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Five of The Most Simple Habits Healthy People Do, and You Should Too

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Five of The Most Simple Habits Healthy People Do, and You Should Too

Five of The Most Simple Habits Healthy People Do, and You Should Too

I have always been a big believer in simplicity over complexity at all times.

I don’t take endless supplements or stick to a controlled diet. Instead, it’s all about adapting to the small things that can make a big difference over a long period.

Ever since both of my parents died, I knew that the leading cause of their cancer diagnosis was due to poor lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, those habits included a lack of exercise and less-than-ideal nutritional habits.

Being young and silly, I adapted to the same habits, too — until I began to experience negative health consequences myself.

I believe we are given health challenges to wake us up from the dream that we’re indestructible. However, believing that eating anything and never suffering the health consequences is a delusion.

My parent’s death was the consequence.

We’re all going to die one day — but I’d prefer to die as healthy as possible and live a disease-free life.

I hope you share the same value for your own life too. If we don’t have our health, we have nothing.

There isn’t anything more important than our health.

Here are some straightforward micro habits that will serve you for life.

Two: Eat more real food than not

We sometimes sacrifice our health because of many reasons.

For example, I can get lazy after a long night at work or when I’m super tired. You need the best nutrition possible on days like this — from real food.

Eating a variety of good quality, clean and healthy food is the best way to re-energise yourself and keep you well away from developing disease and succumbing to obesity.

Processed foods might hit the spot for a small moment, but over the long term, they serve the purpose of making you feel unwell.

When you eat real food that’s not packaged or processed, it will only become natural to feel and look a whole lot better.

So, if you are sacrificing nutrition because of a long day, take my tip and pre-prepare most of your meals. Therefore, when you get home, it’s only a matter of placing something in the oven or reheating it.

Make it simple and easy for yourself every day.

Three: Move constantly

Sadly, this activity is not enough for good health if you already exercise.

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Spending hours sitting down and staring at your computer screen can affect your health.

People that lead sedentary lives put themselves at risk of illnesses.

Buy yourself a standing desk, take regular ‘tea or toilet’ breaks — anything to get you up off that chair and moving around.

Although you might be busy, a quick break of intense focus will help you re-set and get back on track.

Four: Must have beverage — water

I mention water a lot, but it’s the essence of life.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and it makes sense that we need to replenish our bodies with water for optimal functioning, good health and wellbeing.

Dehydration — even in small amounts, can wreak your focus, concentration and mood.

It’s no surprise that your energy levels also take a big downward hit.

Avoid sugar-type beverages and even diet ones. Instead, occasionally stick with good old water, herbal tea and perhaps a few bubbles.

This is all about balance.

Want to know if you are dehydrated? If your wee is yellow, you need much more water than you realise.

Five: Shut your eyes at a decent hour

I’ve been so good with my sleep lately — then a deadline at work got out of control and threw my whole eating, training and concentration plan out the window because of one late night.

All it takes is one late night to throw you off. We need sleep to repair our mental and physical health — it’s above and beyond essential, but many people don’t take sleep seriously enough (me included!).

Lack of sleep can also increase your chances of obesity, stroke and heart disease. So aim to get about seven to nine hours per night — every single night.

Before you go to bed, do a little bit of a ‘sleep hygiene regime’ that eliminates electronics and turns off bright lights and any noise.

Also, don’t forget to turn your phone to ‘sleep mode.’ That will stop any necessary ‘pings’ waking you up in the middle of the night.

Key take away

As the days and months roll by, it’s easier to forget the small things that can make a difference in our lives. But, once you attempt these little habits, your life will change for the better.

One habit at a time builds a better and more fulfilling life, and don’t we all want to live it as healthy as possible?

It’s not the grand scale changes that matter- but the little ones that spill over into other parts of our lives to make it all the more full-filling.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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