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Essential Facts About Collagen

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There are over 28 different types of collagens in the human body, each has a different function. Usually, after age 40, your body starts to reduce the amount your body makes naturally, and that increases aging along with other factors.

Collagen is like support beams for your skin layers, and some are very strong but over time, they collapse and fail producing sagging skin where it was once firm. Many buy OTC supplements to increase collagen in their system in either pill or liquid mix. The most common collagen is bovine from cows. Another common source is from chicken and marine animals. But do you know which of the five types commonly used in supplements to look for?

The most common types used in supplements are Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V and Type X. Type I and III are most common as they support all the skin functions, which is why most buy this type. Type I and II comes from marine life and helps with cartilage. Types I, II, V, comes from chicken and helps with ligaments and cartilage. Type X helps with body healing. As you can see, there is overlapping with various types depending on the source.

What to Buy

Price always matters to a consumer, so if your concern is skin, hair, increasing firmness, just buy collagen Type I, III. It will be cheaper. Make sure your brand is hydrolyzed collagen, which will allow your body to use it. Some brands are not hydrolyzed. Make sure your brand also includes Hyaluronic Acid. This is not as dangerous as it sounds. This acid is for moisture to the skin layers.

Do not buy creams with collagen as they are useless because the skin cannot absorb the large collagen molecules. There is no real benefit except for the moisturizing impact of the cream, which is temporary.

In general, your body requires around 60 grams of protein daily, using a product with collagen also provides around 20 grams of protein in addition to the collagen benefit. Whether you buy the supplement in pill or mix format is just a choice, there is no real better method to add collagen. In addition to supplements, aging skin requires facial exercises to stiffen the neck and face muscles to tighten the sagging skin that comes with age.

Together, one can slow "Father Time" on the its impact with the skin.

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