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Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Epstein-Barr, Am I Cured? My Results After Two Weeks of Aggressive Holistic Therapies.

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With 50 years around the sun, Kimberly enjoys sharing a variety of her personal life experiences with others.


In this article, I share my next chapter in the journey to my wellness. I will dive right into my post-two-week update from my stay at Life Tree Wellness Center in my ongoing fight against Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Epstein-Barr Virus.

I will share how placing all my eggs in this one basket to heal and overcome didn't exactly work out for me.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to follow my two-week in-house treatments and therapies for "incurables" at Life Tree Wellness Center.

Two Weeks Post Care at the Lifestyle Center

My experiences at the Lifestyle Center stretched me in so many areas. Each treatment was a bit daunting in its way. By the grace of God, I conquered every treatment, protocol and managed to eat some very different food combinations they served. I got to practice a large amount of patience and flexibility. I got to make new friends and show empathy for others staying there while fighting for their lives with stage 4 Cancer or Hepatitis C or recovering and detoxing from drugs and alcohol. I gave these two weeks 110% of my attention.

There was measurable progress in my ears and sinuses. My shoulder that had been giving me much pain and limited range of motion, was put back into place, and after much massage and attention, I experienced less pain and more range of motion. I also had two ribs out of alignment, which got put back in place. I experienced fewer brain zapping sensations, less electrical sensations throughout my body; the intense body itch had significantly subsided, psoriasis had improved, as did the headaches and migraines. My thoughts were more precise, and my memories were returning to me.

Unfortunately, while at the lifestyle center, I took a good fall in the snow and ice and jarred my entire body. My shoulder reverted to an immense amount of pain and limited range of motion.

I received Ozone IV Therapies and Rife Treatments to tackle the heavy viral load within my body. Time would tell if it has been effective in eliminating much of my ailments. All in all, I believe the treatments I received were a blessing, and with much-continued work at home, I honestly thought I would see the miraculous happen regarding my renewed health and wellness.

Feelings of Despair

Within the first month of being home, I fell into despair. My shoulder was causing me much grief, and I sought out the care of my naturopathic doctor to help with an adjustment and special treatment in hopes it would alleviate the pain.

I followed my protocol to a tee. I had conquered my follow-up kidney cleanse and was doing everything I could, except hydrotherapy (due to our unique off-grid situation). After going through such immense hurdles, my body wasn't responding in the healthy way I was expecting it to.

I began to grieve that I wasn't showing more signs of improvement. I lamented after all the money, stress, chaos, and my hopes and dreams of wellness felt dashed. I felt like I must have somehow failed. I couldn't understand why my body was denying me health. I was processing an overload of grief. I was trying to figure out how I was supposed to accept this illness as new normal in my life. I knew I must continue to fight to win.

Bidding Life Tree Wellness Center Farewell

During this time, I knew this couldn't be the final result. I had to press forward; I had to keep searching for answers. The costly protocol of consuming daily tinctures, herbs, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, superfoods, etc., was insane.

The immense effort, money, resources and time, and attention that this protocol demanded of me were enough to break a person when not seeing the desired results of restored health.

Through much prayer and consideration, I had made a huge decision to put my tinctures, herbs, and cleanses aside to try a new regimen of products. I had discussed my decision with my husband to great lengths. I knew I could go back to the all-consuming foundational program I had adopted through the lifestyle center if this failed me.

My New Discovery

In my ongoing search, I came upon a personal testimony of a woman who had found restored health and well-being from her battle against Fibromyalgia through taking products from a company named Plexus Worldwide. I began reading and researching all I could learn about their products. I reached out to a local gal in my community and received a sample packet of one of their highly acclaimed products. I was intrigued by the testimony of healing and wellness that this individual shared.

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Plexus Tri-Plex Products

In February of 2020, I began taking Plexus products and began to find some improvements. Plexus Tri-Plex products tackle blood sugar issues and gut health. I found much relief in the simplicity of taking a few pills and a pink drink daily versus the excessive amount of supplementation I was consuming daily through the lifestyle center. The monthly costs involved were considerably less expenditure which was a great relief on our limited budget.

I have included a video that I found helpful at the time of my discovery of Plexus and their products.

My daughter is a Fibromyalgia Warrior Too!

My daughter is a Plexus Ambassador who finds Plexus products greatly benefit her life and battle against Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.

Plexus Products have given her excellent results! She now experiences improved sleep, increased energy, increased mental state, diminished anxiety and panic attacks. Her hair health has dramatically improved and has grown in great length. Plexus has transformed her life for the better.

Occupational Therapy

In February 2020, my shoulder was causing me such distress that I had to seek medical attention through a mainstream medical doctor; about the severe pain in my shoulder and extreme loss of range of motion.

I was unable to move my right arm without causing extreme shooting pains. I could no longer clasp my bra, nor could I wear pullover shirts. My shoulder was affecting everything in my day-to-day living. I had a minimal range of motion. I could no longer lift my arm, hold my grandkids or play with my dogs.

The X-ray results and doctor's diagnosis were a chronic condition of Tendonosis. The doctor referred me to Occupational Therapy for rehabilitation.

Receiving Shoulder Treatment


March, April and May of 2020

March, April, and May left me fighting extreme fatigue, widespread body pain, high anxiety, depression, and unresolved health. My shoulder continued to be a problem. Due to insurance policies, I had to continue with occupational therapy and go through all the hoops before getting more resolved.

I was still taking my Plexus Tri-Plex and noted that I was feeling discouraged with my results. I decided to drop the Pink Drink as it didn't seem to agree with me. I continued taking the Pro-bio5, and the cleanse for months to follow. (side note: Plexus Pink Drink has Polydextrose a naturally derived byproduct of Non-GMO corn starch in its ingredients) Which most likely was the cause of my negative relationship with it as I am allergic to corn.

Side Note: My husband began taking Plexus and showed a noticeable difference. Eliminated brain fog, clearer thinking, and a noticeable reduction from stressors.

Frozen Shoulder

In June, I was finally able to retain a referral for an MRI on my shoulder. I saw an Orthopedic Specialist who shared that I had a few things going on. The MRI results showed; calcification, tendonosis, and arthritis resulting in a frozen shoulder.

The Specialist recommended that I receive aggressive therapy through an Adhesive Capsulitis Program. This recommended treatment would involve a couple of shots to my shoulder followed by LOTS of therapy sessions to regain my range of motion. She sent me home with a prescription for three pharmaceuticals to help with reducing inflammation, pain, and muscle relaxation. Before leaving her office, I was scheduled to return to the big city to receive the shots and begin therapy.

Physical Therapy

The diagnosis on my shoulder resulted in a seven-month-long relationship with physical therapy appointments, involving treatments twice a week and daily exercises at home to rehabilitate my shoulder. My family members had to drive me, as I was still unable to get behind the wheel.

Due to my extreme sensitivities to chemicals, foods, and medication, I opted to do this without shots from the Orthopedic Specialist.

At this time, I happened upon a company called Calm By Wellness that sells hemp CBD oil. I began taking a daily dose of CBD. I will share those results in a later article. I also started taking a daily joint supplement through Isagenix. The combination of these two supplements carried me through the dark days of restoring my frozen shoulder.

Sold our Home to Pay our Bills

In June of 2020, we begrudgingly sold our off-grid homestead to pay off all our outstanding medical debt, relocate closer to my husband's employment, close the gap in the driving distance to medical appointments, and lighten our financial load.

We purchased a budget-friendly home with running water and electricity to simplify my day-to-day lifestyle.


Our Big Move

Our move from the homestead while fighting ongoing chronic illness and a frozen shoulder was not ideal. Packing and unpacking boxes and moving furniture, and getting our new lives situated caused a great deal of stress on my entire body. We had been preparing for months for the sale of our homestead. Taking one day at a time and doing what I could mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had good days, better days, poor days, and worse days. The is just the way this chronic illness seems to present itself.

The Fight Continues

In June, I began eating a Keto diet again; in the following months, I continued taking my Plexus, CBD, vitamins, collagen, and joint supplements. I also started introducing extended day fasting into my lifestyle to try and encourage my body to heal.

My body continued to struggle with chronic fatigue, digestive discomfort, occasional headaches, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, ear infections, and ear pain. However, I did begin to see minor improvements in my overall health from July through November of 2020. I was steadfast in my shoulder therapy. I had started implementing personal strategies that accumulated would prove helpful over time. By December, I had transitioned to a low-carb diet needing a bit more variety in my life.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile!


More to Come

2020 was a long year for most of the world. Overall my year did see improvements. I had more good days than bad. I had some memorable moments shared with my parents, in-laws, grown kids, and my grandkids. I even experienced some outdoor adventures.

I have so much more to say about my ongoing journey of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and the Epstein-Bar Virus. I will share more losses in my upcoming article, followed by some incredible WINS in this ongoing fight to rise above this illness. I hope you will join me there and celebrate alongside me.

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