young and vibrating if you feel so.

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Scott Gese on April 18, 2018:

As I grow older I watch those who are older than I am. Health issues are the main concern. Most have the attitude of "I'm old, it doesn't matter what I eat". They are so wrong. It should matter even more since their immune system can be compromised so much easier than a young person.

I agree that most everything affecting older adults can be improved with a better frame of mind. That can be said of anyone really.

Ashok 62 yrs on August 09, 2017:

5 points remedy is very accurate one has to take into heart during old age. 1) As u said I planned to b ready to face old age after 60 yrs right from 40 yrs only 2) This inspired me from my mother who recently died at the age of 80 yrs (3) She passed her last minute happily by engaging herself doing many activities created by herself (4) I too added strength by appreciating her activity & gave energy to her that I am wih her

Now at this age I started one NGO to help the people to take up various activity (2) I am involved in maintain terrace garden. This kills entire day with busy schedule (3) I grow vegetables, aromatic,Ayurvedic plants etc in small area of 30×50 ft space (4) Plants gives immense happy & so on. (5) I started to explore India vising imp places once in 6 months (6) Twice a year I visit to Naturopathy for 10 days to acquire gd health (7) I am least bothered to take helping hand from my children too, but I pass on message that I am still strong till death & need not required any help (8) if they need I will help to limited level (9) I help my spouse at all level to maintain gd health (10) last but not least. I love & all set ,ready to embrace the death with peace. But decided to donate my body for medical purpose.

I love to play with Children, to become children

KPSingh on July 21, 2017:

Elders need to lead happy life.There are and there will be old age problems. We need to develop ourselves to combat these problems with smile.

Sharing information through HubPages will help.

Professor Dr Mohammad Hafiz Uddin Bhuiyan on December 10, 2016:

Old age is always challenging. So, everyone should prepare for that from young age. Early savings can be the best way for the protection of old age problems. We should extend our hands in favor of our aged parents.

Drashti on October 31, 2015:

Your Article is awesome

Angela Blair from Central Texas on April 05, 2013:

Excellent Hub and many of my dear friends are in that "old age" place you describe. I'm older'n dirt but have been blessed to have many interests and for the most part enjoy good health so although life has slowed down a bit (I don't ride crazy horses anymore) it hasn't ceased to be interesting and fulfilling. I'll probably still be trying to finish some project when they're driving the last nail in my coffin! Again, you've addressed a subject that's very real! Best/Sis

Denise W Anderson from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 05, 2013:

Now that I am over fifty, and my children are busy raising their own families, I can see many of the problems mentioned here starting to loom ahead in my future. The loneliness has already been problematic. I have found that the things you suggest are the very things I have concluded that I need to do to keep myself from falling into the "old people's" trap of feeling that life is not worth living. Unfortunately, there are many who need this information. Suicide is highest among this very age group.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on April 05, 2013:

Loneliness, Health issues, Boredom, feeling neglected---you said it all. I agree with you that old age problems do exist. I believe, we should all prepare ourselves to deal with these problems of old age, right from the time we get the 'knock-knock' for old age. Then we might justify the saying, that age is just a number.

Thanks for this interesting hub!

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