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Essential Secrets of Happiness


The Ultimate Pursuit

In our life journey, we always pursue happiness and satisfaction. Those are the ultimate goals we live for. Every grace we have and each blessing we lack are aspects of those two goals. We study, graduate, love, work, marry, get kids for those two goals. There are people who have them all but are not happy and this really is confusing to the others. But, with a profound insight to the case, we can understand why.

We, every day, from the moment we wake up, have a motive in our mind that pushes us to wake up and proceed in our day. We work to secure an income for our living and work harder for more money and promotion for our satisfaction and our inner feeling of accomplishment. Likewise, we care for our children to satisfy our parental needs. Make friends to satisfy our social needs, etc…. So, every day has a new thing in store for us, and we struggle to achieve a new goal every day. However, sometimes we feel unhappy with all these achievements. When this happens, and you start to feel disappointed because of a minor failure you may encounter, remember that you had prayed to God and pursued a goal that you currently have already achieved. All your current gifts and achievements were, one day, a dream you wished for came true.

So, your happiness, as it depends on your success, depends as well on your inner satisfaction and contentment.


Different Ways and One Goal

Another direction that we can look into, is physical chemical wellness. As everything in our body, including our thoughts, feelings, and reactions comes from our mind, then, our physical status has a significant impact on our way of living and how we react to everything. What we eat or consume has an impact on our character.

In another standpoint, some attribute our feelings and status in the first place to astrological reasons and the higher universe. The moon status and its relation to water tide on earth, including water in our bodies as well, planets movements and many other astrological details. Maybe, this is a big factor that impacts our life but in this regard, I recall a genius scene in the masterpiece movie of“ Elizabeth, the golden age”. The astrologer informs the queen of the hard days coming. But, while she is ultimately worried, he explains to her that with one incident, every one acts differently according to his nature. He says, “when the storm breaks, every one acts according to his nature; some are dumped with terror, some flee and some spread their wings and sore” So, every one’s personal traits and their own will determine his reactions towards fates.

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Sideways to Leverage Your Mood

  1. Periodic Outings to Nature or Parks.
  2. Aesthetic Scenes, Photos, or Videos: Contemplation in these views even though the Media has a great effect. It is like travelling to other fascinating places. Eyes need to be satisfied, so our brain is too.
  3. Socializing With New or Cheerful People
  4. Watching Comic, Funny or Thriller Movies, or Any Category of Your Choice
  5. Shopping Especially For Women: New items enhance the hormones of accomplishment.
  6. Reading Your Favorite Type of Books: And indulge in the world your imagination will take you to.
  7. Help Others: This also supports hormones of accomplishment.

Definitely, there are other ways, but these can make a big difference.


It Is All About Inner Peace!

In general, nothing is perfect in life and every one has incomplete things that should be completed with our satisfaction and contentment. No doubt that inner peace, lack of self worries are the greatest blessings ever, God grants to anyone. They are really the key to the highest objective.

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