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Fad Diets and Their Dying Popularity


It is not surprising to see why people seem to be giving horrible advice to people who are in dire situations. You can find many sites on the internet that claim considerable weight loss in a few days.

These types of weight loss are always temporary. It is generally 90% of the water that is lost in the first 24 hours or so, true weight loss is incremental and requires a lifestyle change. When you are suffering from severe health problems or are close to dying it can possibly take even longer to reach your optimum health and weight.

Other Diets Fad is not very clear, but there are many ridiculous claims, that are usually short-lived and temporary. Unfortunately, the main objective of the majority of Fad diets out there is to make money, that is the sad reality.

Mind you, there are some good power plans out there that can help you in your weight loss journey, but you can probably get this advice free from people's online reviews. In the worst case, it is recommended that you surrender the diet for a week, to check and reaccess if it suits your body or not.


Diet promising fast and lightweight weight loss is usually using one or more kinds of foods and do not use different types of food. It does not provide the benefits you can receive from a balanced diet.

They can provide additives and also added sugars, so many of these chemicals will not be absorbed by the body. After a few weeks, you can develop all sorts of deficiencies. So definitely consult your GP or your nutritionist for more information.

FAD diet is often boring and overly limited which is why 70% to 80% of the people abandon the diet. When the first week is ongoing, you will not enjoy the food, as it has a completely different taste and texture from what you are used to eating. Then you will constantly break the routine and break the therapy.

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Most people should not recommend to others what diet they need or need to adjust to, rather they should go back to the diet which is according to their ancestral roots.

Often, the Fad diet will recommend high local food and low carbohydrates which can lead to a healthier lifestyle if consistently done, day in and day out. But the problem is that it is never fully committed hence the majority of the people give in to food cravings or want to relieve stress.

The companies or individuals who promote their products or diet books will tell you that the diet is intended for a short period only. But you probably will not achieve weight goals in such a short period of time. You continue to plan for your health and continue to stop the plan and then continue again which eventually goes around full circle. And, that's exactly what the Fad diet is.

Many FAD diets will provide a variety of products or supplements that will give you enough parts of fruits and vegetables (in the form of pills or powder) for your weight loss program, or they will give a variety of products that you are required to put in your body.

I will say this straight away since this is my personal experience also, NOTHING can replace a natural diet, you have no idea how long that supplement has been on the shelf, the effectiveness of supplements deteriorates over time, but natural living food has life in it and is advisable to eat from source rather than consuming products which have been handled by machines in laboratories.


A fast weight loss diet is simply a temporary solution and does not help to constantly change nutrition habits. Permanent changes are the only way to stay within your target weight as soon as you reach it. Fad Diets encourage high-speed weight loss which is unnatural and not sustainable.

It is always worse for health and self-esteem than always maintaining the overweight condition. Whatever the marketing materials say, these diets aren't going to help you in the long run. The best way to support weight loss is to eat a varied and healthy diet, avoid overeating, exercise regularly, and avoid fads.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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