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Finding an Escape Path Through Chaos

I've been through the mud and have dealt with unfortunate people. So many people are going through the worse and I have heard their stories.


Circumstances in a world of competitive people can drive us insane. Egos are battling one another to potentially reach the top of the food chain, devouring bystanders, the opposition, and even their own people to prevail. We can get sucked into the chaos, causing us to become brutal, deceitful, and petty beings, changing our once innocent representation. Amid our pursuits, in a crazy battleground, we can lose our minds, and ourselves, to only become demons. We have to find a way to escape the chaos.

The way to escape chaos isn't an easy solution. If everyone is trapped in chaotic circumstances, suffering, and restricted to imprisonment of such a world, they are likely persistent in keeping you from finding the escape route. "If we burn, you burn with us" - Alex Carpenter. To escape the chaos, you have to...

  • Find and develop soul strength
  • Get in tune with your heart
  • Focus on a singular point
  • Discover who is right for you and who is destroying you
  • Discover what you want out of life and work towards producing it

The road to freedom isn't an easy find. But once you're relieved, the destination is worth the effort.

Our souls can become weakened by our circumstances. The discomfort that we see can contribute to killing our spirits. Too much of anything disturbing or uncomfortable can be a soul burden and put a heavy strain on our spirit, making it difficult to sustain. For example, I hate seeing the unfair treatment of interracial couples in public. It makes me sick! The sight of fools aggressively and purposely bumping into, disgustingly turning their backs, presenting ugly, disgusted facial expressions, and even denying interracial couples privileges that other unrelated couples enjoy is a high discomfort in my soul. Thank God I've never witnessed an interracial couple getting liquidated, but the news surely tells us all about associated brutalities. I have to waste effort on recovering from such drain of seeing interracial mistreatments and it is weakening.

In addition, seeing citizens drive expensive cars, wearing expensive clothes, driving a yacht, living in a large luxurious home, etc. is also discomforting in a sense of misunderstanding. I work so hard, invest in securities, save, and live below my means but yet I'm still barely making ends meet. Even after studying the secrets to wealth, and applying them, I still come up short drastically. How are these wealthy people really getting wealthy? I mean, every time I get going positively with finances, an unexpected expense, such as with a car, medical or family matter arises. I guess I just have bad luck. Or, they've lied, extorted, stole, snaked, or blackmailed their way to the top, according to my Auntie Marinda, and even an old lady at the supermarket six years ago.

People like me who work hard, and are righteous, but still struggle, may think that the key to wealth is what my aunt and the old lady at the Supermarket suggests. I mean, I have seen Scarface 100 times, The Wolf of Wall Street, two classic crook movies about men who managed to reach a life of riches by committing crimes, and taking advantage of the people in their path. If I saw Tony or Jordan in the street, and never knew their stories, someone like me would think that hard work and acting righteously were the keys to their riches.

I would love the way that I think riches are earned to be the way. But knowing how Michael Jordan, Jay- Z and even the late Steve Jobs clawed their way to the top by mistreatments, along with other celebrities (supposedly Jeff Bezos), I think there might not be a righteous way to great wealth. So, although some of the wealthy of our world appears to have a squeaky clean appearance (due to no dirty record floating online with their name attached), such as Warren Buffet, I believe that these so-called clean celebrities had to have done some improper actions to gain riches. They just haven't been discovered yet. So, do I quit trying to get rich the right way? No, because in a way, Warren Buffet still gives me hope. But understanding fully the key to great wealth is puzzling. Someone once told me that I have to follow my own path to become as or more successful than today's wealthy.

My mind is fixated on the dislikes and concerns that I witness, taking my focus away from what's really important in life. The wealthy will always surround us and interracial couples will always get treated unfairly somewhere. I will never be able to completely stop my discomforts if I continue to focus on them.

Putting stress on my soul by feeling uncomfortable consistently is my fault. These sightings are just distractions. My focus should be on what I want out of life, not what bothers me unless I'm looking to make an impact like starting an organization that supports interracial couples or interviewing the wealthy to discover their secrets and finding similarities between them. If there isn't any productivity that is beneficial to positive progress when seeing these discomforting sights then they are distractions.

Who is in your circle? Who do you hang around or talk to for advice? Have you taken advice from a professional such as a therapist or a business coach? If so, how did the advice they provided you match up with the advice that your friends or family gave you? Meaning, professionals are trained to provide client's/patients with accurate advice that you can trust throughout your journey; the information they give you usually truly works to your advantage. Unfortunately, friends and family, especially the ones who aren't too successful in life, provide advice that can lead you astray. Not only can someone knowingly provide hindering advice, but they can also purposely lead you down a dark path of poverty. Some people are just terrible human beings with an evil agenda. We have to turn our back on these types of people if we plan to have a chance at reaching our goals.

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Someone once told me that a successful person that I should've taken advice from years ago only thought he was wealthy and that I shouldn't follow in his footsteps. Because I looked up to the person who told me this lie, I disregarded the healthy advice this so-called fake wealthy person was giving me. In reality, this person was at least a two-time business owner, one business being in another country. He had houses, investments, money to take care of multiple children, and enough money to save and play with; the person that gave me faulty advice didn't have much.They lived in a low-income apartment, didn't have a car, cursed up a storm, and were disrespectful to their parents. I guess where they were from, those who wore expensive attire and drove nice cars were only faking the funk.

At the time they told me this dumb advice, I thought they were right and my world reflected negatively- I was naive. Denying the wealthy resource allowed chaos to consume me. I was lost, confused, broke, and inconsistent; I lost friends and family in the process who didn't want any parts of my new thought process. The faulty advice-giver opened a channel for destruction to enter and destroy my spirit. The funny thing about the person that gave me wrong advice was that when I failed, they rose towards the top becoming closer in status to this so-called fake wealthy man - bummer.

When we know what we want out of life and make a commitment to go after it, the universe will provide whatever we need to develop the results of our pursuit. If you haven't a clue on what you want and just exist, where can you go except wherever any and everyone wants you to be. The good and the bad people have control over you. May the strongest force win.

This article is a piece to help you along your journey towards your goals in life. If for a reason you happened to want to be an artist, for example, pick up a paintbrush and start painting. If you persist at it you'll get to a sufficient endpoint. You may not only reach your goals but reach a point that is more adequate for you. Sometimes we don't know what we really want out of life, we only think we know. But if we continue to develop out of doing something constructive, we can get to a destination that best fits us. And, to get to this destination we must...

  • Gain soul strength
  • Get in tune with our hearts
  • Focus on singular points
  • Know who is right and who is wrong for us
  • Go after what we want in life

Once you've gripped a handle on the keys listed in this article to find an escape path through the chaos, the birds will chirp, the sky will be clear and blue, the grass will be green and healthy and you'll be able to see a bullet as it is discharged from a gun. In other words, you'll be able to know where to go and where and who to avoid. What once distracted you should now be under your control. Your sight is pinpointed, much narrower; your soul is strengthened; you recognize your beating heart, and your breathing and you're in tune with your feelings while chasing your goals without unnecessary distractions. It will be kinda like a rough sea filled with jellyfish, sharks, and piranhas opening up for a clear path for you to walk through.

It can take years before mastering a pinpoint focus. Nothing worth having is easy to obtain. The key to such a focus is consistency. No matter what the challenge in your path is, you must continue to try focusing.

Start small. Instead of focusing on how interracial couples are treated or understanding how the wealthy are wealthy, focus on a thought about how to mix canvas paint or getting the right type of paintbrushes for a particular project.

Progress not regress. Focus on getting your own self wealthy. Spend more time on achieving goals and what will make you more advanced. Everyone's wealth is different. There are no two people alike. Don't get me wrong, studying the wealthy isn't a bad move. However, worrying why you aren't wealthy like the rich after taking actions like the rich is bad. Worrying will weaken you. Just use the wealthy as motivation to use your own energy on developing your own wealth. In time, you'll become good at what you do and that's when you'll discover how to get rich.

Mistakes, bad company, angry people, and misunderstandings can all land us in a world of chaos. So many things can deter a focus that we should pay attention to: relationships, discrimination, envy, fetishes, and violence all can take our eye off of the ball. Anxiety, depression, and mental breakdowns all result from this chaotic world, and many of us can't shake these illnesses. Some of us need medicine to move on with life. And some of us just need the right guidance to shake off distractions. No one is perfect, we will all fall victim to the chaos of the world but we do not have to continue to be a victim. We will all fall but unfortunately, we all won't get back up.

Whatever your distraction is just know that you aren't the only person who is distracted. Your fears, your fetishes, and your dislikes can all be your hindrance. Your focus towards your goal of success is just a rusty, dirty old antique car that hasn't been driven since your younger years before your distractions originated and took you under. You know what to do. Get that vehicle back on the road again, and remove the rust; wash it; buff it, and wax it.

Ten distractions, two distractions, or even one distraction, you can lose a necessary focus that can cause your life to crumble. Losing a grip on reality is the last thing anyone should want to do. We all fall victim to destruction, but focusing on the proper keys to gain a pinpoint focus, a strong soul, and a sense of being in tune with your heart can lead you down the right path to escape from the chaos and towards a life of wealth and genuine happiness.

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