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Lose Weight Fast by Using Your Morning

The author is a Japanese Karate Champion with many experiences in exercise, diet, health and weight management. She shares useful tips here!

How to speed up your weight loss?

Exercise is essential for getting the body you want, but not many people pay attention to the time of the day they should make exercise for successful weight loss. Yes, there are certain times of the day which work a lot more effectively. Let me explain the best way to lose weight fast!


3 Reasons to Recommend Morning Workout

  1. Easier to Burn Fat
  2. Regulates the Autonomic Nervous System
  3. Improves Work Efficiency

1. Easier to Burn Fat

Fat is burned at any time of the day, but it is particularly easy to burn when the sympathetic nervous system is active. When the sympathetic nerves are active, your blood flow gets accelerated by a heart rate and the muscular substance that dilates blood vessels. This increases the basal metabolism that consumes energy within the body.

Morning workout has the power to stimulate the sympathetic nerves and to let basal metabolism run at a high rate throughout the day, which leads to more calories being burned.

On the other hand, nighttime exercise gets you excited and makes it difficult to fall asleep, so stay away from strenuous exercise at night and spend your time stretching and releasing your body muscles if you wish for a peaceful sleep.

2. Regulates the Autonomic Nervous System

An irregular lifestyle can easily disrupt the nervous system and slow your metabolism. The morning workout allows you to regulate your lifestyle by which the autonomic nerves will be controlled. Not only does it ease your weight loss plan, but also keeps your body healthy.

3. Improves Work Efficiency

As your blood flow increases, the sympathetic nerves become more dominant and your body goes into activity mode. As a result, you improve your work efficiency and your life will be more fulfilling and enjoyable.

My Morning as a Karate fighter

When I was an active Karate fighter, my morning started with jogging. Although it was for a training purpose, I was easily able to lose excess fat and control my weight by this daily routine, and my body was always in great shape at competitions.

Morning workout does make a difference in how many calories you burn throughout the day. 10 minutes will be good enough to start with, so try it!


Simple Morning Workout Shared Among Professionals

The goal of morning exercise is to boost your basal metabolism and increase your activity level as much as possible, so what you can do at home is just enough without strenuous exercise first. Here are some examples of the morning workout you can easily follow regularly.


  • Hip-Twist Stretch in Lying Position
  • Shoulder Blade and Neck Stretch

Breathing Exercises

  • Chest Breathing
  • Alternative Breathing Exercises

Lower Body Exercises

  • Tiptoe Lift
  • Squats


When you just wake up from your deep sleep, your body is not yet awake and is lacking in water and energy. Exercising hard in this state can be overloading on the body, so start by stretching that is not too painful to get yourself out of bed and turn on your body switch.

Hip Twist Stretch in Lying Position

Make sure to breathe slowly while twisting your hips. This helps you burn waist fat.

  1. Lie on your back on the floor and spread your hands out to your sides.
  2. Move one leg to the opposite side of your body and twist at the waist.
  3. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds without holding your breath.
  4. Do the same on the other side.
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Shoulder Blade and Neck Stretch

Stretching your upper body regulates the autonomic nerves and stimulates brown fat cells which increases your metabolism. It is also a great way to release your stiff shoulders at any time of the day.

  1. Raise your hands above your head and hold one elbow and stretch.
  2. Hold it for 10 seconds.
  3. Do the same on the other side.
  4. Next, relax your shoulders and slowly turn your neck from side to side.
  5. Do 10 to 20 times on each side.

Breathing Exercises

Since the air is fresher and clearer in the morning, try practicing breathing exercises to bring in more oxygen.

Chest Breathing

While it is important to get the parasympathetic nervous system to dominate to relax, engaging the sympathetic nerves in the morning will be a key to get the body into activity mode. Chest Breathing is expected to predominate the sympathetic nerves. Using the diaphragm also strengthens the inner muscles and tighten the body.

  1. Sit on a chair or the floor in a comfortable position.
  2. Exhale and roll your back.
  3. Spread your arms out, open your chest wide and inhale.
  4. Repeat about 10 times.

Alternative Breathing Exercises

As opposed to abdominal breathing, which inflates the belly, chest breathing is a chest-puffing exercise.

If you feel comfortable with a breathing exercise, visit here for more advanced breathing techniques.

Lower Body Exercises

Once you complete the stretching sequence and your body turns into an active mode, some easy strength training you can do at home will be the next step. Stimulating the lower body muscles can reduce swelling and firm the entire body.

Tiptoe Lift

Standing on your tiptoes is an easy one. The calf is known as the 'second heart' and is one of the body parts strongly associated with blood circulation. Because of its pumping action, a simple calf activation will bring a large outcome to the blood flow. If you don’t take a regular based exercise, start by doing 10 times per day.

  1. Hold a wall or the back of a chair and stand on your toes.
  2. Slowly lower your heels down and lift them again before they hit the floor.
  3. If you can, repeat this 20 to 30 times.

King of Exercise - Squat

Squat is super simple, but the benefits are so great that it is called the 'King of Exercise'. It only requires a small space and you'll get a good amount of activity from your abdomen, back, legs, and buttocks as all the big muscles will be operated on at once. It burns body fat, as well as positioning the posture and strengthening hip muscles. Start from 5~10 times each day if you are a squat beginner.

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your hands out in front of you.
  2. Slowly bend your knees in the direction of your toes and stick your hips out behind you.
  3. Once your knees are at 90 degrees, slowly bring them back.
  4. Repeat this 20 to 30 times.

The Crucial Relationship between Weight Loss and Breakfast

Breakfast is just as important as exercise in the success of losing weight. If it is just a toe lift, that’s fine, but exercising immediately after waking up without drinking nor eating won’t be a good idea. While you sleep, your body and brain are in a state of energy deprivation. Drink a glass of water first and preferably take a light meal such as a banana or a jelly to convert to energy.


A perfect post-workout breakfast will be foods that contain protein. Proteins are the building blocks of our body components, including muscles, blood, organs, hair, skin, and nails. Exercise lovers are recommended to take high protein foods after their training to repair muscle cells which are damaged during exercise.

The Importance of Protein

High protein foods include meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, yogurt, beans, and tofu. One easy way to supplement your protein is to "drink a protein drink", but remember, "eating" has its benefit for burning fat, too. It is responsible for "meal-induced heat production," which is "burning energy" by chewing well. Solid foods are preferable for the morning diet to achieve a higher result.

Remember “Breakfast and Exercise Set”

Breakfast acts like a switch that wakes up your body and brain. Exercise without an energy source is not only unhealthy, but it also prevents you from getting the most out of it. Make sure your morning weight loss program is a combination of "breakfast and exercise".

You can find more tips about a weight loss plan based on simple exercises and healthy diet from here.

How to Stay on the Morning Workout without Failing?

The most important thing in a weight reduction is "continuity". However, it is also true that "persistence" is the most difficult part…Here're some tips to avoid being a three-day quitter.

  1. Get into the Habit
  2. Share it on Social Media
  3. Wake up 20 Minutes Early

1. Get into the Habit

The best trick is to absorb it as a part of your life routine and make it a habit. Toe lifting while brushing your teeth is a great way to keep up with it. Morning is a busy time of day for everyone so find an exercise that you can do while watching the morning news, brushing your teeth, putting on your makeup, etc.

2. Share it on Social Media

Another option is to declare it to the people around you. With the availability of social media, you can involve your family or friends to keep up with your exercise and breakfast by posting photos every morning.

3. Wake up 20 Minutes Early

One hour or two in the morning sounds like a high wall, so let's start by waking up 20 minutes early. As long as you get into the habit of going to bed early, getting up early will be easier even on the weekends.


Burn Fat Effectively with a Morning Workout

Once you start a quick morning workout, you will wake up with an increased fat burning effect, and your body and head will begin to feel a lot better. It may be hard at first, but you will soon begin to enjoy it once you get used to it. The morning workout is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast. Why don’t you have a go tomorrow?

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Chie Sanjo (author) from Singapore on October 17, 2020:

To. Tammy Winters, Thanks for your comment. Yes, it's hard to realize breakfast is in fact very important, isn't it :D

To. Umesh Chandra Bhatt, Thanks for your comment. I'll try my best ;)

Tammy Winters from Oregon on October 14, 2020:

I know eating breakfast is a problem for many people. Great tips.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 14, 2020:

Nice ideas. Keep posting articles in hubpages.

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