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Everyday Affirmations Made Easy

Kate works in health care. She uses affirmations on a regular, daily basis and has reaped the benefits of doing so in her everyday life.


What are Affirmations?

Everything we say and think is an affirmation often based on a belief system or attitude. As we frame our reality and experiences from our thoughts, it is well worthwhile to be alert to the fact that what we think will often become our reality. Our stresses, fears, anxieties are merely thoughts and thoughts can be changed from negative to positive.

The brain is the muscle of the mind. Exercise your brain with positive affirmations which will plant seeds of positive experiences that you can nurture to nourish your body, mind and spirit on your journey of life.

Any limiting belief that is holding you back or keeping you stuck in habitual,negative experiences can be changed through the use of positive affirmations on a regular basis.

Once you get used to them, affirmations become a way of life. They are the ultimate in mental hygiene practice of keeping the mind free and clear of negative thoughts thus having a direct effect on our experience and our reality.

The Power of "I am" affirmations

Wayne Dyer considers that the two words "I am" represent the name of God. He bases this belief on the bible story of Moses and the burning bush which was not being consumed by the fire. When Moses asked God who He was, God replied "I am that, I am"

I am affirmations are very powerful for this reason. They are also very short and simple and can be used in a sequence, for example:

" I am grateful. I am blessed. I am healthy. I am happy. I am peaceful. I am safe"

They are such a powerful way of affirming what is true in our lives and giving us such a better perspective than focussing on the negative minutiae of the events of our day.

What we affirm in this way is true and constant. We can make it a habit to use "I am" affirmations to improve our quality of thoughts, the quality of our experiences and ultimately the quality of our life in general. Listen to the video below to get a feel for the joy and positivity of using "I am" affirmations

Try these "I am" affirmations

How to use Affirmations Daily

Affirmations by nature need to be repetitive. There are some excellent tracks on youtube from Louise Hay which I will add below. For now, let's explore some ways of using affirmations and incorporating them into daily life.

Mirror Work

Looking in the mirror while saying affirmations is highly recommended by Louise Hay.

Although I can appreciate the effectiveness of this, doing so does not appeal to me so it is not a practice that I use.

Touch throat while mentally saying affirmation

This is something I do...a lot!! I feel it instils the affirmation more strongly and it is recommended by Louise Hay. No-one is going to take the slightest notice of you touching your throat while mentally affirming a statement you are in the process of instilling into your belief system. Try it and see!

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Say your affirmation silently but with feeling

This works well. It avoids the possibility that you use the affirmation in a mundane way which has less positive effect. Add some emotion to what you are affirming silently in your mind for best results.


This is very powerful and effective. I keep four journals on Penzu

  • a general diary journal.
  • a gratitude journal.
  • an affirmations journal- I write four affirmations ten or twelve times each daily.
  • a random thoughts journal.

There are plenty of journal sites on the internet that you can use for free or if you prefer, a notebook and pen is just as effective. Write down your affirmations in a repetitive way as above for best results.

Computer Software

I use a program from MindMaster to flash images and affirmations on my computer screen in an unobtrusive way when I am using the laptop, using the power of subliminal messaging to embed my affirmations in my subconscious. There are similar programs and a free one called Subliminal Messages which you might like to try.

Simply Subliminal

It is a good idea to stick notes around your home unobtrusively for your subconscious mind to assimilate. I have little stickers with affirmations on them on doors, light switches etc. I have forgotten they are there at this stage but there is a possibility that my subconscious mind is assimilating the messages in them. This is easy to do- a set and forget system which might reinforce your conscious affirmations.

Repetition of affirmations is the key to progress

Sequenced Affirmations

This is a great way for dealing with negative beliefs and attitudes that are strong and need a phased approach. We may not be able to affirm what we want without going through steps to reach our end result. An example of a sequenced affirmation to change a core belief is as follows:

I am willing to grow and to change

I am growing and changing

I am growing and changing for the better

I am growing and changing every day

I am growing and changing for the better every day

This way, we can take a step by step approach to what we want to manifest in our belief system and in our lives.

Remember that what we think is what we become so it is a good idea to foster mental hygiene with positive affirmations to nourish our mind and spirit in tandem. This changes the limiting beliefs and attitudes of our subconscious mind for the better and for greater purpose.


Practical Suggestions for Affirmations

It is best if you customise affirmations which are personal to you. Having said this, when you are starting off, it is very useful to use affirmation tracks from youtube etc. to get you started.

When you start using your own affirmations, it is worthwhile to remember the following:

  • the subconscious mind doesn't understand grammar. For example, I used to use this affirmation: " I am free from worry and anxiety". This was a bad idea. The subconscious mind only hears the words worry and anxiety. I have replaced this affirmation with "My mind is calm and peaceful"
  • ALWAYS state affirmations in the positive for the same reason. For example, instead of affirming "I am not afraid of the dark" (when your subconscious only hears two words-afraid and dark) it is better to affirm that " I enjoy the comfort of the darkness"

Gratitude-the cornerstone of all affirmation practice

There is one common denominator in every self-help/self-improvement approach- the importance of gratitude. On this note, I will finish off with a lovely gratitude affirmation track from Jason Ellis which I hope will motivate you towards everyday affirmations made easy as a way of life. Be Grateful! Enjoy Life!

Gratitude is the ONLY attitude

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