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Ephesians 3

Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly..

I'm Happy

I'm Happy

That He Would Grant You According

How much do you deserve? Truthfully? Nobody will ever hear what you tell yourself. You don't have to worry about anybody ever judging how you answer the question. You know how much you truthfully deserve for all your actions, your inaction, and your thoughts. You may not be aware of the actual tally at this moment but God does keep track. It can be an intimidating idea, that there is an entity that exist that knows you, knows all of your thoughts and deeds. Knows every time your too lazy to pick up that trash somebody else threw down, or when you look at that butt that isn't your wife. It knows when you master-bate, if you think you've got 'em beat cause you don't, he knows every time you've thought about it.

Don't worry, he also reads the heart. You'll be granted grace according to your glory. You have a lot more than you're aware of, If you truly aren't a wicked bastard. When you take a deep breath of everything around you, think about it and count your blessings. There is much more to be thankful for than you realize. If you study and practice truth and good deeds, you don't have to be a God-damned believer... You'll encounter the Spirit, it is only you. Walk in the ways of the Spirit, and you'll be of the Spirit. All anyone of us has to do is practice telling truth and doing good deeds.

The Spirit will manifest into your life, like a conscience looking into a foggy mirror, performing good works compares to wiping clean a mirror with a dry towel in a steamy bathroom.. The mind only perceives the reflection of reality worthy of its masters efforts. Doing good reveals knowledge, wisdom in consistent behavior with pure intent, lacking complacency. You'll soon realize that you can turn the water to cooler temperatures and stop producing steam, your reflection becomes really clear. It'll fog right back over though with any thing that is false.

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    Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly...

Strengthened By Might Of His Inner-Man

Be strong on the inside. 'Tough-Titty' my dad would tell me whenever life wasn't fair according to my personal view. Life isn't about what we don't get, it's what we do get to experience and appreciating the gift of participation. Learning to be thankful for our longsuffering, is to be humbled, receiving patience and understanding. Embrace the gifts of patience and understanding, be joyful and thankful for all of our gifts. With the joy that is embraced by receiving gifts, be strengthened. Joy and strength are one in the same.

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Worthy Of Your Existence

Be worthy of your existence, because if you cannot be of such a nature, then what will you be worth? Love yourself, do what is good for you. Do what it is that you are going to do with all confidence in your actions because you practice love. Love intoxicates the person, you should not drink and drive. One should interact with the world on an emotionally-sober level. Positivity comes from within and is a force that pushes outward from our soul, against the chaos of the world which is a lot of time very negative. Don't be a fool any-longer, start living according to all the good that is here and needs to be pointed out to other dimwits, like our kids.

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    Are you being persecuted by others, are they jealous of you? Have they schemed against you or are in the process of doing so? Have you become concerned that they intend to betray you or already have? Maybe you need to catch them in their trespasses.

Filled With All The Fulness

Awake, that is what it feels like. It feels like you are awake and you were asleep but you can't tell whether you're dreaming. Isn't that exactly how it has always felt though? So what is the difference when you have been filled with all the fulness? It's an enigma, and if you need to test something to know that it is real, you can't have faith. Faith requires no doubt to exist in the heart. If you have no doubt about something you won't want to test it, just like when you make a bad bet with your wife.

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    The assurance of things hoped for is faith and the knowing of things not seen. Through faith we know that the universe was formed from Love... What is seen of the world was not made of things that are visible. It is impossible to know the Truth witho


Thomas L Moberly (author) from Bakersfield, CA on March 21, 2021:

Thanks Bud.

Timothy Whitt from New Jersey on March 21, 2021:

Great article filled with so many truths.

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