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Failure: A Guiding Source on the Way to Success

Amit Sharma is a Research Scholar at Kurukshetra University, India. He is fond of writing inspirational content for curious readers.

Why Is Failure Essential?

Failure is an essential ingredient to make success more delicious. It's true that everyone faces the failures many times at many moments in life. When one is not able to get desirable results or set goals that were expected to be achieved earlier, it’s called failure. Most of the time a person encounters small failures in his day-to-day life while sometimes encounters big failures at some particular moments in life. In the former one, one can bring improvements in oneself in short-term and can rectify the faults and mistakes which caused failure. Notwithstanding no one should underestimate the learnings come from small failures. Sometimes small failures can provide the secrets of getting big and strong success. But in the later one, in case of big failures, improvements and rectifications can be brought in the long-term. It’s true that overcoming big failures requires;

  • Great deal of efforts,
  • Energy and time,
  • Conviction,
  • High tolerance, and
  • Persistence level.

The stairs that lead to success are made of failures. The more you face the failures, the more stairs are added that lead you to a higher, bigger, and a stronger success.

— Amit Sharma

Failures, Learnings and Experiences

If one is so lucky and achieves the desirable goals in very first attempt, he doesn't have experience of the hurdles (failures) which could come in the way. In this case, despite getting success in one phase of life, one isn't prepared for the future failures which are inevitable in coming phases of life. Whereas who faces the failures before getting desirable goals has experience of both the ways that which one leads to success and which one leads to failure.

Failures Lead to a Stronger Success

It can be said that every failure adds to the strength of the success. Success without facing failures is weak due to having no experience of the way that leads to the failures. If one learns from the failure, it’s like getting a brick and by facing more failures he gets more bricks (experiences). Eventually by adding those bricks with each other (learning from experiences of past failures), one can construct a path that definitely leads him to the success. In this way, if one encounters the failures in times to come, that path of bricks (experiences) would definitely help him in showing the right way to overcome the failures. Whereas a person who has succeeded in very first attempt can’t overcome the stress of forthcoming failures easily. Even he may be collapsed due to not having any experience of facing them. Therefore, failure is the foundation on which the edifice of success stands. That's why more a person faces the failures more strength is added to that foundation.

The things which are at the top in your priority list will give you desirable results, others will not despite your desire.

— Amit Sharma

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Failure - Comfort Zone vs Learning Zone

It can be apparently seen that the failures are inevitable. Because one faces the failure not only in the comfort zone but in the learning and growth zone, too. Facing the failure while one is in the comfort zone would not render anything worthy. It is also a matter of fact that if one is doing work passionately and devotedly day in and day out, it does not necessarily mean that he would not be facing the failures. But those failures would provide him the secret of getting success. Therefore, the utility of facing the failure in the comfort zone is different from facing it in the learning zone.

Failure and Comfort Zone

Undoubtedly failure without toiling and making efforts cannot teach anything significant to anyone. The failure of this kind is really a failure where there is no scope to learn to overcome the future failures. Basically, it happens when one is not willing to do much efforts to achieve the set goals and doesn’t want to get out himself from the comfort zone. In this way, one wouldn’t be able to learn despite facing lots of failures.

In this zone, people often attribute their failures to the external forces. They don’t strive to find out their faults and mistakes which caused failures for them. One main reason behind this might be that their priorities are different from their goals. It’s a matter of the fact that one devotes his energy, efforts and time to those things which are at the top of his priorities list. In this way, if the priorities of a person are not aligned with his goals, he wouldn’t be able to achieve them and definitely would be facing failures.

If you make yourself capable enough to see hidden favorableness in every unfavorable event, life and learning become so easy.

— Amit Sharma

Failure and Learning Zone

The matter is not confined to that. Sometimes it also happens that one faces the failure even after putting much efforts and working so hard. Now, one thing is clear here that the person is not in the comfort zone unlike in the previous case rather he is in the learning zone. If one faces the failure in the learning zone, the failure is not a failure. Of course, It’s a failure from the perspective of others but it’s a secret of success, too for that person who faces it. He is the only one who knows that secret. No one can deny the fact that if one works devotedly with due diligence and dedication, every failure in the way would have something worthful to learn or say a secret to reach the destination of success. But that secret can only be known if one has positivity and patience. Success is not something that one gets in very first attempt rather it stands on the foundation of failures. It requires consistent efforts, resilience and a huge amount of patience on the part of a person.

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, it can be said that there would certainly be failures but most important is that one should positively learn from them and do hard efforts to get a strong success. Most of the time when one encounters the failure, he thinks that every door has been closed and there is no way left. But it’s not like that rather it’s a high moment and wonderful opportunity when one should build his own way to get success. While walking on this way one should remember those secrets. Those secrets would help him not only in walking smoothly but in running very fast on that way. Success always comes from experiences, learnings and execution of these at right moments. The failures are one of the prominent sources of getting experiences and learnings. Always remember that failures enter your life not to make you realize that you cannot succeed rather to show you the secrets of making your own way and running on it to reach the destination or achieve the desirable goals which most of the people say Success.

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