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Endometriosis and Looks on Motherhood


When sixteen is a reason to get pregnant is wrong. It is also not a reason for a woman to start thinking of motherhood because either she would get a disease that would make a decision of getting pregnant. I know a lot of women who don't have children because there is either a female disease they don't want to pass on to their children.

A lot of women want to be able to take care of themselves before we jump into marriage. I see in movies many people who wonder if they are ready to be parents. I knew at sixteen that i wouldn't make a good mother. I had been a babysitter and knew at that time that I probably would never want children. At twenty-one I knew I didn't want children at all. I didn't even like my nieces.

By the time I finally asked God why he had made me unable to have children I would be no good to him. I couldn't procreate as the Bible said. What a way to find out that I was no good. I knew I could adopt someday. I always went to church when I could. Then one Sunday, the pastor told everyone that women were so important as mothers. We all got Mother's day cards which made us with no children feel bad.

One of the older ladies told me that I had many children. She told me that all the younger people in the church were my spiritual children. I do my best to help those younger in the LORD learn. I can take care of children now without having to worry about diseases but I am there for those who need a mother type.

I could have told my step children when I got married but I told them I only wanted to be their friend. I try to give advice to people as a mother that someday that will miss their parents and may something had happened but too late to change things.

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