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How Your Moods Affect Your Body's Health

Val isn't playing life coach by sharing some useful ideas gathered over 7 decades of life experience and hundreds of books on human nature.

Our body is emanating a field of energy around itself, with vibrations that can be detected, and displaying our state of health.

Our body is emanating a field of energy around itself, with vibrations that can be detected, and displaying our state of health.

If the physical world can affect mind, but mind cannot affect physical world, then it's the only one-way interaction known to science.

-- Larry Dossey, MD

It Just Has to Start with a Strong Motivation

Let me say it up front -- I am not about to parade with my basics in the science of epigenetics, but I have to put this article on some solid legs, just to avoid an impression of pushing something like New Age stuff.

As for the technicalities and phraseology being used, they are only at the level at which I could understand them myself, so neither should they pose a problem to a reader.

Now, are healing and transformational miracles possible, other than those documented as result of a religious faith? Yes, and there is an ample body of evidence that people have achieved spontaneous remissions in certain heavy diagnoses without praying, or even with no changes in their diet or life style.

So what was the mechanism at work?

According to the researchers of the so called progressive medicine, and notably those conducting certain transformational workshops, all of those ex-patients, while interviewed, were pointing to one common denominator in most of the cases.

They all had changed their emotional makeup, once faced with the verdict of having only so much left to live. They stopped worrying, complaining, and and otherwise stressing themselves out -- and just decided to live it up in each precious moment -- and that alone did the whole miracle of healing.

As for those who didn't feel pressed to make that step from a funeral to a new lease on life -- but simply wanted to find the best version of themselves available in the library of their genetic potential -- they achieved the same miraculous transformation.

Time and time again Dr. Joe Dispenza has guided the attendants of his workshops, with some intense daily emotional reprogramming, to their desired outcomes. Along with his technical team equipped with state of the art instruments, he could demonstrate objective changes in the people's new vitality markers and the whole model of functioning.

My description of what exactly was going on at such events wouldn't do any justice to them, so let's make it as simple as possible -- where it is possible.

Which is bringing us to our main theme of elevated emotions. What are they? Why are they so important for us? How to make them work for us?

While there is nothing like a step by step manual that could instruct someone about how to persist with an emotion which appears strange to their daily emotional repertoire, we just have to resort to our imagination here.

You see, in those workshops the setting is all different, as the group spirit does a lot, with those "contagious vibes" filling the room.

Since any of that is impossible in this case, anyone with a strong enough motivation to outgrow their yesteryear's limitations, can use the following guidelines and succeed.

I think that the craziest thing about all this is, that at a face value it seems all so misleadingly simple, but as we try to put it to a practice, a maddening truism about our nature is bound to hit us hard.

Namely, damn it -- we tend to resist any change, any disruption of our well played in comfort zone, no matter how much suffering that "comfort" has been causing us. Ever seen a heavy smoker coughing? Been one yourself maybe? So you may get a clear idea how precious our emotional addictions are to us, and how the whole body will resist our attempts to introduce some "crazy feelings of gratitude".

Especially, since we are supposed to be grateful for something "in advance".

Joy in our heart upregulates expression of our genes responsible for our body's biological equilibrium.

Joy in our heart upregulates expression of our genes responsible for our body's biological equilibrium.

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The body feeds on man's words. Where those words are life-giving, they are health-producing.

-- Catherine Ponder

Placing Cart in Front of Horse -- but It Works

In simple words, we all have something like our emotional model, feeling and thinking, thinking and feeling the same way from year to year. That's why it will take a decent effort on our part to implement in it something as strange as gratitude for something that hasn't even happen yet.

Our minds simply don't work that way -- we first have to receive something, and only then feel grateful.

Talking about the mechanism at work, our brain and body can't tell the difference between a blessing already received and an imagined one. Thus, when we are emotionally experiencing a desired future outcome, we have yanked ourselves from the emotional addiction of the past, and with new neural pathways being created, we give our body a new biological blueprint to follow.

Which brings us to our body's truth -- because what we are seeing in the mirror is but a reflection of the sum total of all stresses accumulated over the years.

For the longest time geneticists believed in something like "genetic determination" , meaning that our genes at birth pretty much dictate our biology, our predisposition to either a good or a bad health.

But then it all changed with some breakthrough discoveries pointing to a fact that our genome is constantly shifting in its expression of genes -- all depending on -- you are beginning to see -- the messages our cells are receiving about "how safe and favorable their living environment" feels like.

And since emotions are the main language that our body understands, those emotionally charged messages are picked up by the cellular intelligence, which results with upregulating or downregulating of our genes' expression.

Talking about our general and particular state of health, our level of vitality, youthfulness and our resilience -- we are either stressing the hell out of our cells' will to live, or nourishing a life promoting emotional environment for our body -- by our elevated emotions.

Should I repeat myself from those of my articles about the horrible irony of the draconic "protective" measures during the covid-19 pandemic, along with daily bombardment by the media with reports of those dead and testing positive?

Namely, that global paranoia, financial uncertainties and social isolation -- indirectly -was killing more people than the virus would have done it by itself. Can we imagine what all that racket did on the people's cellular level, while supposedly "protecting us"?

But, O.K., a huge theme as it is, let's leave it in those other articles, while it was worth mentioning it within our context as an extreme example of negative messages that the cells can receive about the safety of their environment and then degrading their model of functioning accordingly.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton has said it so elegantly: "Stress becomes out biology".

So can we see now how crucial it is that we change our emotions, especially if we have such a strong desire to heal both, our body and our mind.

On that tiniest of tiny level, we are but an energy field affected by the energy of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

On that tiniest of tiny level, we are but an energy field affected by the energy of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

Think what makes you truly happy to think.

-- Gerold G. Jampolsky, MD

The Role of Emotions in Our Quantum - Energetic Body

The importance of our emoting may even become more obvious when we start thinking about our bodies in terms of the quantum realm.

Namely, at that unfathomable, super-tiny, sub-atomic level, we are but a bundle of energy carrying an unthinkable dynamic exchange of information which orchestrates life in us from one to another milli-second of our life.

It's a maddening complexity which the medical science -- or any science for that matter -- may never fully understand. Just like we only fractionally understand what electricity is -- by the way it behaves and the way it may be harnessed -- so we may do a lot of smart guessing never really understanding that mysterious "spark of life" in us and in all animate forms.

Science keeps giving names to some half-cooked concepts, and it's often merely a matter of intellectual arrogance, a pretense that they are holding the bag with the ultimate truth of the reality of anything between flea's digestion to Super Nova in the universe.

So, in the same way that we fragmentally understood the electricity enough as to use a switch for turning the lights on and off -- so we can say that our emotions are that switch that upregulates and downregulates genes that are signaling all our biology and functions with directives how to behave.

Really folks, we are taking our emotions way too much for granted, as something that just wells up in us and we have no say about it. The truth about it is dumping the whole responsibility right on our laps.

It has been pretty much established for a fact that out of the field of infinite potentiality of quantum realm, we collapse those waves of energy into our manifested reality as we are perceiving it with our five senses -- and we are doing it with our mentality, notably our emotions.

Emotions are not only energy, but also carriers of information, which in all that energetic dynamism representing our body dictates the biological and physiological outcomes.

Someone has expressed it so nicely like this: "When you are sad, the toe on your foot is sad as well."

It's through the quantum principle of nonlocality that each of those trillion cells of our body communicate with each other without those signals having to "travel" at all. It all happens simultaneously, and it's going on throughout our day that those predominant emotions are setting the genetic tone in the model of our functioning.

We are all sort of "indoctrinated" by the old school of understanding our health and our "vitality voltage" -- mostly by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment, in whose interest it will never be that the world's populace become disease-free.

So we listen to what the good doctor is telling us, and we are pecking on those pills, and all along playing smart at social gatherings about those "nutritional secrets".

In other words, we are programmed by our cultural paradigm into a collective consciousness which keeps us limited within the frames of ignorance, dogma and misinformation -- whether intentional or not.

In this article I offered to the reader something from the top shelf of current science to consider.

So, don't fire your doctor, your shrink or your dietician -- but just the same try to feel grateful for having already achieved those desired end results.

And please, don't let them include George Clooney's looks, a rocket scientist's mind, or a billionaires mindset. Not that it would theoretically be beyond achievable to a high degree -- but for that you would need a gigantic will power.

So don't fall for those motivational books when they are telling you: "Sky is the limit". No, sky is a very high place, and we are not even equipped to jump very high without making our fall very painful.

However, while talking about falling, think of the wisdom of that boxing champ Mohamed Ali: "It doesn't matter how many times you fall -- what matters is how many times you get up."

O.K. this article may never end if I keep telling you all that's presently on my mind. But hey, I have even managed to spare you from my bragging about what elevated emotions have done for me. LOL.

Be well everyone, and -- put a smile on that face, it looks good on you.

It's up to our mind and heart how healthy we are

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