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Exercise and Sleep: How They Influence Each Other


Who does not know it? After the sports unit, you often fall asleep particularly well and quickly at night. Even children who exercise a lot during the day are said to be able to sleep well in the evening.

In fact, this is not just a subjectively perceived popular belief, but scientifically proven. A joint study from the USA compared more than 2,600 people over the age of 18 who moved more than two and a half hours a week with a non-physically active control group. It turned out: the sleep quality increased by 65% ​​in the athletes. In particular, the number of light and deep sleep phases increased.

However, there are three points to consider when training in order to achieve the maximum positive effect for improved sleep quality.

1:Time of training: The time between training and falling asleep should be as long as possible. Falling into bed tired after your evening workout? Try an early hour lesson instead. Certainly not feasible for everyone - luckily the next point is also important and simplifies the whole thing.

2:Training intensity: With more strenuous loads, the body needs more time to return to a state of rest. Particularly intensive training should therefore be carried out earlier in the day. Moderate activity, such as a leisurely ride on the bike, can easily be done a few hours before bedtime.

3:Type of training: Endurance-oriented sports such as jogging, cycling or swimming have the greatest positive effect. For more effects of endurance training, take a look at our blog article 4 again.

So exercise helps you sleep. But can changes in sleep behavior also affect athletic performance?

Scientists have long suspected that an optimal sleep-wake rhythm has a positive effect on athletic performance. Indeed, a large-scale study by Stanford University that significantly increased the sleep time of exercise students (to 10 hours) showed significant results. The “frequent sleeper” group achieved better performance and, in particular, the ability to react increased. Subjectively, the athletes felt more alert and fitter throughout the day.


Anand Chandore on May 03, 2021:

This article is beneficial for all of us. When we do yoga, its important take enough sleep.

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