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Five Reasons You May Be Struggling to Fall Pregnant

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.


Why You Might Struggle to Conceive

There are many reasons that you might be struggling to fall pregnant right now. If you have been trying for over six months and you still have not fallen pregnant then you are probably beginning to feel anxious or desperate.

The first issue is of course: your age Fertility starts to decline when we get past 35. Although this seems relatively young, in terms of fertility it isn't. We are designed to have babies much, much younger. It's only society that has changed. Not mother-nature.

It's frustrating when we see celebrities having babies well into their forties with seemly no effort. But it's just that 'seemingly' They have all of the same struggles, only they can well afford the top fertility experts and as much IVF as they can physically and emotionally take.

See a Consultant

The first thing to do when you are struggling to conceive is to see a consultant and get to the bottom of what is causing this delay. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is nothing at all causing it. Both you and your partner are fertile. In that case, all you have to do is have plenty of sex.

Have More Sex

Did you know that in a large number of cases, the biggest factor when failing to conceive is the amount of sex couples are actually having. Quite simply; they aren't having enough! Now that really is the simplest solution.

Ovulation can occur more than once a month is some cases. Don't miss the chance of the second coming. In any case, having sex once or twice a month just isn't going to cut it. I get that it's no fun when it's forced, but if you really want to fall, then it's a small price to pay :)

Low Progesterone Levels

Low levels of progesterone is a factor when it comes to infertility and this is one of the easiest things to put right. Your doctor should take some blood at the relevant time in your cycle to see if this is the case. They will then prescribe some cream or supplements in order to make sure those hormone levels are right for conception. The cream is easy to apply directly to the skin. There is no discomfort and it might well be the solution.

Try not to over-think the issue. Tell yourself that you are now just as likely to fall pregnant as the next woman.

You Are Not Ovulating

You may not be releasing an egg every month, or even at all. A simple blood test will determine whether or not this is the case. There are tablets you can take in order to force ovulation such as Clomiphene or Clomid.

Your GP will know the best course of action.

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You may ovulate some months and not others. That is definitely the case for me. I know exactly when I am ovulating as I have lower abdominal pain and painful breasts. I also know when I am not, as I have no symptoms. Not everyone has ovulation symptoms however.

Stress Effects Fertility

It's easy to imagine that this is just a phrase that's banded about by professionals when they aren't all that sure what's going on. But it's a fact. Stress really does impact your fertility as it effects your system as a whole. The term 'relax and it will happen' is terribly annoying but it is based in truth. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to conceive. That said, how tough is it to relax when you are trying to get pregnant? Very is the answer.

Your Partner

The problem may be with your partner. Sometimes we forget that fertility issues effect men too. That's why it is so important to visit your GP and get a consultants appointment. Both you and your partner will have tests to determine if indeed it is him that has the issue. I hate to use the word 'issue' but with the lack of a better one, there it is.

Lack Of Sleep

You may not have considered this a possible issue. But a lack of sleep can severely impact your physical health as well as your mental health. Sleep deprivation puts stress on the body and when you’re tired, you don’t run on a full tank of petrol so to speak. Your immune system might suffer. Even if you feel okay, your body will not be thanking you for pushing it too hard.

Natural Treatments

There are many ways in which you can help yourself along. Chinese medicine has long been used to treat fertility. Acupuncture is well known for helping women conceive.


Little understood, this treatment is based around pressure points that coincide with our organs. Fertility reflexology is becoming very popular. I have a friend who tried for years to conceive without success. In desperation and a last-ditch attempt she signed up for a course of acupuncture and reflexology. It was successful! We aren't sure how it all came together but we think a mix of almost 'giving up' and both treatments working in harmony allowed her system to re-set and she now has a five year old son.

Forget About Time

Knowing that there is NO issue is often an issue in itself. If there is a problem then in most cases it can be fixed. If there is none, then it's only us that can fix it, meaning we have to chill out and forget time.

When we get all knotted up about time and think it's running out, we put stress on our system and anxiety isn't good for anything. We start to wonder if there really is something wrong, or get mad at ourselves for being unable to conceive easily just like everyone else seems to be able to do.

Be kind to yourself. This is no-one's fault. Just try to embrace the information that there is nothing holding you back and imagine yourself in the future with your child. Feel good about that and carry on having lots of sex!

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