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Emotionally and Politically Disturbed Playing Experts in Fields of Their Disturbance


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


In one of my previous articles I was talking about certain renowned personages in the field of mental health -- but the ones who needed help much like their patients, if not more.

So I was mentioning the names like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Jacques Lacan, but also a whole band of other bona fide shrinks who undertook that line of study in a hope to stumble upon a help for their own deep seated issues.

It's my position that one has to be a "clear instrument" for processing the human intimate reality and its aberrations from normalcy, without contaminating their perception with their own issues.

And if that sounds true about those experts, it's much more true about some armchair shrinks; as well as political haters whose animosity and political fanaticism pull a veil over their sense of objectivity.

As for those self-appointed shrinks, they don't even have a slightest clue how much there is to be learned about all complexities, variables, and different approaches to human nature while keeping in mind the inner dynamism within the hierarchy of mental forces.

Without having a decent educated and intuitive insight into any of that, they are merely parading in some superficial psychobabble.

Just like those political ranting enthusiasts have no clue how much is involved in running a country, with all aspects of international chess game going on, and all other classified details never even hinted at a press conference.

So, without having an access to what two mega-figures in global politics are privately talking without microphones and cameras around -- such political zealots are displaying a pitiful example of someone who just wants to hear their own voice uttering some stuff of significance.

Indeed, folks, what ever happened with intellectual humbleness? For, the deeper you go into some issues like that, all you are gaining is having more questions than clear answers. You end up with a relative knowledge which helps enormously in your general orientation, but is far from giving you those final answers.

On the other hand, without exploring those depths, we can merely parade with some superficial phraseology, not satisfying those who are listening, but only ourselves hearing our voices.

So, I've heard more of such experts than I would care to remember -- all coming from a platform of ignorance, somehow believing that their problems will feel smaller if they can generalize about other people's problems.

Likewise, those political haters are merely exteriorizing their inner conflicts in the political arena -- while in the process hoping to find a political sparring partner in the ring of political ignorance.

Something similar am I witnessing on this Hub Pages website.

Going through the Feed and seeing all that crap being kicked back and forth, I started to genuinely admire all those poets, including those who are practicing to become ones -- as well as all cooks, repairing and publishing experts, gardeners, travelers, our Lady Witch from England, our fine biologist from British Columbia, and all those tellers of stories from ordinary life.

To mention just these few names -- John Hansen, Brenda Arledge, Bill Holland, as well as all others from the last sentence above. I salute to your prudent channels of self-expression. If I was not so much into my own niche, I would be delighted to pick any of those above -- of course, providing that I had a talent for it.

Now, for the remainder of this post, I decided to think of some prose in rhymes on the topic above.


Those Self-Appointed Shrinks

I've seen a car mechanic driving a piece of junk

and an obese cardiologist preaching about diet

I've read shitloads of philosophy easy to debunk

heard many a big mouth that had better be quiet.

I've read some discussions on this Hub Pages

done by pseudo-experts in science of shrinking

with their very own issues at the different stages

applying themselves in their wrong call of thinking.

With their writer's score being as low as low it goes

maybe they shouldn't even touch that keyboard

let alone speak up like someone who knows

more than they can intellectually afford.

Amazing to see patients talking as shrinks

even giving advices to other suffering folks

coming up with their solutions like in a blink

making of shrinkology but a bunch of jokes.

People are strange when they are hurting

instead of privately doing their best to heal

they compensate pain by senseless blurting

as if that gives them something better to feel.

Hating Politicians -- a Sweet Pastime

Running out of names for our bosses

after having signed all union petitions

we get emotional over national losses

so there we go -- hating our politicians.

Secretly fed up with our controlling spouse

but with no balls to ask for equality granting

we resort to focusing on another kind of louse

where freedom of speech equals a good ranting.

As our mother-in-law gets on our tired nerves

that "in-law" meaning the legal pain in the ass

so we project on politicians all she deserves

bitching either about poor or that elite class.

After all those prayers turned out in vain

our God still too untouchable to blame

searching within our pissed off brain

we blame politicians just the same.

Wiping off from mirror many of our flaws

maybe accusing our parents of them all

we funnel them into some noble cause

where authority figure can take a fall.

© 2021 Val Karas

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