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Feelings Of Our Life

Shine Of Life


My Feelings

I don't know why my heart was writing upside down today. Just what the heart said I gave these words to tongues.....

Sometimes my heart makes me write about life and write a lot!

Because there is so much in this life. The human beings living in it, the relationships made with human beings, and Allah has kept a lot for them in life, in which eating and drinking, sleeping, waking up, laughing, crying, happiness and sorrow. As you go further in life, you will find paths, contacts, destinations, travel, companions, colors, flowers, fragrance in flowers, sunshine, shade, wind, rain, snow and its cold, warm weather.

Then I write more about how there are relationships, how sometimes someone becomes ignorant on the way, how someone becomes ignorant even if they are in their own contact or not, we human beings also have many colors. I think. I would be less of a color than we humans are!

We are both sensitive and insensitive, we are both soft hearted and ruthless.

And let me write that sometimes even the paths of one destination would be separated in them, sometimes the paths of those who run so much behind the destination would be lost, sometimes they would find a companion in the journey it self. There are some fruitless journeys, some find happiness in the swing and...!

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some are always left empty handed...

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