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Are You Getting That Creepy Feeling of Being Watched While Taking Shower?


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Bathroom Is Supposed to Be the Most Private Place at Home---But Does It Feel Like One?

Bathroom Is Supposed to Be the Most Private Place at Home---But Does It Feel Like One?

Conscience is that inner voice that warns us somebody may be watching.

-- H.L. Mencken

Nothing Pathological --- but still Strange

At times I get quite intrigued by the multitude of examples where our minds are playing tricks on us. And I am not even talking about that "schizo-stuff" like hallucinations or hearing voices from heaven, but something much less pathological --- if at all --- like having that creepy feeling of being watched while taking shower.

Thoughts about it popped up this morning as I remembered a passing acquaintance who at a party blurted out -- after having had a few drinks -- how he always felt a presence of someone while he was taking shower. Topic of the conversation had been about spooky movies, and he wanted to share his personal, and surely "painless", version of the shower scene in Hitchcock's thriller "Psycho".

Except for appearing half-wasted by drinks, the dude didn't otherwise leave an impression of a paranoiac haunted by visions of his every move being watched. Thus, I didn't jump the gun then, and neither am I doing it now, to characterize it as more than an innocent oddity that most of us display one way or another due to our subconscious mind playing tricks on us.

Are there some imaginary eyes spoiling moments of our privacy?

The incident tickled my curiosity, as it seemed to be pointing at a widespread weak sense of our individuality, with all kinds of socially instilled authorities, now lurking from every corner of our bathroom and spoiling the fun of taking shower.

Or is it also the fun of enjoying life that's getting sabotaged? With everything symbolically connected in our minds, pulling one end of a thread we may end up with a whole issue taking a part in our experiencing. It's truly amazing how mind works -- and not always for our benefit, as we are about to find out.

When Those Eyes of Authorities in Our Head Feel Like Invisibly Present Around Us

When Those Eyes of Authorities in Our Head Feel Like Invisibly Present Around Us

Under observation we act less free, which means we effectively are less free.

-- Edward Snowden

Feeling of Being an "Open Book" to Others

After brainstorming on the subject for a while, a conclusion followed fragmented over several possibilities, while all of them had a common denominator spelled out as "outer authority". The first notion that came to mind was about many sensitive folks living under impression that they are like an "open book" to everyone, unable to put on a social mask that would effectively hide their vulnerability.

Then, as they are taking shower, the nakedness of their body somehow also translates to a transparency of "everything they are trying to hide", and they may feel invisible eyes watching them.

How so?

Namely, mind has this default function to always associate the present situation to our regular concerns of psycho-physical security, in this case creating an impression of "all our hidden attitudes being exposed to some phantom-eyes", and making us feel uneasy about it.

Does privacy really translate to more inner security?

Do you ever get a feeling of being watched when you're alone? I don't, for the simple reason that I couldn't really care less who is ever watching me. Recently there was an interesting TV documentary about our losing privacy because of the government's spying on citizens.

So I remember commenting on such concerns, which seem to be quite widespread, by saying something along these lines:

"Since I am not plotting any terrorist acts, and not even having any particular interest in politics, I don't care if anybody is reading my emails, tapping my telephone, or using their satellite to find out what I am having for dinner."

Sometimes, just for the hell of it, I am walking naked in my living room for few moments -- with curtains securing my privacy -- but if my TV or my laptop have a "hidden eye", like some conspiracy theorists are suggesting, let those creeps knock themselves out admiring my physique.

Certain Thoughts Are just too much to some People's "Purity Filters"

Certain Thoughts Are just too much to some People's "Purity Filters"

Shame is a soul eating emotion.

-- C.G. Jung

Those Wicked, Sinful Thoughts!

Then another possibility within the same theme came rushing to my mind. It appears quite a common personality trait that people have a pronounced parental figure in their nature -- likely installed there in their childhood. Seemingly unable to shake it off, or even unaware that they have one, they share those most private times, like that of taking shower, with those imagined eyes.

I don't have to be particularly familiar with Freud's theorizing about the alleged paramount role of sexuality in our emotional dynamics. However, I would theorize that many sensitive folks bombard themselves, while taking shower, with the voice of an inner critical parent over their "wicked thoughts and desires"; particularly how much time they are spending washing their private parts "and enjoying it too much".

What does our nakedness intimately mean to us?

They may be completely spoiling that precious moment of relaxing under shower, with those countless droplets breaking over their skin and producing those beneficial negative ions that nurture the nervous system and the whole body.

Instead. as a case may be, they waste it on inner conflicts over "impurity of thoughts and bodily sensations".

With no mocking intended, such may be particularly the case of those religiously obsessed folks that are "specializing" in matters of sinfulness. To them it must be an ordeal, as they feel like no soap can wash down the "filth of their sinful bodies".

One way or another, it always includes an authority, whether earthly or a celestial one.

May Shower Symbolize Our Naked Freedom from all Imaginary Authorities Allowing Them to Go down the Drain of Our Carefree Spirit

May Shower Symbolize Our Naked Freedom from all Imaginary Authorities Allowing Them to Go down the Drain of Our Carefree Spirit

A clear conscience is a sure sign of a bad memory.

--Mark Twain

Repossessing More Than Our Shower

In a very narrowed definition, an "authority" is anybody or anything that has the power to pull our emotional strings in absence of our better conscious judgement.

It could be nothing more than that note from your kid's teacher with a request to see you about your beloved offspring's failing at something. Not to forget that friend and her dark passion for any conspiracy theory in existence feeding your already panicking mind with her regular slogans, like: "Look at this world...everything is crushing down...leaders are betraying us, doctors are incompetent, the world is suffocating in stupidity...another big war is just a matter of time...and you can't trust these crazy drivers either..."

Indeed, all this makes some of us wish to hide in a hole and wait there for our predicted end. After all, if the Good Book is correct about everything else, it must be correct about our inglorious end.

Come on, folks, let us stop this nonsense of alienating ourselves from our true identity! Let us not allow ourselves to be brainwashed by the tsunamis of media's assaults on our intelligence. Indeed, what ever happened with that "guaranteed freedom to pursue our happiness", if we succumb to those voices that are doing everything to spoil every attempt of that pursuit. Even our shower.

When we give up our individuality, our power to think outside the box filled with brainwashing crap, not much is left of our "freedom to choose", as we are merely following somebody else's choices, turning into insignificant specs of the human mass, sponging-in others' ideas, beliefs, and feelings. In other words, we are becoming nobodies.

I was raised in a communist regime, so believe me, I know what it looks like when folks are living everyone else's life except their own. And the whole tragicomedy is in exactly this crazy collectivistic idea that we are practicing something better than communism while surrendering our emotionalism to "higher good of everyone".

I am truly passionate about my fellow-man's sense of personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom. It is my primary message that I am trying to deliver through my literary attempts.

It hurts my eyes seeing how widespread is this resignation from a conscious self-guidance, reminding me of those logs floating passively down the river to a destination where they will be cut into something that will never again look like a tree.

Could we take back our individuality from inner phantoms of authority?

It's also my wish to tell such folks that they can't escape from themselves and their intimate issues by joining the crowd and projecting those issues on the political arena where they have no control whatsoever.

Indeed, we don't heal our minds with a patriotic and altruistic blending with a mass of others that push a "label and a cause" in their futile rants -- but by coming home and nurture our own intimate reality, where our authority is the only one there is.

And then my friends, we can stop sharing our shower with all those spooks of our own make -- maybe even sing our lungs out while showering, happy with our own imaginary clapping on that solo performance.


In the video below you may find some useful ideas dealing with quieting down those voices of authorities assaulting the nakedness of the true self.

Silencing That Inner Critical Voice

© 2017 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 13, 2019:

Umesh -- Thank you, I am glad you liked it.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on April 12, 2019:

Exhaustive and interesting. Thanks.

Larry W Fish from Raleigh on April 08, 2018:

I have to admit that over the years when I am alone in the dark I have the feeling that someone is close by watching me. Also after watching the movie, Psycho, yes, I felt like I was being watched when I took a shower. The movie images kept flashing in my mind. The mind has an amazing way of playing tricks on you.

Gilbert Arevalo from Hacienda Heights, California on January 10, 2017:

Thanks for commenting, Val.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 09, 2017:

Gilbert - Like I said : I don't really care about my privacy except for actual people interfering with my life; I mean uninvited visitors or others imposing themselves.

Otherwise, I couldn't care less who is reading my emails, tapping my phone, or watching me. I never think about it, and it's a part of my well established mental self-discipline not to fuss about things.

I wouldn't be able to say how I am enjoying my spiritual freedom, my emotional harmony - if on the other hand I worried about these things.

My hubs are not really about my "sharing" MY problems, but pointing at those problems that I am observing in others' mentalities, and trying to inspire folks to do something about them.

Likewise, I never "feel as being watched", but in my hub I am talking about people who have those inner authorities instilled into their personality structure, which are sabotaging their sense of freedom.

If government finds it necessary to "spy" on my way of life - let them, I don't feel it as an "intrusion". To me it would be that only if they interrogated me about my having a turkey dinner at other time than Thanksgiving. Other than that, I don't feel violated one bit.

Gilbert Arevalo from Hacienda Heights, California on January 09, 2017:

You express a lot of feelings I often feel myself. I'm glad I'm not alone. I don't generally sense I'm being watched while taking a shower or watching the t.v., however, I am well aware our privacy is threatened by every corner of our lives, the Internet, social media, the government, our national security, and you can list many other intrusive organizations.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 07, 2017:

MizBajabbers - Now I got the picture...oops, I mean of the situation, not the one that he forgot to take with camera that he didn't have. (I hope you don't mind some humor; if you do, I apologize).

So Johnny and his buddies packed the little bastard to Detroit, and you bought new curtains for your bathroom, and then everybody lived happily ever after - especially the Peeping Tom who now got himself a huge area to cover. Probably bought himself a bullet-proof vest for his hazardous hobby, after learning how those folks treat Peeping Toms. I hope he is still alive, or married, and peeking through the lock hole when his wife is taking shower.

Well, I don't know, I have never been a good story teller - it's obvious, so I'll let you imagine what happened. By the way, now I got so distracted that I forgot what my hub was all about - but I certainly like your spirit, MizBejabbars. I think, from now on, I am going to call you my friend.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on January 07, 2017:

LOL, Val. He didn't have a camera and I didn't call the cops. They wouldn't have done anything. He was an 18-year-old Black kid. In those days if you reported him to his "culture", they would take care of the problem. My boyfriend back then was a musician who occasionally jammed with a black musician, Johnny, who toured with Aretha Franklin. Johnny and his fellow musicians literally bought this guy a bus ticket to Detroit, put him on the bus, and told him not to come back to town. He didn't, at least not as long as I continued to live there. Small town, we would have known.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 06, 2017:

MsDora - Thanks. Particularly these days I can't help being puzzled (to say the least) over this massive political ordeal in the US as it is pointing at an unbelievable case of people being "possessed" by the hypnotic influence of authorities.

Well, let's hope for an acceptable and rational outcome.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 06, 2017:

Alex - That's some amazing stuff you are sharing here. O.K., I won't brag about being familiar with the world of paranormal - although in a distant past I used to be a charter member of a parapsychological foundation.

But then my interests shifted, not because I didn't like that anymore but because it became a matter of intellectual priority to me. My mind is still very open to the world of the invisible, and I understand why it became your passion.

Thank you for interesting comment.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 06, 2017:

Very interesting as you usually are! I sense your passion for setting folks free from those inner voices of authority which cause much of their inner conflict. Good arguments.

AlexK2009 from Edinburgh, Scotland on January 05, 2017:

I have several times had the feeling while coding that someone was behind me looking over my shoulder but when I turned round there was no one there. It only happened a couple of times but each time it meant the contract was about to end prematurely. Except possibly one time when my son was about ten and the next day I got a message he had broken his collarbone.

I should say that I have had contracts end unexpectedly before without this sensation but but nowadays I take this sensation seriously, just like the occasional sense of Deja Vu or having dreamed what just happened, like my forst day at work after graduating.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 05, 2017:

MizBejabbers - I guess he came more than once, which proves something about your looks. Did the cops seize his camera?

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on January 05, 2017:

Ha! you would say that. It was just my two boys and me. I was 32 and not too bad lookin' if I do say so myself.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 05, 2017:

MizBejabbers - Of course God and Santa are watching me - we are Los Tres Amigos. As for the Peeping Tom, unless he is a Spider Man to climb to the seventh floor, and he has a pair of cutters to cut a hole in the balcony net preventing pigeons from visiting and crapping around - I don't see how he would have a chance to take a peek into my living room. Besides, my bathroom doesn't have a window.

On the other hand, your family had probably some good looking young women for a target - and who would go through so much trouble just to see a couple of old-timers here.

Like I said, I don't even care who is watching. Thanks for the nice comment.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on January 05, 2017:

Beware, God is watching you! Or Santa Claus. Or you could actually be being watched. Our family had that happen once. Seems the Peeping Tom discovered he could climb upon the water meter and watch through the window while we took our baths or showers. So guess what, it ain't always our demons. It's our next-door neighbor. LOL

Good article, anyway.

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