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5 Ways to Stay Fit Mentally

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When we think of staying fit, most of us automatically assume that we need to exercise our bodies. However, most people don’t realize that staying mentally fit is just as important as being physically fit. More than half of all doctor visits are mental health-related and 45% of people with a mental illness avoid seeking treatment because they’re embarrassed or believe that it won’t help them in the long run. So, how can you stay mentally fit? Here are five ways to keep your mind healthy while improving your emotional well-being.

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Your Happiness Starts with You

If you’re reading something like this, then you probably believe in happiness. I mean, it’s no fun reading about someone else being happy if your life is miserable. But how can you be truly happy? The truth is that happiness isn’t just a feeling that happens as a result of some random circumstance; it’s something that each of us must choose. Happiness comes from within, so if you want to find true joy and lasting contentment, start with yourself! Your thoughts, emotions, and actions will have a tremendous impact on your ability to see the best that life has to offer. Don’t miss out on living up to your full potential by focusing on others or waiting for others to make things better for you—you have everything you need right now! What does happiness look like for you? What do we all need to experience it fully?

Learn From your Emotions

It’s easy to get upset or angry when you’re overwhelmed with work and don’t feel like it will ever get done. Your emotions, though valid, aren’t a good reflection of your performance; they are more a result of how much time is left in your schedule (or how much you have piled up on your desk). So why not take some time to tackle these emotions head-on? Recognize that you feel rushed, then identify a few strategies for calming down and slowing things down. How can you reduce distractions, such as turning off your cell phone or email notifications? Can some tasks be delegated or even eliminated from your workload? And if so, what tools can make delegating easier? Identifying solutions to even one stressful situation per day can help keep your mental fitness routine active.

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Create New Habits

Breaking old habits and creating new ones is tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Research shows that we're more likely to make (and keep) new habits if we start with a keystone habit—one that impacts multiple areas of our lives. For example, if you want to eat healthier food, start by focusing on getting up earlier so you have time for an early morning workout. If you want to exercise more often, try planning your workouts ahead of time and getting everything ready so you don't have an excuse not to work out. And if your goal is to watch less TV or spend less time on social media? Set a bedtime—even just 10 minutes earlier than usual—and stick with it until your behavior shifts naturally. Studies show that restricting screen time leads to better sleep, which then has been shown to improve physical activity levels. The point is: Identify a single change that you think will be easy to make and build from there. Plan ahead of time how you'll enact it in your life and commit fully so you aren't tempted back into bad habits. While setting new habits may sound difficult, when they take hold they are easier than ever before because they become part of who you are.

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Surround Yourself with Opportunities for Growth

One of the most effective ways to stay fit mentally is by surrounding yourself with growth opportunities. Becoming a better person means stepping outside your comfort zone, and life is full of challenges that will help you do just that. You might be able to overcome challenges at work or school—which are great places for personal growth—but challenges at home can be harder because we feel an emotional attachment and loyalty that makes it difficult to let go. You should also look for opportunities in volunteer work and social circles, which can offer greater levels of self-exploration than anyone career track. The more diverse your experiences, and especially those out of your comfort zone, the more likely you’ll realize how capable you are. And developing these new skills, confidence, and attitude will make you even more adept to tackle bigger goals down the road. Remember: Learning about yourself through challenging situations isn't an exercise in vanity; it's about becoming as strong a person as possible so that you can confront obstacles and succeed professionally. If you're looking for inspiration on what issues matter to someone else or some type of coping mechanism when confronting problems, see if these books: Finding Forgiveness from Others and Yourself, How Full Is Your Bucket? , Lost Boy, The 48 Laws Of Power. These books all deal with strategies for learning from mistakes (past or present).

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Build Relationships

One of our easiest and most powerful ways to stay mentally fit is by building relationships with people who are honest, trustworthy, and supportive. These kinds of relationships help us build our self-esteem, confidence, and trust in others — all important pieces for a happy life. But make sure you're not focusing just on quantity when it comes to your friendships; in fact, quality matters more than quantity when it comes to friendship. Remember that your time is precious so invest wisely! It's better to have fewer true friends than a ton of shallow acquaintances. Also, remember that one person can do an immense amount of good in your life while they may be completely indifferent or even toxic to another. Try putting yourself out there if you haven't been doing so much lately — you never know where new friendships might take you! You'll also want to keep an eye out for opportunities to maintain your current friendships because relationships usually change as we go through stages of life (i.e., marriage, children, etc.). Ask your friends about their lives and check up on them from time to time — it will show that you care about them and strengthen those bonds.

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