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Survivors Who Fight Cancer Naturally, Without Chemotherapy

Saying "No" to Conventional Cancer Care

Beat cancer with natural remedies.

Beat cancer with natural remedies.

Surviving Terminal Cancer

Patients from around the world report success with natural ways to fight cancer. They've posted their stories on the Internet.

This article is not intended as medical advice. I am simply sharing information gathered from a number of other published sources.


Some cancer patients have refused chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, they've fought their disease with natural remedies.

They're still alive to talk about it.

A growing number of "chemo-free survivors" have become Internet crusaders, helping others navigate the often uncharted maze of alternative medicine.

Kelley Eidem is one. He was covered with big brown blotches that suddenly appeared on his skin. He realized it was serious. He took a pregnancy test and it was positive.

Since he wasn't pregnant, Eidem, a medical writer, knew, without a doubt, he had cancer. People with cancer and pregnant women both produce human chorionic gonaditropin (HCGH). A person with cancer will get a false positive result if the cancer is advanced enough, or if the test is sensitive enough to detect HCGH.

Not Curable with Conventional Medicine

As the tumors had spread throughout his body, Eldem, if he had gone to a doctor, would have been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, which is considered terminal.

Eidem didn't have a biopsy, because, as he explains, he believed this could disrupt the cancer and cause it to spread.

He also didn't panic. Years earlier, he had written a biography about cancer researcher named Emanual Revici, M.D., who developed a successful method of treating, and often curing, even the most desperate cases.

Eidem knew what to do. First, he took cod liver oil to correct an imbalance. His body was too acidic, and he needed to raise his ph level. What makes Dr. Revici's work so unique, as Eidem has written in his book, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, is that Dr. Revici found that cancer patients suffer from one of two imbalances. Their metabolism has become either too acidic or too alkaline.

Correcting the Acid/Alkaline Imbalance

Correcting this, by ingesting proper oils, can often restore health, and make the cancer disappear, claims Eidem.

Eidem supercharged his treatment. He took cod liver oil to put his body into a more alkaline state. He also ate daily sandwiches of sprouted bread filled with garlic, habanero peppers and butter. This is something he gleaned from Dr. Richard Schulze, an herbalist and author who hs developed a program called "The Incurables."

Within days the blotches started to fade. Eidem stopped the sandwiches and the blotches returned. He returned to his protocol for a few more days and they went away for good.Now, 14 years later, Eidem moderates a popular website where he answers questions about Dr. Revici's work, which turns a bit of alternative medical dogma upside down.

The standard advice is to juice and eat a lot of raw vegetables in order to combat acidity and raise one's alkaline level. That's good only if someone is too acidic to begin with,according to Dr. Revici's findings.

If, however, someone suffers the reverse condition, alkalosis, such a diet will make their cancer grow. What they need is balance. In this case, eating hard-boiled eggs or other acid-forming foods is a much better choice.

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Hard-Boiled Eggs May Help Restore an Imbalance, According to Dr. Revici

Dr. Revici method

Dr. Revici method

Chris Wark's "Miraculous" Recovery

Chris Wark was only 26 when he learned, just days before Christmas, he had Stage III colon cancer.

He consented to surgery to remove the tumor, but disregarded his doctor's advice to undergo chemotherapy. Ten years later he's now a "husband, father, real estate investor, musician, chemo-free cancer survivor, blogger, health coach and public speaker," according to his website.

"Chemotherapy is toxic poison," reads one of his posts. "The idea of poisoning my way back to health did not make sense to me."

Instead, Wark, a self-admitted junk food junkie, adopted a very strict diet and, working with a nutritionist and herbalist, embarked upon a 90-day raw, vegan diet. He also drank a lot of distilled water. Then, his nutritionist added some cooked vegetables and organic meats.

Within a year of his grim diagnosis, Wark said he was cancer free. He continues to have yearly blood work and other exams, and, to date, has stayed in the clear.

Wark's website (see link below) has a section filled with testimonies from other "chemo-free survivors." There's a story from Vincent who had stage 4 colon cancer back in 2006.

A woman named "Ann" tells of her recovery from breast cancer, diagnosed when she was 44. She's tried many natural remedies, including 714X developed by Canadian Gaston Naessens, Ph.D. This drug is legal in Canada.

Another account is from Audrey, a very long-term survivor. Her breast cancer was diagnosed in 1980.

Many, Many Other Testimonies of Surviving Advanced Cancer

Many other survivors have created websites about their recoveries, filled with details of how they regained their health. Invariably, barring miraculous intervention, this has required a major change of lifestyle.

One of the more famous survivors is actress Suzanne Somers, who's written Knockout, a book in which top alternative doctors are interviewed. Another is orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lorraine Day. Her website shows pictures of her large tumor protruding from her breast.


Cancer Crusader Bill Henderson

Bill Henderson is not a cancer survivor. He's a cancer crusader who claims to have helped thousands of others overcome this often deadly disease, often after they've exhausted all other avenues of conventional medical care

Henderson took up the cause after watching his wife, Marjorie, lose her life in 1990, after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She battled the disease for four years with multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. On his website, "Cancer Free," he noted her last two years were excruciatingly painful.

He also believes it wasn't the cancer that killed his wife. Instead, he notes, she succumbed to the effects of the treatments.

Henderson has become an expert in alternative medicine. He's written two books, Cure Your Cancer, and his latest, Cancer Free. His free monthly newsletters are emailed to 34,000 readers. Each issue contains new cancer-fighting tips.

He's found five "characteristics of every cancer." These include weakened immunity, low cellular oxygen, too much toxicity, acidity and various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. He also points to dental problems and root canals as triggers.

Henderson works with several well known wholistic doctors such as Carlos Garica, M.D.

Although the average conventional cancer patient can quickly run up medical bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, as chemotherapy alone can cost as much as $10,000 a month, Henderson claims his recommended supplements only run about $155 a month.

He also reports cancers being reversed or greatly improved in six to eight weeks.

There are also more ways to treat cancer than anyone could possibly try in a lifetime, according to Henderson, who says he's found more than 400 alternative ways of beating this dread disease, without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Webster Kehr Cancer Tutor

There is another crusader named Webster Kehr, who runs a site with an extensive list of natural cancer treatments. However, this site is difficult to navigate, and it's also difficult to wade through his recommendations. But there is one takeaway message. He insists it is necessary to work with an expert, and that it's generally more difficult to reverse cancer after someone has undergone chemotherapy.

Outsmart Your Cancer

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    People with cancer routinely undergo grueling rounds of chemotherapy. Is there a better way to treat cancer? Have various cancer cures been suppressed?

Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD

Natural Cures?


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

Nothing in this article is intended to substitute for medical advice. This article is only for the sake of education, discussion and sharing of information. Readers are urged to work with a trusted medical professional. I am not a medical professional and cannot claim responsibility for anyone's choices, or for any possible adverse effects.

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Makaela Wilson on September 05, 2016:

Dr Revici is mentioned above. The book about his life 'The Doctor who Cured Cancer' is an amazing read.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on October 25, 2014:

Hi Mrs. Hu, I'm so happy to hear that your husband did so well with the sour sop soup. I hope you can find something else that helps him. I'll say a prayer for him.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on October 13, 2014:

Hi grandoldlady, my heart grieves when I see people going through chemotherapy, and they die anyway. What was the use? Thanks so much for reading.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on July 21, 2014:

Hi keke, thanks for your testimony on how you were healed from breast cancer. This is a disease that needs to be arrested. I had to delete your comment because I can't keep any comments with links. Feel free to leave all of the information again, without the website.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on July 17, 2014:

Hi Christine, thanks for reading this one as well.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on June 10, 2014:

Nadine, thank you so much. You are so kind.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on April 22, 2014:

Hi Staci, I am so happy to hear about this great news. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. I wish you many more years of good health.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on December 01, 2013:

Hi Nadine, thank you so much for reading. It makes me so sad to see people suffering from the side effects of chemo. Also, there is an excellent cancer crusader right on Hub Pages by the name of Kelley Eidem. You might be interested in reading his articles as well.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on November 05, 2013:

Hi Magda, please understand that I am not giving health advice because I am not a doctor. This article is for informational purposes only. In Kelley's article, he explained why he didn't choose to have a biopsy. There is evidence that biopsy's may spread cancer, and that was the last thing he needed at that point. He did have a positive pregnancy test, which, in his case, is a strong indicator of cancer.

I agree that isolated vitamins and minerals are not the best way to go. But there are people who are healed this way. I would advise you to read the book Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce. She is very well versed on the need for biopsies.

Magda on November 05, 2013:

I was reading about Kelley Eidem. At first I thought to tell my cousin to follow his guidelines, but than I was rethinking of how he was diagnosed with cancer. I re-read and realized that he was never diagnosed with cancer officially. Having blotches and self-diagnose with a help of home pregnancy test seems to me like not enough of proof that cancer existed at all. That's why it's hard for me to pass his guidelines to anyone. On the other hand, I liked what I heard form Chris Wark. I studied his blog. I liked it all the way until I found a long list of super expensive supplements. That doesn't make a sense to me, since they are also artificial. Just like pharmaceutical drugs that he advised not to be used since they promote cancer. Isolated vitamins and minerals have no worth, as far as I know. So, I'm so sorry that it is so hard to find somebody that cured himself with sole diet and lifestyle changes, and who is ready to share that without selling or promoting sales of various supplements, books, etc. actually, someone that is not making money of it. That's just what regular doctors do. Anyway.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on December 19, 2012:

Hi Sara,

I had heard something about that. But please don't get cancer. Do all you can to prevent it :) Apparently, there's also a lot we can do to prevent it.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on December 19, 2012:

Also, Eric, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

ologsinquito (author) from USA on December 19, 2012:

Hi Eric,

Thank you for visiting. I guess drastic changes in diet would be changing the body's chemistry, so they would be some sort of therapy, but, yes, much more enlightened.

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