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Feeling Overwhelmed by Everything


Being overwhelmed

I know, that the world we're living in right now might feel like too much, maybe just sometimes, but maybe every day. Uncertain times are always emotionally demanding, and they feel like they are going to last forever, but believe me, that is never the case.

We are experiencing world-wide trauma, we are going through a pandemic, and we don't even know when is it going to be over, or if it's even ever going to be over. Don't forget to give yourself credit for the things that seem small, like getting out of bed, doing work, if you can, or just brushing your teeth. I know that the world seems very scary, the news might be too much, so turn it off! You're not going to be any less of a good human, if you just turn it off a little bit for the sake of your sanity.

We often feel guilty for being overwhelmed, and feeling like we can't take it anymore. Getting annoyed by the smallest things, and crying because of everything basically, is totally okay though. Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your heart and mind both can be over flooded with emotions and thoughts, and the least you can do, is to not beat yourself up about it.


Turning everything off

Being overwhelmed by friends, or by your family can be extremely challenging.

It's hard to distant yourself a little bit from the people you want to be the closest to. When we get overwhelmed by one of our friends, and their problems, many of us just ignore it, because as friends we should always be there for our friends, even if it's very hard right? Well, not in all cases.

Sometimes we need to be selfish. I know, that sounds horrible, but honestly, sometimes our mental health just needs to be the most important thing to us. It is so easy to act like nothing is wrong with us, and bury ourselves with the lives, and problems of others, because that seems like the right, and simple thing to do. Think about it for a second though. With whose thoughts, and feelings are we gonna go to bed tonight? Our own. It is very easy to ignore ourselves, but at the end of the day, our problems are still going to be there. There is absolutely no way out of this, other than just dealing with that first.

Now, I'm not saying, that the next time one of your friends tells you a problem, you just block them and never talk to them again, but just taking a little bit alone time might be the solution. If they actually care about you, they are going to understand. Just realize, when it's time to be alone, and take care of yourself first. Telling your friend, that you really want to be there and help them, but with your mental health at the moment, you don't think that would be possible, is not easy but it is absolutely necessary at times. Don't be afraid to put yourself first, for once.

What to do?

Spend time alone

Being alone might seem like the worst thing to do, when you're dealing with your own demons, but believe me, a little self-reflection never hurt nobody. Do fun things with yourself, and realize, that you are good to be around, and you deserve being taken care of. Not by anyone else, but yourself. You are your own worst critic, and while that can be really helpful, and motivational, you should give yourself a break sometimes. Accept, that your mental health is very vulnerable, and can get triggered easily, so protect it at all cost.

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Don't be afraid to turn it off

Yes, maybe something is going to be announced, or some breaking news are going to be there, but come on, something happens in every single second. Those accidents still happen, even if you don't know about them immediately, and the fact that you read some news the second it came out, absolutely nothing is going to change. Nowadays, we get so many impulses, so many things are happening, and if we knew about them all, I think we would go insane. Turning social media off for some time, is going to be beneficial for your mind.

Don't be afraid to say 'no'

I feel like for a few years now, we've become 'yes men', and we're so afraid of the opinions of others, that we would rather just do something we don't really want to, or even something that's harmful to us in any way. Knowing your boundaries is really important, especially at times when you're going through something tough, and challenging. People who care about you will understand, and accept your 'no', but people who judge you for it, are not even worth it.

Don't feel guilty

Feelings are very complex, and we can't really control them a lot of times. Even if we think we can, we can't really. Beating yourself up for feeling the way you do, is not going to help, it's just going to make everything worse. Give yourself some credit for trying to get through it, and know, that every hardest, and worst day in your life, you handled. You got this, and I'm proud of you!

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Lili Zoltai (author) from Hungary on October 18, 2020:

I am happy that you liked it, and I hope that you know you have nothing to feel guilty about. You can definitely get through this.

Alice Sullivan from Prague, Czech Republic on October 17, 2020:

Great hub and very relatable. I have definitely been struggling with feeling guilty about my poor mental health lately and it can get overwhelming

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