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Feel the Excitement: 5 Strategies to Revive Boring Workouts

Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and had that overwhelming feeling of boredom with your fitness routine? Or maybe you've also noticed that no matter how hard you work in your fitness regimen, it never is as satisfying as you'd like for it to be.

Boredom can destroy your commitment to working out and is one of the reasons people stop exercising. When you're bored, it's easy to find excuses not to exercise. You do it one day and one day turns into two and then a week. Pretty soon, you're out of shape.

What can you do to revamp your workouts and make them something you want to do again and again? Here are five reasons you're bored to death with your fitness routine and how to change it.

Stop Doing the Same Old Workouts

Are you doing the same exercises over and over again? No wonder you're bored! Your workout needs more variety. Let's go back to high school and think about the difference between math classes. There was algebra, geometry, and maybe trigonometry. What's the difference between all three? The level of complexity and difficulty of the subject matter.

The same can be said for exercises. You don't have to stop doing your favorite moves altogether, but you need to mix it up so your body doesn't get bored. One way to break the boredom cycle is to do circuit training.

To do this, you string together a series of different exercises and do each one in sequence without stopping to rest between exercises. You can change the exercises you do every time you work out.

For example, you might do a set of biceps curls for exercise one, a set of jumping jacks for exercise two, and then a set of squats. Choose around 7 exercises and do each for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then cycle through a few more times.

You might also be bored because you're doing too much of one type of exercise. For example, you might run or cycle but miss out on the health and fitness benefits of strength training. And don't forget there are more unusual ways to get a workout:

  • Jump on a trampoline or rebounder
  • Exercise with a hula hoop
  • Swim laps
  • Cycle to work or school
  • Think about activities you did as a child; they can still be good workouts today.

Start Setting New Fitness Goals

Besides giving your body a burst of motivation, setting a short-term goal will keep your workouts interesting and help you get through them without boredom.

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You might set a goal of walking a brisk mile at first. Once you achieve that, you may become bored unless you have another goal to strive for. Increase the distance to two miles or add a hill.

Once you've reached the goal of walking a set number of miles, challenge yourself to jog for short distances until you can jog the whole route. Give yourself something new to work toward each week. That will almost surely keep you challenged enough to banish boredom.

Your Workouts Are Too Structured

Some workout structure is beneficial because it gives you a framework around which to exercise and a plan, but don't make your workouts so structured that they become routine and boring. Add some fun!

How about playing energetic music in the background and changing the workouts you do on a weekly basis. Make sure you're giving yourself enough variety to stay engaged. With so many types of workouts, you have lots of options.

Vary the time you work out too. If you usually exercise after work, try a morning workout. Exercising in the morning will boost your energy level, as long as you don't overdo it. Plus, studies show exercising in the morning is beneficial for sleep. Change things up!

Try Unstructured Workouts

Exercising outdoors adds a whole new dimension to working out. You can enjoy the sunshine and be surrounded by green when you work out. Studies show that green environments have mental health benefits. One way to enjoy the health benefits of outdoor exercise is to take a brisk walk or bike ride outdoors.

But you can also take your workout to a local park. Use a park bench to do triceps dips and push-ups. Swinging no the swing set if you do it vigorously even has some cardiovascular benefits. Take some of your workouts outdoors. If you live in a warm area, work out in the morning.

Shorten Your Workouts

Don't let your cardiovascular sessions turn into marathons. Doing this will zap your enthusiasm and your workouts will start to feel more like a drudgery than a pleasure. You can get the full benefits of cardiovascular exercise in only 30 minutes.

If you up the intensity, you can get a cardiovascular workout in only 10 or 20 minutes. There's no need to exercise for an hour or two. Doing this places added stress on your body and increases the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol rises too much, it can lead to muscle and bone loss and suppress your immune system. Plus, cortisol increases appetite.

Revamp Your Workouts

Now you know how to reduce the boredom factor when you work out. Take advantage of these suggestions so you'll stick with the exercise habit over the long haul. It's worth it.


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