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Fighting the Stigma Associated With Borderline Personality Disorder


People with BPD are very misunderstood

Ever since I started to research more about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) I was shocked and disgusted to find so much stigma and misconceptions about BPD.

One of the biggest lies that I see over and over again is that BPD is the same or similar to Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (NDP)

This is not the case at all. Although, BPD and NPD are in the same cluster of Personality disorders and symptoms may overlap, the biggest difference that is often failed to be mentioned is motive.

BPD is characterized by a deep seeded fear of abandonment and rejection from people they genuinely love and care about. People suffering from BPD have a very difficult time seeing their worth. They may firmly believe that any love shown to them is only ever conditional and can dissipate completely without warning.


This intense fear of abandonment, low sense of self worth and low self esteem result in the sudden mood changes that people with BPD suffer from.

The emotions that people with BPD feel are extremely intense and they are said to feel emotions two times stronger than the average person.

What do every day emotions feel like for someone with BPD?

Here is a translation of emotions that one anonymous person suffering from BPD has shared from their own perspective of what these emotions feel like:

Sadness: Extreme emotional agony. You don't feel like it will ever get better.

Anxiety: Weighing you down, you feel physically weak and have a hard time breathing. You straight up feel scared and it can lead to panic attacks or anxiety attacks.

Anger: You feel extremely betrayed and your feelings are very hurt.

Happiness: Euphoria. You feel amazing and everything is perfect. You don't even remember exactly what the negative emotions feel like anymore.

People with BPD have a very hard time regulating their emotions so every emotion that they feel is at the extreme end and often times they may be unable to feel anything else, leading to emotional whiplash for themselves and those around them.

Misconceptions about people with BPD

There are many misconceptions on BPD which actually happen to be the opposite in reality. Misconceptions and stigma are incredibly harmful to people with BPD.


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People with BPD lack empathy: Often times, people with BPD actually have more empathy than the average person. Many times this overload of empathy can cause the person suffering from BPD to take over the pain of the other person. Many people with BPD are empaths.

People with BPD are selfish and only think about themselves: This one is particularly hurtful because people with BPD can actually be extremely self sacrificing for others. Giving more time and effort than they have to people they care about.

People with BPD are abusive: People with BPD go through extreme anger and can sometimes have abusive tendencies, however, their anger stems from perceived abandonment and rejection. People with BPD do not want to hurt those they love. They may get angry because they feel that they are being treated unfairly or they are feeling hurt and betrayed. Most often, these are misunderstandings. People suffering from BPD are at a higher risk of being on the receiving end of abuse.


Positive traits of people with BPD

People with BPD actually have a lot of wonderful qualities about them that don't get talked about enough.

Empathy: Most people with BPD have extremely high levels of empathy and the drive to help and make people happy.

Loyalty: People with BPD can be extremely loyal to their friends, family and partners. They are the kind of people who won't hesitate to stand up and protect the people they care about.

Understanding: Their high levels of empathy contribute to very understanding individuals who offer a very comforting source of kindness, patience and support when you need someone to talk to.

Patience: A lot of people with BPD know what it's like to have bad days. So when they see someone having a bad day, they can have a lot of patience and understanding towards that person. People with BPD do not like to give up on people very easily.

Creativity: These individuals are often very creative, they enjoy art, music, writing and are very good at it, putting their whole heart into their projects.

Passion: People with BPD are mostly very passionate people, they really like to help and have very great capability to make the world a better place.

In conclusion

The reality is that most people with BPD are actually very loving and will probably be the kindest and most supportive people that you will ever meet.

Studies show that 80% of people suffering from BPD have had suicidal thoughts and as many as 70% have attempted suicide at least once. There have been many instances where psychologists have refused to treat people with BPD due to these damaging misconceptions. BPD is treatable and it is so important to fight the stigma and misconceptions associated with Borderline Personality Disorder so that more people can have access to the help they deserve.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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