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Ellie Lynn Diabetic Life

Ellie Lynn is a 10 year old diabetic she was diagnosed at the age of 4. The struggles are real but the desire to be normal is just as real.

Ellie Lynn

Ellie Lynn

Ellie Before

Young, beautiful, brave and strong. Ellie is only one of millions of children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Follow her journey to strive to become her true self and do what other "normal" children do!

Ellie had a traumatic beginning to her diabetes. While staying at her grandparents house her mother and father received a call that no parent ever wants to hear. Ellie isn't responding to her grandparents. She can barely open her eyes all words are sluggish and make no sense. Poor Ellie is unable to understand what is going on. By the time she reached the hospital her blood sugar was extremely high. The Doctor had never seen a Blood Sugar reading so high before.

Ellie soon made her way to a much larger hospital that was experienced in juvenile diabetes. Doctors did everything in their power to keep Ellie from slipping into a coma. They did just that but not without a huge fight. Doctors informed the parents that if Ellie had gone just one hour longer she would have ended up in a coma.

Even though, Ellie had a rough beginning to her life long diabetic journey, Ellie remained stronger than ever. She kept pushing like a real trooper. Of course, through out the years Ellie had ended up in the hospital for things such as high key tones all due to just an ear infection. This hospital stay lasted a full week in order to straighten out her blood sugar numbers and reduce the key tones in her urine.

Ellie has had some rough goes but she is still just like most normal kids. Yes, she may have to stop and check her blood sugar every two hours or as needed or even eat in the middle of a basketball game because her blood sugar dropped too low. Ellie is very active and involved in multiple activities just like any other child.

The New Ellie

Ellie is an inspiring young girl. She is doing her best to educate other children about Type 1 diabetes. Explaining to them that you can still play sports, enjoy birthday parties, go swimming, do all those things that any other child would do.

Ellie educates on diabetic devices and the benefits to using them. Also, stressing on paying attention to your own body and knowing how to read your body. what does your body do when it's extremely low? What does your body do when it's extremely high? These are things that Ellie likes to educate young children about. She expresses her concerns, pros and cons, in hopes that other children will learn and understand what diabetes actually is all about.

Most people think that diabetes is related to being overweight. That may be true to some extent with Type 2 diabetics but that isn't always the case with a Type 1 diabetic. Most people diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is because they inherited it. It's something that usually runs through the family.

Ellie has it from both her mother and fathers side of the family...double whammy if you know what I mean. However, like mentioned before she is such a trooper and inspiration to us all. She has done many things with her little life such as gymnastics, basketball, T-ball, and even won a super hero contest at school. Ellie will soon be starting a YouTube channel to continue her inspiration onto other children outside of her community. Her goal is to reach children all around the world. With her ambition and desires I believe she will do just that!


Meek and small little red head or "Big Red" so most call her. Is such an inspiration that even her best friend has taken on the passion that Ellie has in learning more about diabetes. Mind you, her friend is not a diabetic but simply wants to learn! There is so much unknown about diabetes and I think it's the unknown that most are scared of. It's unknown if there will ever be a cure or if people will continue to suffer!

Like any disease or illness it's important to have a strong relationship with those close to you. On days when Ellie doesn't quite seem herself or starts to get down and out, she finds strength in those close to her, her family, friends and even her teachers. However, I think we find strength in her!

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Interesting. Jesus Loves you.

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