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Everything will be done to find out the source of the virus: Tedros


The World Health Organization will make every effort to seek out a possible source of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease. the top of the corporate, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyasus, said this on Monday. He also said it had been important to understand the source of the corona to stop its spread within the future. News AFP.

Tedros says the planet Health Organization wants to travel deeper into the coronavirus-mystery. Critics of the WHO's corona management and bias against China have involved the difficulty to not be politicized.

The head of the planet Health Organization said, "The position of the organization is extremely clear. we would like to understand the source of the virus. Because it can help prevent future expansion. "

More than 262,000 people have died within the US, the country most suffering from the corona epidemic. The US has sharply criticized the planet Health Organization, accusing it of harassing China. they need been demanding an investigation into the source of the corona.

Other critics of the planet Health Organization have also expressed concern that the agency could impose conditions on China for a world investigation into the source of the virus. The virus first spread from Wuhan in China in December last year. So far, quite 1.48 million people have died within the world and quite 63 million corona patients are identified.

The World Health Organization has been trying to send a team of international researchers to China for months. The agency wants to seek out from which animals within the country the virus originated and the way it spread to humans.

Last July, a team of researchers visited Beijing as an initial step in a world investigation. it's unknown at this point what he will do after leaving the post.

Last week, Michael Ryan, head of the planet Health Organization's emergency department, said a world research team was expected to be sent to China as soon as possible.

Tedros criticized the shortage of transparency within the investigation. "The research team and therefore the terms of the investigation are hospitable to the general public," he said. there's nothing to cover here. we would like to understand the source of the virus. I do not want to be confused about that. "

Researchers believe the virus was transmitted to humans from an animal at a butcher shop in Wuhan.

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