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Emily McDowell & Friends Has A Bundle of Affirmation and Love for You


Sometimes A Person Needs To Hear It

Sometimes it’s important to tell a special friend or significant other just how special you think they are. And to reafirm just how great you think they are too. There’s a lot of ways to do this, so we won’t dwell on examples, but the point really boils down to finding a way to show them as well. One way to do this is with a gift — again there’s a lot of examples you can look at for this — but it should be something that reafirms what you wanted to tell them: that they are special and how you are glad that they are here and that you can know them. One way to do this would be with a group of gifts, small gifts because we’re not trying to buy the fact that you think they are special. So these small gifts don’t need to cost thousands or show up on high-priced catalogs; no they need to be expressions of that desire to convey that you are telling that person that they are special. And if the gifts can be humorous and fun-inducing, then so much the better. Which is why we are now saying that the way to do this is with Emily McDowell & Friends Real Life Hero Bundle and the Amazing Human Pep Talk Bundle.


Real Hero's Drink Coffee

Starting with the Real Life Hero Bundle, there’s supportive energy swirling its way around and just waiting to be unleashed. As is the THANK YOU for EXISTING! and other exclamations and adoration Sticky Note Packet. This is easy to describe because the title says it all — the stickers can go anywhere and the sayings on them reafirm the title. And there’s humor involved too — example: I Love Your Stupid Face. But there’s also You’re The Best and others too.

Now nothing affirms like caffeine so a mug that’s got Rosie the Riveter crossed with a rainbow sounds good. Providing it’s 11 ounces of ceramic dishwasher/microwave safe. So yes it is. The box even lets you see what there is to see before opening it — avoiding trepidation and nervousness. So what does the mug say? OK Let’s Do This, is what. How’s that for getting to the heart of the matter, while giving you warmth through liquid?

The final part is bringing a cloth covered notebook where it is needed — which is right here! Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert takes it over and the foil stamped, 160 lined pages have a ribbon marker, sure. And what it says on the cover says it all — it’s too long to write here so see the picture.


Get Your Pep Up

Taking the Human Pep Talk Bundle, we find it’s a care package for amazing humans. Or in this case one in particular. First up is a magnet — we all know what they do and how they work and there’s a refrigerator just waiting for it to be plunked onto. Where it will stay until the end of time and affirm its statement every time the person goes to open the door and get something. What does this 3 1/2 x 2. 1/3” (aprox) magnet say? It blurts out what a great job the person is doing, is what it says. But it does say it a bit enthusiastically when it goes “You are doing a <bleeping> Great Job. With a period at the end for emphasis, yes. That’s good to hear pretty much anytime of day.

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Next up is the “YOU ARE Very Smart AND Pretty” sticky notes set. Because it shouldn’t be up to others to point this out (not even you), if some cool colored 2 3/4 x 2 3/4” (aprox) stickers are ready to do that for you and go wherever they can, because they can go where nobody has gone before (at least as it applies to putting stickers). Comments on the stickers range from how cool the person is to how smart and pretty (yeah, exactly like it says on the cover), to just how “rah rah” the person is. And for such how epic that person is too. There’s 40 sheets so they can be used liberally.


Eyes Forward

The final from the Pep Talk package consists of the Eyes Forward Journal. This paperback sized book has 160 lined pages and a ribbon marker, but what’s more important is that it’s just waiting for the comments that that person can apply to the pages. The thoughts and ideas and affirmations abound from bucket lists to any kind of list. And with a soaring bird and rainbow motif, what will appear on those pages should be awesome.

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