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High Histamine affects Children in Many Ways

Causes ADHD, ADD, possible anger issues, temper tantrums, inability to focus, learning disabilities, ear infections, asthma, autistic symptoms, anxiety, depression, stomach pain, bipolar disorder, etc...

Causes ADHD, ADD, possible anger issues, temper tantrums, inability to focus, learning disabilities, ear infections, asthma, autistic symptoms, anxiety, depression, stomach pain, bipolar disorder, etc...

High Histamine Levels

Spring is here! YAY, I’m so excited! The flowers are coming up, grass is getting green, and the trees are budding. Along with all wonderful things that come with Spring, there is also the menace of allergies and high histamine levels skyrocketing out of control. That tends to put a damper on all the excitement for those who suffer from allergies. I’ve been desperate for years to find the best allergy relief for my children and I.

Not only am I suffering my share of allergies, but my poor children are suffering pretty badly too. I actually had to call one out of school today and probably for the next few days. My poor baby’s suffering from such high histamine levels and allergic reactions that his eyes are swollen shut and he looks like he has black eyes. For the past 2 years, my 11 year old son has missed school for almost the entire month of March. After trying several over the counter antihistamines last year, Zyrtec and one natural antihistamine has been the only medicines that have brought him relief.

Myself and my children all suffer severe allergies throughout the year with some seasons worse than others. Doesn’t help when your allergic to your own hormones or sweat, which my daughter has recently been diagnosed with too. Thank goodness she does not have the severe reactions because of early diagnosis, various preventions, and natural antihistamines. My youngest boy, who is 8, has a constant runny, stuffy nose all year. My family and I fight multiple allergy and autoimmune battles. If you haven’t read about how high histamine levels can cause autoimmunity, you can read my story for awareness of my condition.

When high histamine is not tested for or properly diagnosed, the levels can eventually cause the body to start recognizing normal substances outside of, or within the body itself, as foreign. This is what happened in my case and we are making every attempt at preventing it from happening to our children. Since I have finally been diagnosed with high histamines and autoimmunity, my husband and I are able to take proper precautions, preventative measures, and watch for certain signs and symptoms in our kids. Unfortunately, allergies and autoimmunity can be passed from parents to children. Blasted genetics! The good news is, that if the allergies and high histamine levels are detected early enough there are many measures that can be taken to avoid further severe allergic reactions and autoimmunity.

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High Histamine Effects

Many people, especially parents, do not know what symptoms to look for within themselves or their children when it comes to getting high histamine levels diagnosed and treated. High histamine effects can be devastating and show a vast array of symptoms. Not only does histamine have to do with an abnormal autoimmune response causing hives, swelling, itching, watery eyes, runny/stuffy nose, asthma, inflammation within the body, etc. Histamines are also a very potent neurological transmitter that control muscle contractions, pain sensory, learning ability, ability to focus, emotions, stomach acid secretion, hyperactivity, insomnia, inner tension, and other functions pertaining to the neurological system and brain. There are 4 kinds of histamine receptors within the body. Histamine receptors are what histamine attaches to, therefore creating an immune response or various other responses within the neurological system. Histamine is found in all cells in the body, meaning that histamine effects can occur anywhere in the body.

H1 histamine receptor- Causes vasodilation, bronchoconstriction, smooth muscle contraction in various muscles throughout the body causing intense burning muscle pain, separation of endothelial cells (responsible for hives), and pain and itching due to insect stings or bites, it is the primary receptors involved in allergic rhinitis symptoms, motion sickness, and sleep regulation.

H2 histamine receptor- Primarily responsible for stimulating gastric acid secretions. (can be responsible for stomach pain, stomach spasms or paralysis called gastroparesis, vomiting, high metabolism, hunger pain, GERD, weight gain or loss due to malabsorption, vitamin and mineral deficiencies).

H3 histamine receptor- Decreased neurotransmitter release: histamine, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine (can be responsible for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, inner tension, learning disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, high intelligence level but difficulty completing tasks and focusing, seizures, uncontrollable fits of anger, obsessive compulsive disorder).

H4 histamine receptor- Found primarily in the basophils and in the bone marrow. It is also found on thymus, small intestine, spleen, and colon.

As you can see, high histamine effects can cause symptoms anywhere within the body. The worst-case scenario is a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. This kind of reaction involves malfunction and/or failing of various organs causing the body to go into shock and requires emergent injections of Epinephrine (adrenaline) to counteract the high histamine levels.

Symptoms of Severe Allergic reaction due to High Histamine Levels

Anaphylaxis Symptoms:

Skin involvement may include hives, itchiness, flushing, swelling of the lips, eyes, tongue, face, or  throat.

Respiratory symptoms may include shortness of breath, wheezes or gasping, stopping breathing, lung congestion or inflammation,  and low blood oxygen that can lead to stroke like episodes or seizures.

Gastrointestinal symptoms may include paralysis, cramping, spasming stomach and/or intestines, stomach pain, diarrhea, belching, bloating,  and vomiting.

Due to the presence of histamine releasing cells in the heart coronary artery, spasms may occur with myocardial infarction (heart attack), extra heart beats, pounding of heart, sensation of swelling in heart, dysrhythmia, palpitations,  increase in heart rate, or increase in blood pressure.

A drop in blood pressure may also occur resulting in a feeling of lightheadedness and loss of consciousness. There may be a loss of bladder control and muscle tone, and a feeling of anxiety and "impending doom" instant, severe fear of death accompanied by seizures, and/or complete shock.

Histadelia (person with naturally high histamine levels)

I have read  a lot about a condition called Histadelia, that, of course, is another one of those that the medical profession fails to acknowledge or test for. It is a condition where one is born with naturally high histamines and can pass it on to their children just like any disease that runs in family history. I truly believe the condition exists based on my own personal experiences and the effects of high histamine in my children. A person with Histadelia is called a Histadelic. These terms are “coined” by only a few doctors and clinics that specialize in histadelia treatments using only natural supplements and natural anithistamines. There has been great success by these few doctors and clinics in treating persons with this “hypothetical” condition. These few doctors’ views revolve around histadelia being an actual medical condition that can be passed down through genetics. Why does the medical profession fail to realize this? I have no clue. Doctors do admit that auto immune diseases can be passed from parent to child and high histamine levels causing allergic responses are considered a form of autoimmunity. Why do they refuse to recognize and test?!

The Best Allergy Relief for Adults and Children

My Theory on Histadelia

I believe that the condition may not have existed many years ago, but I certainly believe it does now. I believe this because an allergic response usually occurs when one has already had exposure to some form of substance and the body begins to recognize it as foreign, even if it is a substance that is normally found within the body like hormones and sweat. This substance could be anything from anywhere, at any time! A majority of allergies are caused by food, chemicals, insect bites etc. but what about the unusual allergies like the ones that my children and I suffer?

Most people can avoid their allergens but my children and I can’t change the budding trees, control our sweat glands, hormones, pollen, dust, etc. When these things that we can’t avoid begin to compound one another, we suffer pretty severe reactions. Some we can control our exposure to, others we can not. Foods are laden with hormones, chemicals, toxins, that we can’t avoid unless we eat all organic. Good luck with that because we’re far from being able to afford that kind of diet. Almost all store bought laundry detergents are chemical and scented, prescription drugs are derived and then combined with chemicals to patent, most OTC medications are flavored, colored with dyes, and are synthetic chemicals. Most shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions contain toxic chemicals that soak into the skin causing exposure and they contain chemicals, scents, coloring, and most contain parabens. Parabens are a toxin that the hormonal receptors in the body recognize as the hormone estrogen and can contribute to female related cancers, hormonal imbalances, and allergies. It’s one that I have to totally avoid. Almost everything from water to fruit juice is in plastic containers and toxins like dioxin leach into the product over time, especially when frozen or heated in the plastic container.

Reading ingredient labels and research never ends. All of these things add to our histamine load and spiral it out of control. The higher our exposures, the higher our histamines, and this all leads to even more unusual autoimmune responses, including allergies to the our own normal substances within our bodies. Allergies, autoimmune disorders, and various other diseases have been on the rise for the last several years. Doctors are still refusing to believe nor test this to be a cause of major medical conditions. WHY?

This is WHY! (Example)

Most parents take their kids to the doctors as babies if they suffer from colic (gas and stomach aches in babies) and the doctor prescribes stomach meds and/or may have the parents switch formulas that are processed. Later the baby begins developing ear aches and infections, parents take them to the doctor and they are given antibiotics, repeatedly in most cases. Further exposing a baby to toxic chemicals, colorings, etc. Immunization shots, that schools require, contain mercury and toxic substances, along with things to cause an immune response in a baby  to build up a resistance to certain diseases.

A few years pass, the child develops asthma symptoms and minor allergies and is put on steroid inhalants and chemical antihistamines. School age rolls around, hyperactivity, inability to focus, and angry fits may kick in, resulting in the teachers calling the parents saying PUT YOUR KID ON DRUGS! Back to the doctor for brain drugs to control your child’s behavior and help them focus in school. The brain is developing but can’t develop properly or produce the proper amount of neurotransmitters  because of the prescription drugs given to appease the teachers and control your child’s behavior, focus, and emotions. And while all of this is going on, parents wash their child in soaps, feed them processed, chemically laden foods, lather babies up in lotions for soft skin and the awesome fragrance of “Baby Magic”, wash their hair in shampoos/ conditioners, etc. things that most parents never even think twice about.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Doctors and unsuspecting parents with faith in doctors, are continually adding to the histamine load and eventually a person becomes so overloaded that other strange actions begin taking place within the body leading to various other symptoms, reactions,  and/or diseases.

How We Lessen the High Histamine in our Kids

Well , we avoid anything that we possibly can to help keep the already high histamine levels (from things they can’t avoid) at a minimum to avoid further allergic reactions. This is obviously very difficult and takes a lot of time. There are just some things that we can not avoid but we do our best so that our children do not end up having to go through what I have been through. I was very fortunate to get diagnosis of my autoimmunity and know that there are many things that can be done for our children early on to prevent them from ending up like me. We read labels, wash all fruits and veggies  well, use all natural soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, avoid toxic chemicals in our yard and home, etc. With this being done in our home we also switched from chemical OTC and prescription antihistamines and started giving them a wonderful all natural antihistamine.

The Difference between OTC Antihistamines and Natural Antihistamines

There is a huge difference in over the counter antihistamines and Natural Antihistamines!

Have you ever heard of the over the counter or prescription medicine called Zantac (Ranitidine)? It’s a very popular stomach medication for stomach pain, heartburn, GERD and increased stomach acidity. It is actually an antihistamine! It blocks histamine from attaching to the histamine receptors located in your stomach and intestines( the H2 receptors). If the Zantac (Ranitidine) works, then obviously a person’s histamine level is too high. Do doctors send us for allergy or histamine testing? No, they just prescribe the medicine, with refills, and send us on our way. Zantac is a band-aid and doesn’t correct the actual source of the problem, which is very obviously high histamine if blocking the histamine receptors stops the stomach symptoms.

Here’s a brief quote of the side effects of Zantac:

“Before using this medication, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any drugs, or if you have kidney disease, liver disease, or porphyria.

Using ranitidine may increase your risk of developing pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia include chest pain, fever, feeling short of breath, and coughing up green or yellow mucus. Talk with your doctor about your specific risk of developing pneumonia.”

So the stomach pain, GERD, whatever the patients stomach problem, gets better by using Zantac, but let’s say the patient then suddenly develops pneumonia as a side effect. Back to the doctor and antibiotics are prescribed along with another refill for the antihistamine Zantac! Doctors still not running histamine tests, still not CORRECTING the underlying problem, still prescribing more medications for side effects from the other medications that have other side effects, and all of this snowballing into one huge immune system mess.

High histamine levels caused by constant exposures from food, lotions, shampoos, laundry detergents, drugs (OTC and prescription), and more ..... is a MONEY MAKING MACHINE that feeds the mouths of the medical industry and they love people like us!

I’m fully aware of how this machine works, not only with my own experiences but from the experiences we’ve had since our children were born.

The simple fact is, that OTC and prescription antihistmines only BLOCK the histamine receptors. There is still the high levels of histamine floating around in the blood throughout the entire body causing all kinds of various symptoms and causing a person to develop more severe medical issues.

Natural antihistamines actually lower the amount of histamine in the blood, they do not block, they LOWER the level. Natural antihistamines work by balancing the immune system and histamine levels, thus correcting the problem and not just hiding the problem like prescriptions and chemical antihistamines. They help us tolerate the overload from constant uncontrollable exposure and lower our risk of developing further health problems. Histamine is vital for us to be able to function and maintain health but too much histamine literally destroys our bodies from the inside out. Natural antihistamines are one way to correct problems with allergies and high histamine levels. You lower the histamine blood level, the body stops reacting to certain substances and doesn’t start recognizing other normal substances as foreign. They also lessen the internal destruction going on everywhere in our bodies including damage at cellular levels. We have completely switched to natural antihistamines for our children. I ran out a few weeks ago and just reordered.

My poor babies, that will never happen again! My children were completely different before we ran out of the natural antihistamine! They were able to focus in school, they were relaxed, slept all night and fell asleep at decent times, didn’t cry or have fits at the bat of an eye, no arguing, no swelling or hives, and they didn’t fight like cats and dogs. My boys would seriously beat each other to death if we weren’t around to break things up. It was so very peaceful! I ordered four bottles of D-hist Jr. and D-hist and will NEVER run out again. I can’t stand to see my children suffer things like this and think that they may end up like me. Since it has worked so well for my kids’ allergies, I ordered the natural antihistamine for adults as well. So far I’ve been able to avoid anaphylaxis from my hormones but I hope that by lowering my blood histamine level, I’ll make even more improvements.

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Natural Antihistamines

Best Allergy Relief / Natural Antihistamines

The best allergy relief that we have found for our children is all natural antihistamines. Here is a list of natural antihistamines:

Vitamin C with Quercetin
Stinging Nettle

D-hist Jr. is the best allergy relief that we’ve been giving to our children because it contains all three of the above all natural antihistamines .

We make every effort possible to help our children now and protect them from whatever exposures we can. Various conditions in children like ADD/ ADHD, depression/ anxiety, obesity, anger, learning disabilities, digestive problems have all become socially acceptable by doctors and parents because parents don’t understand what’s really going on inside their child’s body. Parents just expect and except that doctors know what’s best and the drugs they prescribe are the answer. There are so many things that can be done naturally by parents with a little education and research of their own to prevent illness and disease as their children get older.

Allergy Symptoms causing ADD/ ADHD in Children

  • Allergies and ADD
    How allergic reactions may cause or excacerbate attention deficit disorder, and how to discover the allergy source.

Histamine testing (blood and urine)

Natural Skin Care for Those with Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities

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She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on April 10, 2012:

Hello Pufferfish! Thanks so much for your comment. I'll have to look into the EMF mechanism of action on the immune system. I do highly agree that all of the electrical waves and radiation plays a HUGE role in our bodies/immune systems reaction to various things. Kind of hard to avoid all the negative things that impact us every second of the day. I've always wanted a private island with no technology, chemicals, etc. I think we'd all be healthy if it was possibility!

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on April 10, 2012:

You're very welcome Jackie! Vitamin C seems to be the best at lowering histamine levels. I agree with avoiding the chemicals. I was on so many meds b4 I started looking into alternative treatments. They did more harm than good. If I had only known then what I know now, lol.

Jackie on April 09, 2012:

My 16 month old and I have seasonal allergies. She will be allergy tested soon. She is so young and I don't want to feed her chemicals. Thanks for the great info!

Pufferfish on March 23, 2012:

Thank you so much for this. My face has puffed up due to I think either the face cream I have just tried or Serrapeptase (anti-inflammatory). Great to have info. on natural anti-histamine but you have given more than this i.e. so important - about receptors. I am also Electrosensitive and always looking out for the mechanism by which pulsed microwave radiation effects us. Many of the symptoms here are what I get from EMF so it could be the fact these technologies are affecting our receptors and thus histamine levels. This is so important as histamine levels can be checked before and after exposure to microwaves. Very informative. Thank you.

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on January 30, 2012:

Hi Debby! Thanks so much for your compliment and comment :) I'm doing pretty well with the exception of a few glitches but who doesn't have those, lol. Hope you're doing well also!!! I've had a hard time keeping up on my hubs the last few months with running my business and all so very sorry for the delay in replying. Hugs!!!

Debby Bruck on December 15, 2011:

Hi She-rah ~ an oldie but a goodie of most thorough information on this histamine/allergy topic. You are a wealth of scientific knowledge and research. I hope you are feeling good this year. Love, Debby

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on October 30, 2011:

Awww, Thanks So Much!!!

Judy Specht from California on October 27, 2011:

Congratulation on your business. Delighted you are being successful.

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on October 27, 2011:

Hello Tirelesstraveler, Thanks so much for your compliment, comment, linking, and question. I'm going thru all the fall allergies too, everyone burning maple leaves, ugh, lol. I was hoping to get others to understand the tremendous impact that allergies have on our bodies, outside of the typical runny/stuffy nose...They effect EVERYTHING in our bodies due to the constant high histamine levels floating around in our blood. I'm glad you enjoyed my description!!! I actually have a TON more hubs that I would love to write on relating to health, allergies, autoimmunity, but after publishing my series on my Pueraria Mirifica treatments for my autoimmune disease and others, I haven't had a break from my business. Within a month after publishing and marketing, I was developing & shipping treatments worldwide. I'm currently getting 80+ emails a day, so I'm still doing plenty of writing :) I'm working on finding the time to do more publishing here on HP. Thanks again!!!

Judy Specht from California on October 24, 2011:

Its fall,mulberry and juniper are blooming their silly heads off. I love your description of allergies and linked your hub to one of mine. Why haven't you written more? This is great. I have also been doing acupuncture for allergies with some success.

carolyn a. ridge on September 09, 2011:

She-rah, I have done everything but allergy-testing; my husband suggets it everytime I start with the allergy symptoms. But for whatever reason, I have not done the testing. But one thing I do know is that my dad suffered from some allergy (?), and now myself, my kids, my nieces, and other family members. Recently, my niece discovered that she was allergic to yeast and poultry. Still a great hub! Best wishes to you and your family!

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on September 08, 2011:

Hello Carolyn and Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, I've had to do years of research to figure out what was wrong with myself and get proper testing/diagnosis. Have you ever been tested for food allergies or tried avoiding histamine loaded foods??? One of my clients had a hidden gluten allergy that caused your same exact symptoms but it took many tests to finally diagnose. She's doing MUCH better since she's been put on a gluten free diet. There are tons of things from food to environmental factors that cause reactions like the ones you're suffering. If left undiagnosed and untreated, simple hidden allergies can lead to serious autoimmune diseases like what happened to me. I do hope this helps and leads you in the right direction to figuring out the source(s) of your reactions! Have a great day!!!

carolyn a. ridge on August 21, 2011:

Wow! What a mouth full!! You have done your research. My allergies are mostly skin issues: hives, itching, scathing. I had this (whatever it is) for at least 30 years, but no one has actually labeled it yet. My dad had the same thing, as well as several family members. I use OTC and prescription medications. I have a dermatologist, but he's not 100% sure of what's going on. But, oh well. This is a great hub. Thanks for sharing.

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on March 25, 2011:

Hi Karen, Thanks so much for you comment and questions. I personally feel the drugs for ADD/ADHD are just horrible for children, so I completely agree with your decision. Not only do they not treat the source of the problem but they also have tons of side effects and impair the bodies ability to develop a child's brain properly. The ADHD is more than likely caused by the high histamine and an increase would definitely cause an increase in symptoms. Since histamine is a neurological transmitter, it has a tremendous effect on the brain, behavior, focus, emotions...Food, chemical, environmental allergies could all be to blame. Very hard to pinpoint the exact triggers even with allergy testing. Doctors do not even come close to testing all of the things that we could be allergic too and they very rarely blame ADD/ADHD on high histamine levels or allergies. They just give the kids drugs to cover up the symptoms and make them zombies. Another condition that doctors refuse to recognize is candida overgrowth. Not sure if your son has been on antibiotics frequently but candida overgrowth seems to be a major trigger for ADD/ADHD as well. Sugar and carbohydrates will actually cause you to feel drunk, emotional, etc. All the probiotic commercials you see on TV now are for rebalancing the bodies good bacteria and fighting infections like candida, the docs just don't ever tell us that. That would be another good one for you to look into. Your very welcome for the information and I hope it helps your son! Please feel free to ask me anything, always here to help! Have a great day!!!

Karen on March 09, 2011:

Hi She-rah,

What an informative site! My son was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago at 9 years old. We have chosen not to medicate him with prescription stimulants. We have been giving him a homeopathic remedy instead, but truthfully, I never noticed a difference in his behavior whether he took the meds or not. Two days ago he woke up with a rash on his face. It was late in the afternoon before he was able to see the doctor. As the rash progressed from his face to his chest and the backs of his arms, I also saw a tremendous change in his behavior and his ADHD symptoms. It was almost like he was drunk! He was saying silly things and acting foolish and incredibly impulsive. When the doctor diagnosed his rash as hives and decided to put him on an antihistamine, my natural question was "what is the effect of the histamine on his ADHD?" The doctor had no answer for me, so my research began and your article is one of many I have read. It has really given me a lot to think about. We knew we were making the right decision when we chose not to put him on Ritalin or some other typical ADHD medicine, but after seeing how his body reacted to the histamines the other day, I am certain that it is more of a cause for his behavior than anything else. Thanks much for all the great information! Best wishes for you and your family!


She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on February 07, 2011:

Thanks so much Katie!!! Yes, dairy is big no, no for most with all kinds of symptoms in those with allergies, especially food allergies. I try and avoid diary, allergic to milk, but I love milk. We used to only drink organic soy milk but it's so expensive just like anything organic here in the US. I will have to try the dairy elimination diet again and see if I can stick to it. I was tested for dairy allergy years ago and I am allergic to milk, but really not sure what it does to me. Doesn't seem to make things any worse but I'm sure it doesn't make our situation with allergies any better :) Thanks again for your comment and have a great day!

katie on January 30, 2011:

I used to be allergic to cats, dogs, feathers, flowers - and I could sense a hayfield 10 miles off. When i quit dairy products, my symptoms vanished. I still sneeze in a very mildewy area and old! furniture makes me twitcha bit. But otherwise, I am fine. I have recommended this to others with various allergies, and I always get positive responses...maybe the other reactions are linked to an over production of histamine becsue of the presence of the dairy in the body?. In any case, all you have to do is go 14 days without it (read labels!) and then re-introduce it in the diet. Lots of it - and you will get a BIG reaction if you are allergic to it.

Most folks are...arthritis - to menstrual problems - to mood swings - to unmanageable allergies (even ADHD has been linked by the University of Sunderland (here, in the UK) No side effects for trying and alot of relief if it works!

blessings, katie

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on January 18, 2011:

Hello Sherry, thanks so much for your comment and questions! Sooooo sorry to hear about your sister, most docs are just heartless and ignorant when dealing with things like this. Your sister is very fortunate to have someone like yourself who understands and helps her. It can get pretty lonely when no one will listen or help and you know your dying. I will actually email you regarding the mast cell disease and I will try to call as well. Lots of info and I have a few questions of my own! I'm allergic to my own progesterone, sweat, foods/drinks, meds, etc. causing systemic reactions. I do have my hormone allergy under control but still have various reactions to other things, including just taking a bath on occasion. I swear I'm allergic to water, lol. My kids do too. Wonder if we have some kind of genetic glitch and the underlying cause is mast cell disease. Still think it all boils down to everything we are exposed to chemicals, pollution, dye's, meds, blah, blah so the histadelia and mast cell disease could be termed interchangeably I assume. There is a great clinic that deals with histadelia, natural antihistamines, and various treatments for a constant increase in IgE/histamines. Here is the link:


They work with various types/causes of severe allergies, including candida infections, under/overmethylation, histadelia, etc. I do believe all of there treatments are natural and they have a great success rate. Actually might be a clinic I end up going to since I live in IL. I look forward to talking to you about this more! Have a great day!!!

sHERRY on January 17, 2011:

My Twin sister has Mast Cell Disease, anaphalactic, hives, internal flushing numerous times/day, blisters, distorted face from meds, which are deadly to put in her body. She was heavily candida. Have been able to keep her alive since transfusion 9 years ago with nutrition. Been trying lately to get her to look at natural antihistimes, because a recent doctor told her she would have to be on meds rest of her life, but they wipe her out. The Mayo tagged her with artheroclerosis, mast cell, fibromyalgia, epstein barr, respiratory, IBS - she had become allergic to everything including self. Eosinophilic reaction. All parts of the cell way off. She's doing amazing on what I have her on, but I woke up thinking I need to find that right, easy, effective way for her to take. Which would be the best one in your recommendation. I found something that cleans out the blood vessels and cells and wow, she is now perspiring and growing body hair, which she couldn't do these things for 8-9 yrs. We have had to be our own advocates or she'd be dead. Recently got a distorted face from Blood pressure meds, water pill drying her up. Got it down 200/101 to 140/75. I believe the allergy thing is huge. She yrs ago was put on thyroid meds with being on estrogen pills - not pretty what happened. In/out of hospital. One doctor finally said, "Oh no" you can't be on them together. Well we're alive and eager to hear your response. THANK YOU SO MUCH,

Sherry 612-272-7599


She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on December 07, 2010:

Hello me, Thanks so much for your comment! Actually, I've never really researched a whole lot for an 8 month old beyond avoiding exposures to chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and other possible allergens found just about EVERYWHERE. Actually I'm getting ready to do a few updates to this hub with another treatment for allergies and autoimmunity. It's called beta glucan 1,6 but a lot of the products found on the web are not the real beta glucan nor do they have the 1,6 linkage that is needed to modulate the immune system. As soon as I get a chance, I'll be updating and putting the beta glucan on here, ones that I've thoroughly researched and are quality. Might be a supplement that you could check out and see if it's safe for infants. I'm pretty sure it is but check that one out for yourself just to be safe. Hope this helps and have a great day!

me on December 05, 2010:

What can I give to an 8 month old?

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on October 17, 2010:

Wow, Thanks so much! Never thought I'd get such a wonderful compliment from a "soon-to-be-doctor" or any doctor for that matter. You've honestly made my day! I've dealt plenty with doctors and have never had a single one actually listen to me, let alone, read anything pertaining to my research. It usually just ends up in the trash, lol. Good luck with furthering your medical education, the world definitely needs more doctors like yourself and I'm sure you will be a medical/health blessing to those like myself.

Funom Theophilus Makama from Europe on October 17, 2010:

this is more than just an interesting hub, your explanation to why the occurrence of overloading of histamine is simply breath-taking. As an up-coming doctor, I will take note of the vital points you have highlighted here. We all need to work together to make our lives better and people like you are well needed in the society. You've said it all and I hope not just me but others will take this hub seriously and not just read it as an interesting article.


She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on June 24, 2010:

Hi DAL, thanks so much again for your comments and your very welcome for sharing! Hope it helps those in need of diagnosis and allergy relief.

Dave from Lancashire north west England on June 21, 2010:

Hi this is the first of your hubs I have had the pleasure to read. Well written extremely informative and as I have seen b ringing a lot of reactionary comments. Thank you for sharing .

Vox Vocis on May 02, 2010:

Dear She-rah,

I want to thank you once more for being so kind and trying to figure out the possible causes of my health problems. I finally found out that I have a massive allergy to milk proteins, gluten and nuts. Therefore, I am on a strict diet and visiting a doctor for alternative medicine who gave me a few injections and provided me with very good healing products. Hopefully, things will get better in time.

Thanks once again!

Best wishes,


HI! Wow, such great news, made me cry!!! :) Now on to healing and getting better, I'm so happy they found the causes. I know your diet is really tough, I've had to do specific diets a few times and still have to be careful, very difficult but it will certainly help. Celiacs disease (the gluten allergy) is a really rough one. There's ton of hubs on HP about gluten free foods and diet. I've been tested for the gluten many, many times, I'm pretty familiar with it. Can't believe I never mentioned it to you, do you have digestive issues as well? I was focusing on the hives more but had I known whether you had stomach or intestinal problems, I probably would have said something about the gluten allergy and I thought you'd already had that test done, so sorry. I can't believe they hadn't tested you for that before with all the doctors and allergy testing you've had done in the past. Just blows my mind and makes me so angry that you've had to endure so much for so long. My immunologist recommends that my kids and I all take probiotics everyday. Our kind and your kind of allergies really mess up our digestion and the probiotics sure do help. Not sure if your doctor mentioned probiotics or not. Oh, I'm just so tickled with your news, what a tremendous relief for you to finally know what's wrong. Thank you so much for letting me know. Good luck to you with healing and finally putting an end to all your suffering. She-rah

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on April 23, 2010:

Hi DustinsMom, Thanks so much for your comment. I wish I could just use Allegra, so glad it works well for you. My situation is a bit complicated and I have to have a few different treatments for my kids and I. It really is great to know there are other options. We love the natural stuff!

DustinsMom from USA on April 22, 2010:

Great informative hub. Personally, I use Allegra and it seems to work fine. But it's great to know there are other options.

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on April 14, 2010:

Your very welcome, Thanks for such a great comment. So glad you can use some of the information on your website. I love my pets and could never get rid of them because I was allergic to them, :). I would find a way to keep them! I've researched histamine and it's effects pretty extensively. I could write about the topic for days, lol. My own allergist doesn't understand 1/2 of what I say to him when it comes to explaining how I've been able to treat my autoimmunity caused by this condition. Even he thought harmful drugs and surgery were the only answers. Brilliant doctor for diagnosis, but again, he's a pill pusher. I specifically used the Zantac as an example because my children and I have all been prescribed the med a few yrs age. It did cause pneumonia in me but had no idea at the time that it was an antihistamine. You can bet I was highly agitated when I found out and it STILL took doctors 24yrs to test my histamine level after I repeatedly demanded the test. Another one you may want to look into (I might write a hub), is called undermethylation. It's one of the reasons my autoimmunity spiraled out of control when my liver got damaged from prescription meds. There are also other supplements for this like SAMe and methionine. I don't use these 2 since I'm doing so well without but some of your web viewers may benefit! :)

Kimmy.Lowe on April 13, 2010:

What an informative hub! You hit stuff I would have never thought of. I suffer from cat allergies and have set up a website to help people keep their cat and survive their allergy. With your hub I can help them even more, so thank you.

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on March 21, 2010:

So Much Thanks again, Frogyfish! Yes, I love the natural approach and am thankful for what nature has provided to help us overcome our health issues. I hope that many others begin to discover how powerful the healing benefits from natural treatments can be.

frogyfish from Central United States of America on March 20, 2010:

Very informative explanations and advice here. Thank you for expressing your delight with more natural solutions. I couldn't vote, but answers would have been toward negative if I had kids at home.

Best wishes as you continue to heal naturally!

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on March 19, 2010:

Hello BeiYin- Thanks for your comment! I'm so glad that my hubs allow you to come up with new ideas to write about! It is so true the way most think. Too bad most people don't do a little research and educate themselves. There is so much they could do to avoid illness. Through reading your hubs, it seems that your brain/memory is working Great. I have a hard time with my brain/memory, it just never shuts off. EVER! Very frustrating. Another one of those high histamine symptoms, lol. I'm pretty good at research but my brain constantly being in high gear and super hyper makes it very difficult for me to express or remember thoughts, amongst other things. I get so frustrated. Just something I've learned to live with and benefit from in ways. There are so many symptoms of "histadelia" that I just thought were genetics or my personality but from my build, personality, how my brain functions, emotions, etc. I am the exact definition. At least I'm not schizo, suicidal, or bipolar, I just can't imagine the suffering those people go thru mentally. I do admit I got a little crazy at times when I was suffering anaphylaxis and having seizures, not fun at ALL! My poor husband and kids didn't know what to think.

She-rah (author) from Petersburg, IL on March 19, 2010:

Hi Pamela, thanks for the comment! Yes, the allergy shots work great and my treatment works in much the same fashion, only it's transdermal. So happy to hear your son grew out of most of his allergies. I hope with the precautions we take with our kids that they do too. Allergies are so miserable for children and adults alike!

BeiYin from Ibiza Spain on March 19, 2010:

There is a lot to think about it! Your hub is very thought provoking, or at least it should! The problem is, that the mass of people don't think, they don't have doubts about how they live and what they consume and then they don't doubt what the doctor gives them...

I have cut my comment here because it got too long and so I will make a new hub out of it. I will tell you when its done. It will probably need a few days, as I am very busy with other things at the moment.

Indeed, your hub makes me think! That for sure is good and healthy for me, because lately I have difficulties with my memory and I found the information, that letting my brain work will let me recover the capacity from before. So thanks for helping me to heal.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 18, 2010:

Very informative hub with a lot of excellent information. My oldest sons eyes used to swell shut during hayfever season and we went through all the allergy shots, etc. He is an adult now and has a few allergies but he did outgrow them. I hope you and your children find relief soon.

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