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First Dose of Suboxone - How Long Must You Wait After a Dose of Methadone, Oxycontin, Heroin, Oxycodone...?

Buprenorphine works great and it can help you overcome an addiction while avoiding the pains of withdrawal. But you have to listen to your doctor and you have to wait until you're feeeling a little bit sick before taking that first dose. Here's why...

Suboxone is a partial opiate type medication that can be used as a substitute for drugs of abuse, like heroin, oxycontin, Percocet or other opiate drugs. By substituting onto buprenorphine (the active ingredient in suboxone) a physically dependent (addicted) person can switch to Suboxone, and if it is taken correctly, they will feel little or no withdrawal pain.

Suboxone works very similarly to methadone (but has several advantages over methadone) unlike methadone though, if Suboxone is taken incorrectly, or if it is abused, it can cause strong and even immediate symptoms of opiate withdrawal and detox.

Before you take a first dosage of Suboxone, you will have to abstain for a while from all other opiates, and you will have to be feeling the beginnings of withdrawal pain. If you do not abstain, or if you take Suboxone too soon after taking another opiate, you can enter into precipitated withdrawal (an immediate symptom of detox pains).

Why does taking Suboxone too soon after another opiate cause withdrawal pains?

Suboxone is said to have high affinity but low activity on the opiate type receptors in the brain (mu receptors).

High affinity means that it is very able to fill and activate the opiate receptors in the brain, and since it has a higher affinity for these receptors than other opiates (like heroin or methadone) if you take suboxone and another opiate together - it will even bump these other drugs out and fill the receptors instead.

Suboxone has a low activity at these receptors though. Although it will bump out other drugs, it cannot activate these receptors in the brain as strongly.


If you take a drug like heroin, and then too soon after take suboxone, the suboxone will kick out the heroin, but it won’t be able to turn the opiate receptors on as well as the heroin. The brain (and body) experiences an immediate drop in the effects of the opiates. This drop in opiate levels of activation causes an immediate sensation of withdrawal.

When your doctor advises you to abstain from opiates for a certain period prior to taking a dose of Suboxone, it is very much in your best interest to listen and follow instructions. If you try to take another opiate drug too soon before your scheduled first dose of Suboxone, you will be making things much harder on yourself!

How long do you have to wait?

Your doctor will advise you on how long you will need to wait prior to taking a first dosage of Suboxone. In general, you will need to wait at least until you are feeling the initial sensations of withdrawal before you can safely take your first induction dosage.

The waiting times will vary depending on the drug of abuse. As a rough guideline, you can expect to have to abstain from:

  • Heroin – 12- 24 hours
  • Percocet, Vicodin, or Oxycodone – 12-24 hours
  • Crushed Oxycontin – 12 – 24 hours
  • Oxycontin 24 hours +
  • Methadone (must be at low dose) 36 hours (at least)

Source *National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment

It is in your best interest to follow the advice and instructions of your doctor, and wait until you are truly in the early stages of withdrawal prior to taking a first dosage of Suboxone. After you take Suboxone under supervision in the doctor's office, you can expect to feel much better within a very short time.

Suboxone can also create this precipitated withdrawal if abused by injection, due to the naloxone contained within.


Resource Information on Buprenorphine and Treatment


David Levy on June 17, 2018:

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Thank you for your information. It was informative.

CC Rider on November 02, 2017:

I took my first suboxone today 8 hrs ago am coming off of heroin & methadone ; im having bad muscle arm & leg cramps *** Can i do a bag of heroin now to stop this pain ?

S.B. on December 01, 2015:

Suboxone cleaned my life up. Methadone is the worst thing to try to help yourself its the Devil. If you are really wanting to get off pills or heroin please go to a suboxone clinic and don't stay on the subs for long-term or it will be to where you have to have it everyday. You can get your great life back with suboxone but you only need it on short-term like 3 month's and taper down and you are back to normal. The best high is life without drugs!!! I have did it all went to prison 5 times!!! Don't throw your life away I wish I could go back in time and change all I had done. But today I can say I am free from addiction. Change is a awesome

Mdizzy on March 21, 2015:

I took 8mg suboxone on Friday, Saturday morning I started to iv roxy 30s I probably did about 10-12 threw out the day a one day binger,, now my boss just called me he needs me to work tomorrow.. I did my last 3 roxys at once at 7:30 pm. So stupid I've been clean 8 months. Anyway my main concern is tomorrow if I did the roxys at 730 pm will it be fine to take 2mg sub at 9am Sunday?? Thank you...! I'm such a dummy 8 months and this fun day really wasnt worth my worries for tomorrow if anybody can give advice id appreciate it

Leslie Bichon from Heathrow, Florida on February 13, 2015:

Nice info on Suboxone - Kudos. How do I follow your hub?

Jennifer on December 11, 2014:

I waited 8 hours after taking oxys 30 (on the daily) & i was fine

The red pen on May 22, 2014:

This is a horribly written article. The grammar and punctuation (or lack of) made it impossible to read. Get an editor - or fire your current one.

Trainspoter on February 25, 2014:

Is it possible that Suboxone dont work for everyone? I've been a heroin addict for over 20 years. I tried the Suboxone film strip for 3 days & it did nothing. Didn't make things worse just didn't do anything @ all. Or am I doing something wrong? Can someone with knowledge about this please let me know? I'm more than ready to quit for the 1st time in my life I actually want to stop i'm overdue. Thank you, T,Spot.

m.cee.3 on February 22, 2014:

I've done everything opiate wise you could think of for 12 years. My veins are dust, I've been in and out of prison and I'm finally sick of it. I'm doing 1000mg's of codeine right now or around a g of h. I'm going to kick with 4 subs. Its not my first rodeo but wish me luck anyway! Everybody trying, hang in there too! Lifes great with out it!

Sarah on January 23, 2014:

* 5mg at a time

Sarah on January 23, 2014:

Id also like to add that i was on subutex and suboxone about 6 year sago them went on methadone after falling pregant. Iv'e been on methadone for the past 5 years never missed a day, tapered 120mg to 60mg to then down 5mg to 25 mg before asking to be put on suboxone. Am i experiencing the ceiling affect? I'm worried my body may be so used to methadone that suboxone is not going cut it.

Sarah on January 23, 2014:

Ive just switched from methadone to suboxone this week i was on 25 mg of methadone and was put on 4-6 mg of suboxone I waited 24 hours befor etaking suboxone but i wasnt really felling any withdrawals like i was supposed to. I took the suboxone and it slightly mae me fell better although i had an awful night ,sweating, tossing turning with leg and arm pain. It's my 5th day on suboxone and im still unable to sleep. I'm hoping its just a short term thing transitioning from methadone to suboxone has anyone else transitioned from methadone to suboxone and whats your experience? Does it get better with time?

Brantley on December 10, 2013:

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Amanyvill on December 03, 2013:

All I know is it takes more than 24 hours after extended heroin use befor your not put into with draw symptoms from the boxes. Trust me you should wait like 24 to 36 hours. usually 24 hours you don't get to dope sick but its really the third day befor you feel normal again.

Amanyvill on December 03, 2013:

All I know is it takes more than 24 hours after extended heroin use befor your not put into with draw symptoms from the boxes. Trust me you should wait like 24 to 36 hours. usually 24 hours you don't get to dope sick but its really the third day befor you feel normal again.

Cody on October 07, 2013:

i get a script of hydro morph contins and i was wondering how long id have to wait roughly between taking sub and the hydros

JLB123 on October 01, 2013:

ok...I am back from the Doctor...I took my first dose of Suboxone 8mg/2mg....right at 15 hours after taking my last dose of Norco...I took 10 pills of Norco 10mg/325mg ...I have been taking narco 10-325 @20-30/day (about 10 at a time)..I was just starting to feel my back starting to ache and the general malaise that comes with initial stages of opiate w/d....I took the sublingual strip in the office.....I feel AMAZING! back still aches alittle ....but the malaise...weakness...running nose.....bubble guts....severe aches...are not there!..

I know that this medicine will work differently...on different people....but for me it seems so far to be a miracle drug....right now ...almost 18 hours after my last narco....I would be feeling miserable...trying and doing anything to get another Rx for narco...and I would not stop till I got a Rx even if it meant ...illegally!

I have no desire to take an opiate right now...Thank you Jesus!!!

I hope this medicine works as well for others who are suffering and who are imprisoned by opiates...God Bless

JLB123 on October 01, 2013:

Im headed to doctor now has been a little over 12 hours since my last NORCO... I was taking 10-10/325...2-3 X per day. Again My last dose was about 7pm last night. I will be taking my first suboxone strip in the doctors office....they told me to wait @24hrs...I am gonna tell them it has been 24 hrs. .... cause I am starting to hurt. I will let you know how it affects me taking it only 12 hours after my last dose.

If I don't come back with an update....assume the worst....LOL!!! on September 27, 2013:

why is it that when I used to snort the herion I would b abel to kick it with half a suboxone and then I started iv and I tried kicking and half of suboxone didn't do it how much suboxone do I need

bwseager on July 27, 2013:

I took my last dose of methadone on a Thursday at 10am. My dose was dropped from 30 to 20mg, was at that amount for almost 30 days.

It is know Saturday at 2-pm. My waiting period was 52 hours. I have taken my first quarter of suboxone, was told to take a half at first but was very uneasy about it. I took the quarter and waited an hour to take the other quarter. My hot / cold sweats have dissipated, I do have a headache I did not have before. My eyes were very dialated when I took the suboxone but they have become smaller. I do feel much better as I am writing this 1hr 1/2 , after taking first dose of suboxone. I hope this helps someone to decide what the best time to take your first dose.

kevboy on April 03, 2013:

Suboxone is a crazy drug.Ive been injecting it for a year now

WhereThereIsAWillThereIsAWay on March 25, 2013:

I read almost every comment concerning all of your experiences with opiates and I must say that I've never felt so much pity, but at the same time inspiration at the same time. As a current mild opiate addict, I can only partially relate to some of the experiences on here, and for that reason I commend each and every one of you who have battled this deadly disease and defeated it, as well as those of you who are still struggling.

One thing I noticed with most of your stories is that most of you have had LONG TERM, HARDCORE addictions, such as 5-10 years on heroin, 10 years on oxycontin, etc. I just wanted to share my story, which is a SHORT TERM addiction, and my recent attempts at recovery in hopes of reaching out to those who are currently facing a similar situation.

I'm 22 years old. I've always been open to trying new drugs since I was a senior in high school. Prior to college, the only drugs I had tried were shrooms once or twice, a lot of weed, cocaine once and adderall. It wasn't until college that I discovered Oxycodone (the 30mg IR pills). These have always been a problem around here and I unfortunately was introduced to them 3 and a half years ago. 4 years ago I destroyed my ankle in a snowboarding accident and was prescribed 100 5mg percocet. I immediately fell in love with the drug and demolished the bottle of them in no time. When I was no longer able to get any refills 3 months later, I turned to the streets to find my beloved drugs. That's when I discovered the 30mg oxycodone which I became addicted to and stayed addicted for about 3 months. After that, my dealer was arrested and I was forced to quit cold turkey. The withdrawals were pretty bad but with the help of adderall, I was able to manage (I was doing about 20mg/day which isn't much, but I did this every day). I then was clean for about 2 and a half years until I relapsed about 6 months ago. I just recently graduated from college this past summer and with only a part time job and not much going for me, I started to feel worthless and depressed, which I knew had always been resolved with oxycodone for me years ago. So, I found another dealer and started back up doing 30mg oxycodones. Only more....MUCH more. My tolerance sky rocketed. For the past 6 months I've been taking about 90-150mg of oxycodone every day, but even that barely satisfies me. I would absolutely take more but I simply don't have the money to satisfy. After the summer, I had about 4k in my bank account and now I have -258 dollars. I find myself waiting for my paycheck every week to be deposited so I can overdraft my account again. The oxys have made me do things that are simply uncharacteristic of me. I've been stealing money from my work, stealing money from my family, anything it takes to get my fix. Well, yesterday I decided spending $100+ every day was too much for me and I took 2mg of suboxone. I will say that this drug has completely eliminated my withdrawals. However, there was a period of time about 3 months ago when I was dead broke and got on suboxone for a week, but once I got more money, I went right back to the oxys.

My point is, although suboxone is a heaven sent drug for kicking withdrawal symptoms, it takes more than that to defeat your addiction. I know it's borderline cliche to say it, but listen to everybody when they say YOU HAVE TO WANT TO GET CLEAN. Otherwise, you're going to just substitute the suboxone for your drug of choice. The second you wake up, take the suboxone without even thinking about it. That way, you'll know even if you do dose, it's pointless cause you won't feel it. I will say, one thing that I have not had during this period of trying to get clean is support. I have not attended any narcotics anonymous or anything like that, probably because I have too much pride in myself I guess? Even though I know I'm not a bit better than anyone who attends them. If anybody out there has had a similar situation to mine and has successfully kicked the habit, I'd love to hear your story or if you have any advice for me it'd be greatly appreciated. Please email me at'm about 48 hours clean and I'd like to keep it that way. Not even my family knows about this addiction, you are the first people to know. To everyone on here: keep fighting the good fight and remember, Where there is a will there is a way.

Peace, Love and Respect.

REAL on December 31, 2012:

You want to really get off? FIRST GO COLD TURKEY ALL THE DAMN WAY (im talking halucinating seeing dr's and devils and stuff that isnt there, BMing and puking at the sametime, and hurting like u never have which is worse (2 weeks, 1month for dones)if u are a severe pain patient like me, every 20 minutes to the bathroom, dont take a pill because u have the same symptoms as the flu in WD's have some damn will power. Subaxone is a therapy maitenance like methadone. its counteracted by naloxone and the fact buprenorphine doesnt bind 100% to your receptors. Keep this in mind what you are feeling is not what you would feel without the naloxone. buprenorphine is a MINIMUM 10x stronger than Morphine your bodies used to an extreme dose of opiate you add the high half life to it and the plasma level goes way up but your only feeling a small amount of it. You go down little by litte as doctor says. But once you get ready to stop no matter how little your taking it could be a 1/4 of a mgram a day. a 10th of a mgram. If you take that dose for longer than 3months and stop cold turkey you will withdraw just as hard as 100mg. Makes no difference methadone is harder because u have more freedom there no counteracting built into it. But they are the most similiar synthetics made except one thing Methadone is a pure synthetic. While buprenorphine is synthesized from thebain (MAIN opiate alkaloid) AND NOLOXONE is ALSO synthesized from thebaine, (although a slight methyl removement reverses its effect). Those who have went through the WD's im talking about if it made no difference then you have a severe will power issue which im not bashing many people do. The cravings of course will be intense for 6 months minimum. Now that being said, IF YOU ARE SHOOTING UP, IF YOU ARE ON OPIATES NOT LEGITEMATELY PRESCRIBED BY A NON QUACK DOCTOR OR YOU DO NOT NEED THE MEDS. AND THIS GOES DOUBLE IF UR TAKING A CODEINE CONTAINING MED. (Hydrocodone and Oxycodone big difference in strength no difference in addiction and withdrawal cross typing.)If you are totally legitemately on them and want to quit. If your willpower sucks and you dont trust yourself Sabaxone is all you got, if you have will power if you can hang better u can do it just as good on methadone. your gonna have cravings afterwards. so WHEEN waaaayyy down to where your at a 1/10mg (same with methadone and bupo) or decide how low ur gonna go when u wanna stop. when u get to that dose if methadone stay a month and get off cold right away . if bupo u can go a little longer but rushing bupo isnt a good idea there are things naloxone does to your body infact there are many beneficial effects but thats a books worth of info. with bupo stay on ur jumping off dose at least a month no longer then three and then just swoosh quit, and STAY quited. i went through all this with everything im talking about and everything under the sun when i eat i eat one thing at a time im the same with dope. except ive always been on valium but the same dose for 15 yrs and i never run out early. Being able to just stop doing heroin cold turkey aint cause im special its cause ive went cold turkey so many times and built up my willpower nothing to brag on. I did manage to never let it ruin my life but it all held me back and made me miss a lot. So i get clean for 5 years then i fall 30ft land on my neck somehow i survive. Now im a broke gimp, on damn disability and stuck with high dose morphine and max dose oxycodone. was a biotech engineer in pharma r&d. There are compounds the government is withholding that are 100x as strong as morphine and was human tested an amazing painkiller very amazing (bupo, subutex etc, is as good for pain as hydromorphone because chemically it is nearly hydromorphone) years of dosing high half life med, no arrythmia or heptic impairments. Withdrawals from cold stop. headaches, shakiness slight nauziation for a week no worse then that. Government pulled the license after all licences, and permitting was paid for to start production except the FDA approvals they denied it. This happened whenk Reck got approval on sabaxone and roxanne got approved to be a reproducer almost immediately.

Bean77 on December 14, 2012:

I quit heroin yesterday because I start a new job next thursday, which gives me a week to kick. I was doing about a half gram a day for about 3 or 4 weeks. I have 5 suboxones but am wondering if I should just go ahead and try to kick it cold turkey. I am just afraid that if I take the suboxone it will prolong my withdrawal symptoms. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Do you think that I will be through the withdrawals of the H in 7 days, or should I take a small amount of the sub each day to get me through this?

smiley, albuquerquen.m. on October 07, 2012:

praise god! i am a addict also,i was on heroin for 8yrs.I had a ridicules habbit of H.I also drank alot n took xanex.i recently went to rehab for the first time of my life 6 months ago.Man i went through hell.but suboxone help me out in a big way,i could not have imagined "kicking"without first week was a blur now, but i do remeber parts.anyways it took me about 4months for my body to aclimate to having nothing in my 7 months now and im not going to say "im clean"i still struggle.but dont believe the devil and his lies folks we can do it,we just got to want to do it .its not going to be easy though.good luck to all my fellow addicts ,and beleive me i feel your pain.keep up the good work,and what ever you do dont give up!everyday is a new one. take it easy


Trent on September 20, 2012:

Check out this video on suboxone

lanemer on September 17, 2012:

@Chloe420 .. How i started out.. my gf pulled me over the edge.(in a good way) on Subs now. Food for thought. It is just crazy how much every persons experience on this board are pretty close. better than NA

Chloe420 on September 06, 2012:

Hi I have a question I have met a guy who I was clean for almost a year. He relapsed so now is back to shooting Heroin or what other opiates he can get. My problem is I want so much to be with him But one he is acting very mean. he also said something about sex. and Dope Dick so i read up on it and it seems like it is nearly impossible to have an orgasam . Let alone he hardly knows im even alive. So I guess my question is since he isnt going to pay attention to me because his new "lover" is in his life. should I save a heartache for myself and leave. its not like we have been together a long time. he wants to live with me he has not job right now either. when he is high he loves me I am the best thing on earth he is an awesome person I actually like him better. My heart say love him my head says run like hell......... Oh and I do not do hard drugs I smoke weed thats it. SMH... i am so love struck

Holly on August 19, 2012:

I've been smoking heroin on a daily basis for about nine months now. I'm getting clean for the third time now so I've been through this before. However, this is my first time using Suboxone to help ease my withdrawal symptoms. First and foremost, I think it needs to be noted that I cut down my portions greatly before stopping altogether. During my worst times, I was smoking half a gram a day. I have tried getting clean twice via cold turkey. Excruciating as it was, I made it through but always ended up back on dope. Now I really need to get my act together because for one, I'm only 19. I start college in a week and I have no money to my name. I've spent close to $2,500 on dope in the past couple months. I can't live like this anymore. So now I'm getting clean for the third time and hopefully the last. I got an 8mg sublingual Suboxone strip off a friend and for a week, I cut down my usage to less than .2 mg a day of heroin. I waited 24 hours after my last use. I was feeling the typical tell tale signs of withdrawal such as sweating, goosebumps, running nose, watering eyes but not on an intolerable scale. Nevertheless, I took a quarter of the strip and put it under my tongue and let it dissolve. I also took three 200 mg Ibuprofen to ease my aching back. Approximately 30 minutes later, my symptoms were greatly relieved. I highly recommend Suboxone. I'm so happy that I won't have to live in fear of withdrawals now because it can be taken care of! Good luck to everyone. I wish the best for you all, because opiate dependency is no easy battle.

HTM on July 18, 2012:

Hi to all, Subs to me are the best way to quit opiates. Dont really want to share my story cuz its very similar to the rest. I have been an addict on and of for 5 years, ive taking subs after 12 hours of my last H fix and it work wonderful to me. managed to stay clean for about 3 years then had a relapse. Right now Im waiting the 12 hours again to start the subs. I got 5 sublingual films which will last me for about a week, enough to kick my 6 bags a day of H habit without getting hook to the subs. I Thank God for the subs, great medisine for us addicts. Last thing I wanna say to all of u beautiful ppl is dont let anyone put u down we have to go thru a lot as it is to be getting put down by an idiot that probably has no clue of what we are going thru. God bless everyone that posted here and all the addicts out there in need of help. I will include u all in my prayers, plz do the same to me. wish u the BEST of luck, be strong dont give up. Its possible!!!

Chenz on July 16, 2012:

Today I took only 5mgs of methadone. About 8 hours later I accidentally took a 1mg Xanax. I NEVER take Xanax. I hate that drug. What I really meant to take was a 30 mg percocet. I instantly got tired because I snorted the xanax (not proud) thinkin it was the perc. An hr later I snorted 15mgs of the perocet. I'm a little nervous but I honestly don't feel too bad. I have very high tolerance when it comes to percs. Im thinking bout finishing off the other 15mg in a couple hrs from now. I also have subox which in saving for tomorrow and the next day to help me kick the shit. Will I be ok. I'm very nervous about going to sleep tonight. I know I won't pass out on my own before bed though.

be a leader not a follower! on July 15, 2012:

Wake up get professional help from addiction medicine Dr or be prepared from know on to be a rider on the junkie express there is NO MAGIC CURE but with education treatment and meds there is a chance to live a somewhat tolerable live just don't listen to way others post- talk to your Dr and follow that plan to the letter, there's no shortcuts in sobriety you have to do the work if you want it!!!

shell7679 on July 04, 2012:

Hello all,

I wanted to post to answer this question and share my story,

first of all,You have to wait a full 24 hours to start the suboxone.

My first time taking this pill I didnt listen and waited only 12 hours and was so sick I went to the E.R. i couldnt even lift my head up without throwing up! Like most people have said you know your body and when your in the withdraw stage.Everyone is different.24 hours is best.

With that being said as long as you take it at the right time within 20 min. you will feel so much better!I am a thirty two year old woman and was taking around 20 vics a day more if i could get them. It was ruining my life and my family as well.I forgot what it was like to be me.My day was waking up and finding pills My husband would have to work extra hours to pay for what my addiction costed us because I was spending all our money and getting cash advances I couldnt pay back just to get some pills.I felt so guilty everyday which just fueled me to take more pills to cover up that feeling.I almost made us loose our home,lost several jobs from not being able to go to work when i couldnt get meds to keep myself from being sick.My life was falling apart!My child had to see me sick and wondered why Mommy was sick and wanted to lay down all the time.This illness and it is an ILLNESS controlled my life.

I give all my glory to God but I can say that this medicine helped save my life.I highly recommend it to anyone serious about being sober again.My prayers go out to all of you.-Shell

steph on June 10, 2012:

Okay so i have managed to cut down to 15 mgs of perk a day amd on bad days i take avic 8.5 as well from 4-530mgs perks a day but i still get sick i have suboxone strips how long should i wait to take them im only going to take them in quarters and see what happens i have a 4 month old will i be too high to take care of her???? Help please need help asap!!!

SLMR on June 06, 2012:

I used for 3 years 5 80 oc a day , I desided to leave my ex and get clean went in and out detox for a year, went on suboxones and felt I was living a norm life, I got prego while I was in a sober house and stood on subs my child is now gunna be 4 years old, Im still on subs I had 4 years clean and then I got fired from my job I didnt think I'd ever relaps because my kid means everything to me, but I did, and rite now I'm on sub and once in awhile I use h every now and then, I used yesterday and today I realized how far I was and I prob should have started using when I was working lol but I was happy then and now I'm not sometimes I wish I would die, I could care less bout physical w/d it's the emotional w.d that gets me.It just really sux cuz we are really stuck not doing drugs but dealing with being an addict it never goes away u could be clean for 10 years and relaps it's a never ending disease that we have to deal with for life..... B carefull and never let ur guard down ....... Guess gotta touch on subs they are awesome when not abused and I've taken subs. As close as 6 hrs after using, it really all depends on how much or how long Uve bin using , and every one reacts different.......

dj on June 04, 2012:

I've been an opiate addict for about five years. I had always done drugs recreation-ally since middle school but never felt as though i was addicted to anything. i dabbled in oxys and heroin but never went through actual withdrawals.What fucked me up was when i ruptured my L-4 & L-5 disks which, to alleviate sciatic nerve pain, had to have a laminectomy done to my spine. My Dr. gave me a total 400 OC 40's and 1500 perc 10/325. After the healing process i got 120 norco 10/325s a week.on top of all this i had ambian cr and some type of muscle relaxer. pretty much since then ive been an opiate addict.i was 20 then im24 now. Ive had a hip surgery and an additional 2 back surgery's. and ive gone through what seems like 10,000 pills for my back. now i do heroin and i do around $500 a day. ive goten off heroin multiple times thanks to subs but after a death in the family i started shooting heroin. and broke my 7 months of sobriety of being on nothing but suboxone. my heroin use got bad bad enough to where i to deal with withdrawals when i couldn't find subs id shoot meth. my life had become shit and i decided to switch over to methadones, i started taking 150+mg a day with an additional xanax bar or 2 a day. i did this for about a month while amassing a substantial supply of suboxone. i had 40 8mg strips and 20 8mg pills. i slightly tapered down to 60mg of methadone a day then moved out of state, with subs in hand assuming i could kick like i had done so many times before, boy was i wrong. i waited 33 hrs before i took my first sub, thinking that at the time i was going through withdrawals. but about an hour after that strip i was going through the worst withdraws i had ever had period. and for 4 days after i tried taking 1-2 subs a days and they just made me feel even worse. so i sniffed out some heroin and went back to using. i feel now that hopefully ill be able to get off the heroin with the subs but i would put a warning out there for everyone NEVER get on methadone the withdrawals are extremely bad and can last months. withdrawals from subs aren't nearly as bad and you an eventually get by on 2mg a day which the withdrawals from that, feel to me like they were 90% in my head. the thing with opiate withdrawals is, i can handle the sneezing, yawning, puking, soreness, shits, etc. but if i cant sleep i cant function. every time I've kicked subs i could at least get some sleep as opposed to methadone & heroin/oxy where i don't sleep a wink.

Finally feeling good on May 22, 2012:

Hi all, I just wanted to relay my story in hopes that it will help someone else. I started out taking 20 mgs of Oxycontin. Just for fun. I am 32, married with 2 kids. Well this was around the time they were switching the formula. I knew I had to quit but I had to do it for myself, not because my husband wanted me to. So 3 years ago I quit cold turkey and it was 9 days of hell. I was good for 2 months and slipped. So now I have been on whatever I can get my hands on, mostly 10-15 15-30 mg oxycodone a day. It was so stressful everyday figuring out how many I had, when I could get more, blah,blah,blah. I was spending $3000 a month. Needless to say my husband was over it and said if I didn't quit he would tell my mother, which would mean I would be at a rehab within the hour. So I got some suboxone. I was so scared to take it too early. I waited 18 hours and I had the strips. I found it very easy to cut them up, I cut it into16ths. So I started small and took 1/16. I waited an hour and took another 1/16th. I did that until I felt ok. I ended up taking 3 mg all together over the hours. So the next morning I took 1 1/2 mg in the am and 1 1/2 mg at 8 pm. And I'm good!!!! I went on a bowling fieldtrip with a bunch of 5 year old yesterday! My goal is to be off them in a few days, I don't want to stay on these. I'm already tapering. I started 4 days ago. So now I take 1 1/2 mg in the am and 1/2 mg at night. I'm sleeping great, I'm not starring at the clock all day and scrambling to find more pills. I am having headaches at night but I take 2 advil and I'm good. I also get really anxious around 4 or 5 pm so I usually take my 1/2 mg when it gets really bad and I'm good for the night. Tomorrow I'm going to take 1 mg in the morning and 1/2 at night. I feel really good and I'm so excited to end this chapter in my life. I will update this and let everyone know how my taper goes, like I said this is not a long term plan but I want it to work! If anyone has any questions, or I can help in anyway please feel free to e-mail me at I was so scared to start the subs too soon and letting go of those little pills was so hard, but I really want to live my life and I really want to ENJOY my life, I was just sitting in my house and getting high all day, I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. So I'm excited to start over! Thanks guys and subs are really helping!

Tarheels on May 13, 2012:

Cant speak for all but I have no problem taking subs at the ealiest hint of w/ds usually 4/5 hours after railing roxis works fine never had precipitated w/ds I do 10/12 roxi 30s daily for last 10 years

Me on May 10, 2012:

Hello all

I have had a smaller habit compare to some of you. Been on pills on and off about 1 year now. Lately i was takin about 10 roxy15 a day. I know if i dont stop it now it will get worst and worst as time pases by. I waited about 14hr after my last dose of 45mg i took 2mg of sub and everything was fine. After 2 more hr i took another 2mg and after 4hr another 2mg. The next day i took 4 mg all together the next day 2 mg the day after that i didnt take any and the 5th day i took 1mg the 6th day i took 1mg the 7th day off the 8th day 0.5 mg(basicly just a tiny crumb) the 9th day 0.5 the 10thday off the 11th day 0.5 the 12th and 13th day off the 14th day 0.5 and than 3 days off than the last day(day18th) 0.5 than that wAs it

When u go down to 2mg till the end u will fieel a little uncofortable but without a little will power u cannot acomplish anything in this life.

Please do not take suboxone or any subs for more than 3 weeks. Otherwise u will be addicted and never get clean in your entire life. You will allways relapse. The best thing about the sub is that is never to late. U can restart the procces of tapering down whenever u want, u just have to do it from begining.

Olso no matter how hardcore u have been into drugs this will work. With a little support of family or friends or church or metings u will be ok. Like i said u gonna have to want this otherwise you will alweys going to be a pice of shit.

Contact me at

And i will personaly walk you step by step.

Love u all

sick on April 30, 2012:

I only waited about 18hrs to take my suboxone dose aftr methadones. It threw me into horrible wd and iv been feeling if for over 24 hrs now. So shuld i try to take another dose of sub dc the methadone has to shurely b gone by now. Its been about 40hrs since iv had donez. I just wana feel better. Please help. What shuld i do.

48 hours? on April 29, 2012:

I have neen shooting Heroin for about 8 months now. My boyfriend got me into it and ive really lost sight of everything i want in life. So yesterday i decided to leavr that dangerous situation and move home to my parents house to get help. I also made myself an appointment to start suboxone on Monday. But i was in shock when the doctor said i needed to be 48with hrs in withdrawal before taking suboxone. Ive never even gone 24with hours without shooting which is what a friend told me was the required withdrawal tine.time. can someone please clear this up for me? I dont think i can last 48 hours, so maybe i should just cancel my appointment and go find some dope..? Please help.

Cane on April 24, 2012:

I took my sub too soon after my last tram dose and feel like crap now (10 hours). How long do I wait before trying to take the sub again? Thx.

Mommaof5 on April 18, 2012:

I took my last 1 1/2 norco 4 hours ago. How long should I wait? It's not like it was enough for me to get high. Thanks

Eclipss on April 12, 2012:

Used to have a alcohol/cocain problem. Now About 2 years smoking H. Quit by using subs twice. Started again a week later both times, sort of cuz I could quit again later. My habit was smaller the last 2 times, and I took the 1st sub about 8-10 hours after last H. I'm at a g a day now, think I should wait longer?

Exited to get back to enjoying the activities I used to, get close to friends and family again, and to feel healthy, have money, and escape this repetitive slump and slavery to H.

Thanks for sharing everyone:)

jmac on March 28, 2012:

The dirty little secret Lysol won't talk about and most docs don't understand (not their fault, really, they make it pretty easy to get certified without actually understanding much beyond the regulations)is long term buprenorphine use beyond three or four weeks will often lead to severe and lenghty abstinence syndrome (withdrawls). I discovered this through experience seven years ago. After six months suboxone maintenance, I tapered down to literally shaving crumbs off the tablets with an x-acto knife to minimize the dose before going to the terminal dose (0). Even so, I was in severe withdrawls for two full weeks. With oxy, heroin or any of the other short acting opiates, withdrawls were 5-7 days max. I didn't give it much thought for years, except to file it under experience until a conversation with the medical director of an OTP confirmed this as a known, but not talked about phenomenon. Caveat emptor!

verosdad on March 17, 2012:

*roxy habit, not tidy lol

verosdad on March 16, 2012:

Thank you to all that have posted here, I'm tryin to kick a tidy habit and find that reading about others that feel the same way really helps me through,I'm at about a week and with the help of subs feel "ok" again thanks to everyone that has posted. I can't wait for thus to be over completely

verosdad on March 16, 2012:

Thank you to all that have posted here, I'm tryin to kick a tidy habit and find that reading about others that feel the same way really helps me through,I'm at about a week and with the help of subs feel "ok" again thanks to everyone that has posted. I can't wait for thus to be over completely

run'nwscizzrs on March 14, 2012:

Been 14 days off from a 5 year suboxone habit. Been hell.

Happy today, anyway on March 14, 2012:

Thanks to the instructions, and all of the very helpful advice from all my friends here!

I went from 60mg daily of percocet for the past 6 months, to 30mg the last week or so. Waited 12 hours after taking my last 7.5 mg (snorted) last night, and took 1/3 of the Suboxone film. Went from aching and waking up this am a bit groggy, but not a withdrawal symptom in sight! Wish me luck!!!

unSub on March 13, 2012:

As to the original question: How long after an opiate should you wait before taking a sub. I can speak on a few cases of this:1 Oxycodone/Oxycontin original o.c.s that you could snort/bang/eat i always waited 20 hours min. before taking a sub=never any precipitated wd...I tried the 20 hour window after ingesting and 80op and bam==immediate w/d symptoms which were horrible..w/d at peak...I ate another 80 to fight off the w/d symptoms and it did ease the symptoms greatly...but I didn't get high from it.....the next time i ate an 80op...i waited 24 full hrs before I took a sub and all was well...I felt normal---which to me--in this game---is a win. Subs are by far the best treatment to cowl w/d symptoms when done correctly...stepped down. I started on 24mgs of subs and was comfortable with that dosage--but I wanted to get off the subs and EVERYTHING associated with that lifestyle. so I stepped myself down from taking 24mgs down to 1mg a day...I felt sick for 1 day and after that started to realize how much stress and angst had been lifted from my mind and took a few weeks to get my energy level up to a good rate...all the same im still fighting opiates with my mind and body...if anyone wants advice about breaking the cycle

START LIVING AGAIN..with love..with..peace. thats my word

sdwbrib on March 09, 2012:

I switch back and forth between subs and other opiates all the time. I do 80 ml of OP or OC or percs, tabs...then when I run out I fall back on my subs I keep stocked. I take them within 6 hrs of each other. The subs always calm me down within an hour, they really do take away the urge and thoughts.The reason docs want you in W/D before giving subs and/or methadone is they want to make sure you are a real addict, a person wanting help. Not someone looking to score legally. Just my thoughts and experience. :)...its been a long decade of love and hate lol

Andrew on March 08, 2012:

Thanks alot to whoever wrote this .I was very helpful

Douglas on March 08, 2012:

I took my last dose of methadone exactly 48 hours ago and took 4 mg of suboxone an hour ago and I feel fine. I am not feeling any sign of withdrawal currently as I was before I took the suboxone. I feel comfortable and much better after starting the suboxone.

joseph on March 05, 2012:


I smoked (yes, smoked, not railed or swallowed) my last roxies (about 2 or 3 30mgs) last night around 1030 or 1100 pm. It is now 1000 am the next day, and i have a slightly runny nose and am feeling a little uncomfortable. Its only been like 11 it too soon to take my first dose of subs? please someone let me know....I want to wait it out as long as i can but im also at work right now and want to take the sub as soon as i can. Thoughts? does the fact that I smoke my roxies make a difference in how long it stays in my system?

Someone please answer ? :) thanks

mikey on March 05, 2012:

This is an old thread I know. I just wanna say once an addict always an addict. Wether it be ulfram, h, bikes, or subs it will always be there in the back of your mind. I've done it all. And then some. To those struggling everyday I wanna say good luck n God bless. It will beat your ass down , pick u back up, and beat it again. Sometimes its best to give in (my situation) . The best thing that you can do for yourself is get on sub maintenance. It saved my life. Allows me to live and take care of my family. I hope everyone finds a way suitable for them. It's a battle to be lost. Subs help u help yourself. Good luck

StrandedTexan on March 02, 2012:

I wanted to take a min to tell my story because i have seen mention of it but only slightly. ULTRAM !!!!! This Drug ruined my life plain and simple and because i was told it was Safer than any of the opiates because it wasnt a opiate. I Started my spiral in 1999. I ended up blowing out my Rt knee in a jetski\boat accident. In my opinion it initially wasn’t that bad. But the doctor immediately threw 120 10/1000 Vicodin HP at me, along with Soma. I didn’t really care for the SOMA, but I really liked the Vics. In the beginning I only took 1 maybe two a day. I felt great had no problems. I was 26 starting out my career and I was on top of the world. I had a good girlfriend and we were always on the go. After several months my usage increased and my doctor upped the dosage to 180 a month. My addiction pretty much held there for a couple of years, but my knee’s just started to give out. I got married in 2000 and by 2001 I was up for my first surgery. Ill try and shorten this to get to my point between 2001 and 2006 I had 9 knee surgeries 5 on my rt. Knee and 4 on my left. All the time I maintained a great Job and though I had times where I would run out I never really had a problem. In 2006 my daughter was born and by then I was up to about 4 10s a day. All the sudden my Dr. Booted me , for no reason . he said I was exhibiting drug seeking behavior. I was LIVID, I felt betrayed ! I probably put one of his kids thru college. It was then I realized I was hooked. So I sought help I still was having problems with my knees in fact they were getting worse, I found another doctor that suggested Ultram ER 300mg 2 times a day. At first all was good it worked flawlessly but in a month I found myself crushing them up for them to work and then taking an extra a day. Well my pharmacist was out one time when I went to get a refill and he suggested that he just fill it with the regular ultram but I would have to take 6 of these to = one of the ERs. I was like whatever it’s the same doseage and I crushed the other up anyways. By early 2007 I was in trouble. Believe me or not but on my baby’s eyes I was taking 20x50mg Tablets 3 times a day. My pharmacist “friend” was adding zero’s to the scripts when it was called in so 1 refill was 10. I was getting 120 every 2 days and paying cash for them. I went to work one morning sat down at my desk and the next thing I wake up in an ambulance. I was told I had a Grand mal seizure. My boss called my wife and she met me at the hospital. They had no Clue what happened , I did…. Noone know how much I was taking except me and my pharmacist “friend” . My company put me on a months leave till they could find out what went wrong or I was cleared. In this time I didn’t slow down and some doses I would take 25 at a time. I knew I had a problem but I just didn’t care anymore about anything. I went back to work and wasn’t there 5 min and BAM I wake up with 2 paramedics asking me what my name was. I didn’t know it. I again went to the hospital. Things at home stated to unravel. I didn’t care about my wife anymore, I didn’t care about my friends, family , my home I worked so hard to get. December 28, I walked out…… left my house my wife, and my daughter , I continued to use until my credit cards ran out, I lost my job, I lost my 40,000 Hotrod Truck that I only owed 3k on. My wife divorced me in 08. She got custody of my daughter. Only then did I come clean to her. She forgave me and has never not one time badmouthed me to my daughter or my family. She even tried taking the blame. I ended up moving to a different state and here I could get nothing so I went thru3 months of hell Steven King couldn’t imagine getting off of ultram. I stayed clean for about 6 months and have been using sporadically since. I have had a few jobs off and on but I can hold them down because if I don’t have meds I get sick. The funny thing is, is I'm only clean when I'm jobless cuz I don’t have money. I got remarried to another woman , she uses too, we constantly chase, Everyday its “where we gonna get something” I'm now 39 and I Live with my In-laws. The only thing I have going for me is I have worked hard the last 8 months and I have a GREAT job. But I'm always broke because I spend 400 a week on meds. I decided to get on Suboxone. I found a Dr, that’s 200.00 and My Insurance will cover my meds. She is actually willing to meet me tonight at her clinic to help me. I have been clean for 32hrs and I'm dying but I want her to see how I am. Anyways ill be on it tomorrow, and my wife too. Hopefully this will save me, I'm soo ready to be normal. I'm ready to fix the things I destroyed…. Wish me Luck !!

micheal on February 24, 2012:

i,m so happy because dr shant tami, just cast a spiritual spell to stop me for taking cocaine now i don,t drugs again he can help you stop drugs..instead of you searching for help online... you can email the great spiritualist @ INDIANSPELL@YAHOO.COM

loooza in boston on February 14, 2012:

im a 41yr old total junkbag!!!have been 4-23yrs!there is noway out 4 me i feel i will neva quit.the only time ive quit is in prison total 4yrs off n on.the d.e.a.just raided my boyfriend n i hes in the feds n im out on 10tho cash soo lost w/o him!!been 2getha 11yrs.ive tried 2 o.d 2times so far since hes been gone n 1st time woke up 5nhalf hrs lata 2nd 7hrs!!do not want 2 live like this anymore have lowered myself 2 prostitutin 4 the shit!(HEROIN)so all u young kids out there pleeeze its the most miserable life imaginable stop now or u can look 4ward 2 prison if ya lucky or definet death!!take ya pick.goodluck pleeze u guys quit!!!

Confused on February 11, 2012:

I have been on methadone off & on for the past 7 yrs. Recently a yr straight. Went 2 the suboxone doctor,& he said don't take methadoe for 48hrs, so I waited,& then took my first dose of suboxone & went into withdrawals. It's day 3 now, & the suboxone has me feeling really depressed, almost empty inside. I've heard subutex dosent make u feel this way. How can I get my doctor 2 switch me,&has this happened 2 anyone else?? I can't take being depressed like this,& almost wanna switch back 2 methadone. Any help?

Pavel on February 07, 2012:

I waited 24 hours until my first dose. From taking 2g heroin a day in aus - that's arounfmd $450 a day. Felt no withdrawal from the suboxone. Although the 24 hour wait was painful - though better than precipitated withdrawal.

Lookinaheadnotbehind on February 05, 2012:

I am a 53 year old white female I started drugs when I was about 8 yrs old when I found Heroin at about 17 I had found heaven that's all I wanted in life that's all I cared about it filled up the big hole in my soul that had been empty pretty much since I was born (unwanted, unloved, barely tolerated was always aware that I had to get lost at the age of 18, could go on about the family of origin issues but very long story, and we all have one, anyway as I said I found my heaven and I didn't want or care for anything else, of course this changes after the consequences started stacking up and I'm committing crimes that I had never in my life thought I would allow myself to do, but I did, we do, we all do, as the partying becomes a monkey and that monkey becomes a gorilla and then his whole family jumps on the band wagon, the good times are pretty much a fading memory while the invisible line has been crossed to full blown addiction, and once crossed, there is never any turning back, it will never be a partying thing, or a week end warrior thing, it's a full time 24/7 never ending job thing. So as time goes by of course jail starts coming into my story and eventually Prison enters the picture of course I am still in denial and I needed to keep that denial in place just because I could not come to even contemplate that it might be the drugs that were making my life so miserable of course somewhere inside of me I knew this to be the truth, but for me and for a very long time I needed to keep my denial in place because surely I would have killed myself if I would have tried to look at myself and accept what I had become and admit that I truly was an addict I would have been too overwhelmed I of course was not ready, I was however starting to get small moments of clarity and I would be hit with the realization of my situation and it would take my breath away because I hadn't a single clue of how to change any of it. So of course I would swollow it back down and go do more dope to keep my denial in place however after the last time I got out of the Penitentiary these glimpses of coherency were occuring with more and more of a frequency, and of course by this time I had done another geographical and I found myself in Portland Oregon, which was the last stop on the train for me, I was arrested once again ( Wow, how the hell did that happen?) Judge put to me one year in patient treatment or six years back in Prison, I had to think about that one I knew Prison had no clue about recovery and what if it didn't work for me, So I finally told the Judge I would go to Treatment, best choice (only real choice) I had ever made for myself, I stayed clean for l4 years, which brings us up to 2 years ago, My Doctor put me on Percocet's for chronic back pain, I thought I could handle it, well I thought wrong (everyone is aware of what is said about an addicts best thinking right?) Well I started spiraling my Mother was dying, I was in pain physically all the time, and I wasn't working a strong program I was working in Treatment had been for 7 and a half years well I started using my job as my Program, so a whole bunch of bad situations happened simultaneously and low and behold I'm sticking a needle in my arm, so I am here not really knowing where I am going with this except that I have tried suboxone also one time and it worked for me I went to De-tox after my family gave me an intervention and the tx there was with suboxone for Heroin withdrawl, they made me wait about 20 hrs before the first dose which was 1/2 pill didn't do much calmed a little still doing the fish out of water all night, but the next a.m they gave me a full dose 24 hrs later with a valium and that I felt immediately frankly I was amazed I had a pretty decent habit going at that time Percocets 10/325's 100 each fill, then I was doing about 8 balloons of Heroin daily and about 4 balloons of Coke love those speed balls, anyhow the next dose was another 24hrs later and it was 3/4 dose next day next 24hrs 1/2 dose then nothing and it worked for me. I think thats the trick it's going through a little bit of pain for 2 days then feeling like a normal human being with the rest of the doses, and after that I walked out of the clinic free of my habit a little shaky and with the jones but that's the price of the play and that's when you get to a meeting and ask for help and keep asking and keep going to meetings, it gets better it gets easier and you do not have to keep yourself going on the drug merry-go-round you do not have to get strung out on the suboxone, you can use it to kick, and screw what the Doctor's say about remaining on the crap, it's just like Methedone that is one of the most lethal and ugly drugs out there and the people that run those clinics are just legal pushers I was on Methedone for a minute 110 mgs daily this was Methedone not the diluted Methedose, and I kicked that stuff cold I have never felt like I was going to die from a withdrawl as I did when I kicked that stuff and I have never experienced anything like it again, I guess what I'm trying to impart here is that if you're sick of the jungle of the scandalous people of the in and out of jail of the homelessness if you're sick and tired of it all then I suggest you get off the opiate (whatever your flavor) you are on use the suboxone for a few days and start going to meetings, when you get there believe me you will find people who care and want to help and little by little you will start having a life, with self respect love companionship and happiness, it takes work but anything worth having and keeping is worth working for. Sincerely u b u I b me

Lily on February 04, 2012:

I've just read all of this and it makes me very sad. I have been a rec user of opiates for about five years. However in the last year that all cahnged. I began taking a great deal of pain meds, then switched to heroin..I then went one month clean off everything cold turkey. At this point I didn't get bad withdrawl..I didn't know what that truly was yet. Then it was back to pills, until I found myself back on brown again. This was six months ago, after about a month I found myself smoking almost two grams a day, and after five months of that high amount I knew I needed to stop, I was SO sick everyday ALL DAY ! So I went to the methadone clinic and started at 70mgs, stayed on that for two weeks then dropped to 60mg's for a week, then I stopped that, wanting to get on subs and be truly clean. Well, I used a very small amount of brown for four days then had nothing for two, before taking the subs. Those were the only two days with no opiates in 7months, and mind you it was A LOT of opiates EVERY DAY HA. So now it's day two of subs, Im taking between 10-16mgs per day, as dosed by my doctor. Although, I am no longer wanting to kill myself from the pain a coiuple days ago, I am still sick and feeling pretty run down. On top of this, I am VERY worried about how long I should use the subs, as I cannot go through another INTENSE withdrawl like I just expierenced ever again. I am not a strong person when it comes to pain and hurt, hence why I started using, life was hurtful in my eyes..........

So that's my story,

BUT if anyone knows how to avoid withdrawl from subs, while staying on enough of them for enough time to no longer have the brown and methadone withdrawls, please let me know.

I am not trying to keep trading one addiction for another, Im afraid if I don't feel better soon I will become very suicidal, I also know if I have to go through withdrawl again because of suboxone I just might not make it out alive..

I can't do this again, I am still in a lot of pain and don't want to be.

So advice, on how to use subs correctly and not have withdrawl when I stop???

please & thank you

&God bless all of us, this is hell and we are all in it

paul on January 26, 2012:

I have been taking Suboxone for a couple of years, about 4 mg a day at this point. I ran into a problem where i wasn't able to get any for about 2 weeks when i was making a doctor switch. In that time i got some 10mg methadone pills. I took 1 or 2 a day, never more than 20mg a day during the last 2 weeks. I now have a script for Suboxone again but was wondering how long i should wait to take it. It's been 48 hours now since i took a methadone 10mg pill and i don't feel good but not completely awful. Do you think it is ok to take the Suboxone now since i only took the methadone for 2 weeks at a low dose?

Happy on January 21, 2012:

Jello All,

I'm going to try and make this as short and TTP. as possible for all you ate ate reading. You cannot argue with a fact, but you can an opinion:

Fact- (at least 95%), wait until you feel feel are withdrawals. Roughly 24 hrs. I know it's hard dude, but trust me. Take your last PK'r at like 6 pm of Friday (or night before your day off), this way you can sleep most of next day off. Edit until about 4:30-6pm, then take recommending dose of Suboxin recommended from doc.

Opinion: that's it will fix everyone addicted or you will get hooked on it.

Fact: It is solely up to you and how bad you want off (I know, easier said then done).. No! Just have screws on that is true to you and only you to get off. I mean something do dear, that even if you took a PK'r , you'd disapoint yourself from the idide out.... For me, it was my 6wife and kids. I took Suboxin 48 hrs after last PKr, it worked immediately. I also took another prescrip at night called "chlonidine". You see. Suboxin is just for the pain, you need something for withdrawals i.e. lack of sleep, twitching leg and arm muscles, watery eyes, headaches, flu like symptoms. But that makes you look and feel like a junky with the nods. Long story use both of these drugs for 6 days, and the seventh day, you shouldn't need or want anything. Worked for me. So much for not too long, but those card the facts and opinions.

Bobby on January 09, 2012:

So here is the deal. Subs just make it easy to have a habit . However when u need and WANT because the only way u will stop is when u Want to. I uses dope for 8 years. And quit only thing I took was a few xanies to help sleep. Also went to 2 meetings a day for 1 year. Ur gonna use if u don't have support. My advice subs meetings and just live day by day for a few months once ur done withdrawaling took me 3 months to feel good and I felt great but it took 3 months! But the main thing is quit! When u get locked up and have to withdraw in jail they give u NOTHING!! So before that happens stop and start really living again soberity is a high after being numb for so many year. Good luck to all of u and I know if I did it. Everyone of u can do it! It hurts bad! But it is so worth it so worth it.

jj kicker on January 07, 2012:

sorry, he made all of us. not mad. he has the power to do anything.

jj kicker on January 07, 2012:

its good to hear honest people talking about there problem is addiction.i just move from one thing to another. first pot, then working out, and now pills. well, was pills. im on sub now and im telling u it helps. it helps for people who really want to be done getting high. its not for people that have real pain. i sure it helps some, but for the most part it helps u change your life. just wanted to say something. i read these alot and have never said anything. i will pray for u folks and please pray for me as well. god mad all of us, so he can save us from being a slave to things of this world. god bless

shannon cavanagh on January 03, 2012:

By the way, I was talking about taking methadone and before I did them I injected around 240 to 310 or more a day and I was kicked off the methadone program for reaching around and grabbing my own after she did not serve me for a while and I had not slept for a couple days doing methamphetamine.Anyhow, my question remains the same. thankxs


Shannon Cavanagh on January 03, 2012:

I am asking for some advice before I go onto suboxone next Thursday. I am an alcoholic, all my urine tests do not test for alcohol and I have gradually came down to 20 mg per day because I was on it about 5 years ago at 160 mgs. a day and I was taken off the program at 10 mg. a day and I will never forget the day my late mother took me downtown for my last 10 mg. and it was Dec. 18th 2006 and I went without for years until my mom was dying and now I have struggled to get off it on my own, but I drink everyday and I am scared to start next thursday (I took the 5 days off work) and I go off as of Tuesday am. and I need some advice thanks, shannon

Mark on December 31, 2011:

Suboxine is great for dealing with the with draw. The only think they do not tell you is how hard it is to get off of the subs. These are addictive as well. There is a long process weening off of the subs, a little less each week. I had to use percocet to get off of the suboxine. 7.5, then 5mg percs. Subs are very hard to get off of. Very addictive drug. However they do help when one is on high doses of Oxy. I was under a doctors care when on the oxy.

SICK on December 27, 2011:

I have been taking compounded Oxycodone (roxycodone) for a year now , I have been on 300mg a day ..I did this 3 years ago and was able to stop w only using suboxone for 3 days - this time I find this much harder and I see no light at the end of the tunnel . Last night at 5pm was my last oxy and I only took a 15mg tab - I went to sleep on xanax and awoke at 6 am trembling sweating and acute muscle pain - the suboxone was in my nightstand drawer and half asleep I grabbed for it ..they are 8mg tabs I was instructed to start w 2mg BUT I was asleep and accidently took half by putting it under my tongue along a another couple xanax - I didnt realize I took the 4mg and woke up 4 hours later feeling ok ..BUT now I am feeling like crap again - I was instructed to take the Sub only in am and at night - any advice would be great .would it be bad to take another 2mg now or should I wait ?

Rizz on December 23, 2011:

Is it common for pain specialist to ween u off high doses of opiates with sobos.....just to put u back on pills at a lower dosage

hope on December 21, 2011:

Wanted to know if I could take pain med tomorrow even tho I took suboxone yesterday just been taking it for five days? I wont take any suboxonr tomorrow so can u guys tell me if I will feel them the pain meds

Olddad on December 13, 2011:

Family doctor can't prescribe subs

help on December 13, 2011:

do you have to get suboxone thru pain management or will my primary Doc prescribe it?? I have no insurence and pain management cost way to much for me. I can afford my primary doc. any help would be great thanx!

Bryan on December 10, 2011:

it is saturday, dec. 10 i just took my last dose of methadone: 175mg The suboxone Dr. I am going to told me to be free of methadone for 24 hours. i am seeing the sub DR. monday dec 12 at 12 30pm- is that enough time?

Del on December 08, 2011:

I feel solo lucky after reading you guys and gals story. I was only stuck on oxycodone 30mg I was taking them every 3 hours and I had surgery they fused a disc in my neck will I have another herniated disc in my neck and they want to take this one out and replace it with pins and plates. But I only had to wait like 10 hours to take the new film subs and they work so great. I am off the roxys and feeling fine I take 2 2mg 8mg every morning and I am sure in a week or two I will taper that down a bit. So hang in and don't do ne thing stupid and ask for help all u have to do is ask it might be hard to admit ur wrongs but wtf we are all human beings and we all have our faults.

Disgustipated on November 26, 2011:

Been a heroin addict for 10+ years on and off. More on than off, though. Recently I have been kicking a lot and realized I have been taking my subs way too soon. It weird though, because the first time I ever used subs to come off H I only waited less than 8 hours and felt great. But I'm pretty sure if you have used subs before you need to wait longer. The last few times I kicked I was going into those precipitive withdrawals. Worst thing ever. Anyways, suboxone seems to be my only hope, as I have stayed clean with them for a while. It just sucks knowing that you still do have to take something everyday just to be ok. But it's way better than the hellish cycle that is heroin or pill addiction. Good luck everyone.

dfowlaaa on November 26, 2011:

I have been an opiate user for over a year now and it started off as all fun and games. I thought I had control of my drug habits, which I did for the most part ( when only taking norcos and percs). Then one day I couldn't get any norcos so I copped some oxys. I really liked oxy and everyone told me how addictive it is but I thought I had control over it. A year later I am still going through the annoyance of running out of drugs and dealing with withdrawals. I am in college now at UCSB and I really need to get my act together. I believe suboxone will allow me to quit. I never got to the point where I did oxy every single day for a year, but it was close to it. I know oxy is bad and I noticed I only did oxy cause I needed it not cause I wanted to get high. This is when I knew I had to quit. I am at the point right now where I do oxys for maybe a week straight, then I use suboxone for about 4-5 days and then stop everything. After about 4 days of suboxone use taking 8-12mgs a day I felt great even without any subs on day 6. After 4-5 days of suboxone I usually feel good and can go about 3-4 weeks clean. The hardest part about stopping oxy completely is that I'll go sober for 3 weeks and feel that it's ok to go do oxy again as a "treat". This is the problem I need to solve and im sure all of you do as well. I need to not relapse after a month. I want to be able to go 3 or more months without doing oxy. Any advice let me know. Oh and btw suboxones do help. I just took 8 mg tonight. Yesterday approx. 24 hrs ago I smoked 2 roxi 30s. After taking the subs I didn't go into precip withdrawals. I plan on doing subs for the next 3 or 4 days and then see how long i can go without any opiates. it sucks alot tho cause I live in isla vista at university of Santa Barbara California and my friends have roxi 30s for dayssss. I need to avoid him I guess once I'm done with these subs.

Brian W. on November 23, 2011:

Although I didn't likethe last post,u know calling people iddiots for being in the positon the people are on here when u do it itself,but I guess that's the snappy part of the withdraw talking,with that said the info was helpful,I'm lucky I wanna get clean.I'm really on here to hear people's story's for and to support those like me that are trying to kick it I have been taking the Roxy 30's for years.I know I'm way to smart to not be living to the best of my abilities,it's a very hard thing to do,especially alone like I'm doing.I was taking around 5-10 a day n I just adobe's down to 3,2,1 a day n I'm gonna start the windows in a day or me it's more I want them than need them n even tho I'm in pain,from injuries that haven't healed right n I have DSTIMULUS disc friends n a few other probably I'd rather be in ppl pain till i can afford other means of pain relief.i just dont wanna live this way,and from what i read on here people go fred on pills to h,i remember in the early 2000's telling ppl its synthetic h, n i eventully went from perks to the roxy knowing i shouldnt,but we all learn,im lucky i wanna change n i think if u can beat the mental part n really wanna quit u can with support,i will be back to tell my success story,n i have decided to partner with a church to help others that want it i miss being me the doctors in miami are driving bentaly,n boats cuz of us n i just hated it there,i then moved back to the orlando area n its the same so im not running,gonna stay n fight this n ill be back to share my out come,good luck

to everyone!!

johnCmorris on November 22, 2011:

There is a lot of interesting information posted in the comments. Here are my two cents:

Heroin is dangerous, so is cocaine.

Quit while you are ahead, do not look back.

If you are having trouble with drugs, you need to rotate your drugs better. Heroin is good to substitute with soboxone and alcohol or a benzo or maybe a sedative like a muscle relaxer or gabapentin. Do not mix cocaine with alcohol. Heroin should be used to come down from heroin, or ideally a benzodiazopine. Gabapentin is useful for heroin withdrawal, especially if one tapers and possibly uses suboxone for mild withdrawal symptoms as well. I would not recommend taking a benzodiazapine long term for heroin withdrawal, which is where gabapentin's value comes in.

mary on November 21, 2011:

sorry everyone!The above comment,I meant 15 strips a month.

Again Good Luck!!

mary on November 21, 2011:

I feel for all of you!Although I never got to where some of you of you are,I don't stand in judgement either.There but for grace go I.10 to 20 vikes a day,I know what withdrawal is.The suboxone program has so far saved my life.I am now down to 15 strips a day,although I've heard horror stories,I am a little nervous once more moving down further.Please, try it everyone!the doctor will prescribe according to your use.The first time you take it( if you can make it through the period of withdrawal)you will probably get high .There after it will be to just maintain you.Please we owe this to our families,children,and grandchildren. Good luck!

Barry Slaven on November 20, 2011:

I have been on heroin for 13 years, and been through methdaone and subutex reductions many times, but this is the first time ive ever been told i have to wait 56, yes 56, hours from my ast methadone fix to take my new medication, suboxone. I am currently half way thorough those 56 hours and am on the verge of ringing dealers to sell my posessions as i cannot take any more of this. You DO NOT have to wait so long to swap to subutex or suboxone. 24 hours has always been sufficient time previously. God bless any one who is also in this dreadful situation.

jjjj on November 17, 2011:


rusteD62 on November 12, 2011:

I see a lot of back sliding and relapsing in the stories posted here.It appears to a lot of "self-administration" attempts at getting off of opiates.These are usually futile.Many start abusing the medication they are trying to use to get off of another.To get off and stay off,one must have their inner-voice instructing them,and feel the desire to be off drugs forever in every ounce of their being and soul.Short of that it will be useless,and trying to do it with a handfull of Suboxone one has accuilated or scraped together is not going to do it.A doctor has to be involved,no way around it.Getting addicted is the easy part.Getting clean is tough,and requires a combination of medications,but also a management system to provide for the spiritual/emotional end of things.Big part of the process,as those are the reason many are addicted.They tried to doctor themself,to make a hurt stop.It quickly gets out of control,and if you're lucky,you can beat it.Millions have and do,and will.I hope the best for all who have posted and reached out,thats the start.

manda on October 24, 2011:

ok i took a suboxone and was still sick so bout 45 min later i went and bought some herion and i was able to still get i have not tried to take any since then but i need help and dont know what to do.i have lost so much over this shit.i was pregnant december of 2009 i told my doctor and he refuced to see me a was naked on the bed in the doctors room and i had been there 3 times before but didnt tell them well they wanted to take blood so i had to tell then.well he walked in and refuced to see me.he wouldnt even see if my baby was ok i was already undressed and in the bed.then that friday befor i could get into see another docoter i made an appointment i lost my baby.i so sick of this shit.i have my own place and work 2 jobs but if i dont stop im goin to lose it all.AND THIS IS NOT EVEN THE HALF OF WHAT I HAVE DONE AND BEEN THROUGH.I JUST LOST ONE OF MY FRIENDS SHE OD AND THEY FOUND HER IN THE DUMPSTER AND MY BEST FRIEND I KNEW SINCE I WAS A KID OD TOO.I KNOW 5 PPL WHO DIED IN NOT EVEN A YEAR AND 4 WAS OF DRUGS,R.I.P TO ALL MY FAM AND FRNDS I LOST.IM SCARED IM GONNA BE NEXT

art on October 23, 2011:

im kicking heroin right now and ouch !!! i have soboxone wich i took for 2 days and today the 3rd day i havent took it at all and im going thru it.not as bad but its not like the wort..i can maintain i think a lil longer..reasom i havent took it today is because i dont wanat to get hooked on it and then have to kick out the soboxone.but yea if u are taking heroin wait atleast 24hrs unless u had sum real bunk dope lol cuz i waited 12hrs and wow the wait wasent long enough cuz i went into nasty withdrawl.the longer u wait the better..after taking soboxone for a coupl days try going with out it for a whole day after u get sick to lower ur tolerance way down.then go back to it but take a lower dosege by cutting the pill/slid in half or lesser.good luck to those kicking i feel ur pain especially right now !!!

Liasis1 from Nashville on October 23, 2011:

@Kimback surgery sufferer

Wow, that sounds awful! I've never had methadone (tho, for some reason when they test my urine with sticks it comes up positive. Something about the allergy meds I take) but I've heard it's hard to go off of.

It sux tryin to go off any drug, tho I have to admit I have an easy time of it usually (except that I really do have legitimate bad pain & need something stronger than over-counter stuff). I've had IBS since I was 16 & immodium barely helps...I apologize for talkin about me, know you need help.

I learned a long time ago that doctors are not infallible; many times they can be very wrong. (like 40 yrs ago I breast fed my first baby & the pediatrician said it would cause mental retardation! My son's IQ was measured by Duke U when he was 14, his was in the upper 3 percentile in the US for any age, including adults. Oh, woe! What damage have I done?!? He could have been in the upper 1% if only I'd listened to that dr!).

It sounds like you may have had a bad reaction to the Suboxone itself, cause it sounds like you waited long enough before takin it. Did you start out takin the full dose, or did you take a partial dose? When I started Suboxone the nurse said to take half a strip (I was prescribed 12 mg/day), wait half an hour & if there were no side effects go ahead & take the rest of the dose.

Me, I never took an entire dose. Just 4 mg had me itchin like crazy, but Benadryl helped. After I took the other half-strip the itching was so severe & in places you don't wanna be scratching. I used a lot of Vagisil that night! Plus the soles of my feet & palms were like pins & needles. I take Neurontin for neuropathy, which helped a little along with more Benadryl, but I didn't sleep at all that night. My pdoc (psychiatrist) has me on 20 mg of Valium a day for anxiety as well as .5 mg of Halcion for sleep. I was so afraid to take any of my benzos that first night, had heard too many horror stories that it'd make me stop breathing. Next day had a violent headache, which the Suboxone didn't help, then barfed for 2 days. Still gave the Suboxone a chance, maybe 10 days, but decided opiates were the only thing for it & went to a new pain doc. Which was good, cause he found I have an autoimmune clotting disorder that's pretty bad.

I don't know if maybe your dose was too high initially or if you just can't take Suboxone. Maybe other recovering methadone "addicts" (I used the quotes because there's addiction & there's dependency) who've read your post will have an answer.

A few parting words...1) if they say you have a lawsuit then do it. I had a couple of instances where I could've & didn't & now regret. Like when we were rear-ended & the guy's insurance contacted me & offered me money-I was scrupulously honest & strict with my claim, not realizing I'd have pain & suffering & loss of income for years after I signed an agreement that netted me less than $1000 & promised to never sue this guy in future. Very bad mistake.

2) I have so much respect for nurses. My mom was an RN, my own LPN studies were interrupted halted dashed ended by a pregnancy. My husband's family are all doctors (well his mom was a teacher) and when I say his family I'm talkin way back the family tree, like back 200 years. One has his painting hanging somewhere in Vanderbilt Medical University.

3) doctors rarely really listen to you & think they're never wrong. Example: I went to ER with a migraine & the dr wanted to treat it with compazine administered by IV. I said I was allergic but my then-neurologist said it was that or nothing. So I let them do it. Half an hour later a very shaky white-faced attending said "you're allergic to compazine, don't ever take it again!" duh? This same Neuro, supposedly one of the best in Nashville 12 years ago, went on to mis-diagnose my father-in-law (a physician) with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). then there's the dr who 12 years ago read me the riot act about dr shopping & my paltry 5-6 fiorinal#3 per day habit then HE gets busted while buying a TiVo cause he miscalculated how much coke to shoot up with his OxyContin & had a major meltdown. Electronic shop, cameras everywhere, loads of video for the evening news AND HE DIDN'T LOSE HIS LICENSE.

It seems we cannot trust our doctors implicitly. It would be nice if we could, but they are as human as the rest of us and just as prone to mistakes. Your case sounds like sheer negligence on someone's part. We, as patients, are now under obligation to educate ourselves about our conditions & medications. My first husband was dxd with bladder cancer a little over a year ago. The dr gave him very little info, just told him to see him again next month them left the room. On his follow-up appt my ex was again given some RX's, no info & told to come back next month. When he attempted to question the dr, said dr turned back to him & asked if he had a computer, & Internet. Then asked him if he knew how to use google. And this "doctor" was serious!

I know I haven't been much help, but hope I've at least been able to entertain you. Good luck!

Kim/back surgery sufferer on October 23, 2011:

I just had the worse experience with Suboxone that was so intence and scary I thought I was dying. I went to a Suboxone clinic after taking Methadone for 12 years. I had told the physician how long I had been on it and the dosage I was on. After informing him he acted like this was no big deal and proceeded to put me on the film/dosage was the 8/2mg taken 2 strips at a time. As I left his office a fellow nurse approached me with the script and a few instructions on how I should proceed with the drug. She told me to go as long as I could without the Methadone and then start the Suboxone. Well I went 4 days, not the 36 hrs that is suggested, and when I took it immediately I started feeling like something was wrong! I came upstairs and layed down and in 30 minutes my boyfriend was calling 911 and I was off to the hospital. After telling the doctor what had taken place I was told I was lucky I didn't have a heart attach on the way down! I have never been so sick and so scared in my life. I am a 47 yr. old mother of 2 that just finished passing my boards for nursing and had just started my first job as a charge nurse. I felt so stupid!! But are we not suppose to be able to trust our doctor's and what they tell us?!! Off of everything and feeling like shit!! Any suggestions?!! I even have attorneys calling now saying I have a law suit, I just wanted to be off of all meds and feel like my old self again, will that ever happen?!!

carl james on October 22, 2011:

Wow this is great post very incouraing to help the problem i am havin, thank you to the poster you have set my mind on solving my issue i have been considering suboxone for serval months now and this has made me fur sure dicided to do it ! thank you agian

Liasis1 on October 21, 2011:

I've been reading this thread, & others like it, several weeks. I've been using opiates most of my life (the last 35 years out of 59). It started with migraines, progressed to fibro, osteoarthritis then herniated & degenerating disks, now I've been dxd with sticky blood & latest labwork shows I may have bone marrow cancer (go for more testing after my vacation)

I'm also bipolar & am 1 of an unlucky few who had bad reactions 2 psych meds, both Stephens-Johnson syndrome & Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (my temp went over 109 at one point, NMS is so rare it took drs 4 months 2 figure out what it was). Needless to say, I'm leery of drugs, especially if it's something Ive never heard of before.

My neurologist started me on ms-contin in 2004, it was instant love. Before that I'd been eating fiorinal w/codeine, dr-shopping 2 get enough 2 last a month. Finally got caught at it, by a dr who read me the riot act then was busted 2 months later high on coke & OC having a meltdown in the middle of a huge electronics store (plenty o good footage 4 evening news!).

Anyway, after I was dxd with fibro & bipolar all my drs (PCP & specialists) told me to go to a pain clinic, as new FDA guidelines were makin it uncomfortable 4 them to write my RX for morphine.

The 1st pain clinic was a joker who wanted 2 experiment w/different drugs, put me on Kadian, which I hated. I blew out a disk & went to the ER, they gave me lortab which I reported 2 dr. I didn't take it all at once, but took some b4 a p test a couple months later. They fired me 4 it, sayin I never reported getting the lortab (I showed the dam nurse the bottle, she wrote it down, but they claimed she didn't).

Found another pain clinic, a dr who had just come over from India & set up shop. Wouldn't take insurance & booked 4 patients @ same time. If my apt was 10:00 I was lucky 2 c him by 3:00. At that time my psych doc put me on lamictal & I got Stevens-Johnson. It left me with huge sores all over my skin. Pain doc said I was shooting & fired me. (well, I was, but not anywhere he saw. It really was the sores from the S-J he was seein).

Found another PC, this 1 seemed good. They did other stuff besides throw drugs at me, like medial block injections, which really helped the pain. They gave me my beloved ms-ER (endo's gr8 4 slamming) along with percs for breakthrough pain. A few times they tried me on other stuff like the fentanyl patches, OC, but I preferred the morphine. Then I failed a p test. My body metabolizes meds really fast & the morphine didn't show up, even tho I took it the night b4.

They sent me 2 a Suboxone clinic to be "caged", the patients scared me. Chairs full of zombies all intoning "I love Suboxone. You'll love Suboxone." I had no idea what the stuff was, but I didn't wanna b what those people were on! Thankfully they sent me back to pain doc & said I should stay on the morphine.

I have a neighbor who stole my meds for years. She used to visit dying friends & family so she could steal drugs from them. When I caught her stealing my morphine I shoulda turned her in but she said she'd go to rehab. She did, but didn't stay. Over the years the only time I heard from her was when she wanted drugs. So I told her about Suboxone. Thank God she's on it now. But she was taking my meds b4 her appt & I came up short & got fired from my pain clinic.

I panicked & raced to the Suboxone clinic. I was under the impression it was a pain treatment center, til they told me they didn't do procedures on patients. I took Suboxone a few days & found myself another pain clinic.

My new pain dr. is a very well-respected neurosurgeon, very knowledgeable. He looked at my history, did a physical exam like no other pain dr did, told me I had antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (sticky blood), which blood tests confirmed. Told me I'd been misdiagnosed all my life. All my miscarriages, migraines, mini-strokes, sight loss, yada yada, were all caused by this.

He also said I have dystonic syndrome as well as fibro & needed painkillers. BUT he refuses to give me morphine. Instead he gave me dilaudid. I didn't like that (got interdose withdrawal & ferocious headaches) so he gave me roxis. I don't like them, I get inter-dose withdrawal from them 2 & end up running out early. Also they make me hyper as hell.

Both my PCP & psych drs think I should b back on the morphine ER, they can't understand y he put me on stronger drugs I'm having bad reactions to. I ran low on my roxis this month (I squirrel small amounts away then 4get where I put them, too) so I've been taking Suboxone. It's good 4 pain but I don't wanna b on it the rest of my life. Plus my neighbor keeps running out of hers & keeps asking me 4 mine.

This is probably a confused-sounding jumble. But, can anyone tell me what my dr could possibly have against morphine? Y will he give me stronger drugs but absolutely refuse to consider morphine? He won't tell me, I've asked. He just says its not the right treatment for my fibro/sticky blood/migraines/& all the rest.

Side note, I took Suboxone, 1-2 mg/day last week, had about 1mg yesterday. Didn't seem to do me any good, so took a Roxi a little while ago. Its working, but it doesn't last all that long & don't have enough to take til my next appt

Grey Goose on October 19, 2011:

Does anyone no how long you should wait after Tramadol? Ultram in the States. I'm so pissed off with my doctor I'm feeling murderous, I've been through the hell of heroin, methadone, benzo's, subutex and my doctor prescribed me this shitty drug and now i'm hooked! You don't even get high it's the shittest opiate drug ever synthesized. So now I gotta get on the sub's to come off em but i don't know how long to wait. ?

Hellyes on October 15, 2011:

I have been on Subs (16mg/day) for almost 3 months.. Wow! has it changed my life.. I hope everyone that suffers from opiate addiction finds a wonderful Sub doctor to help them. It is soooo nice to not have to worry about finding my next load of pills just so I can function that day.. If you are prescribed the accurate dose, you will not feel withdrawals, deprived or tempted.. At least that is how I feel.. If you live in or near Austin, Texas, please contact Dr. Peter Pelogitis. He is totally cool and has a lot of experience with helping people suffering with addiction. Stay strong everyone... Take your Sub everyday with NO shame... Much luck and love to all.

Bone on October 14, 2011:

Hey guys i have been doing pills for around 7 years. U name it i have done them. I am currently using around 300-400mg or roxis a day. I have done the suboone treatment several times as well. They really are miracle pills ifmumreally want to quit. I have relapsed countless times and been broke more times than i can count. I really feel like this time i am going to kick the habit. I am 31 years old and enough is enough! I start my subs on tuesday and it cant come soon enough. If anyone wants to talk or if you have any questions about opiates of any kind feel free to email me at I am no doctor just an addict. I believe in a support system and if anyone needs one i am here for you. This is a life long battle and im ready to fight it! Hope to hear from anyone of you soon. Goodluck and take care.

EmEfEl on October 13, 2011:

depends on how much you use a day......

canilive32 on October 12, 2011:

I am going thru the same as all have subs but still use H how and when do you get strong and i only take a tiny piece how long does that stay in your system?

daniel on October 10, 2011:

I was on 140mg of methadone for about a year. I dosed at the clinic on a Monday morning. Afterward, I went straight to my primary care physician, and he put me on a fentanyl regimen for 7 days. I was still sick the fentanyl wasn't nearly as strong as the methadone (at least the dose). 2 50mcg patches a day. I was still sweating and uncomfortable. On the 8th day, I'd had enough and admitted myself to Austin Recovery. I still had patches on when I went in. By 6 pm I received my dose of suboxone. No negative reaction whatsoever.

Everybody's body is different.

Lonely Girl on October 10, 2011:

Hey jvl622.... I'm in a very similar situation as you! I snort 3-4 oxycodone 30's a day and have 3 8 mg subs that im not sure how to use??? After finally admitting to myself and my. family a year ago that I was an addict... I cleverly "faked" my sobriety and continued to use after jus a few days of wd's! Up to this point I have been able to lie my way through every day and I'm tired of it! I'm so sick of the ups and downs, the praises from friends and family about how good I look and how well I have done only to go into my room and rail a 30! I'm a fraud and a liar and it hurts me deeply! I want this ride to end! I just turned 33 yrs old, I'm a mother of an amazing 10 ur old daughter, and I have the perfect boyfriend of 6 yes who supports and adores me! What more could I ask for right? SOBRIETY! I WANT TO LIVE A SOBER LIFE! thank you everyone for sharing your stories and making me see that I am not alone in my struggles and that there is a light at the end of this lonely hallway of hell

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