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Effects of Running on Sexual Health

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A good sexual life is the most desirable wish to any couple. A good intimacy ensures a profound emotional bond in the relationship. Sexual problems are getting more common worldwide, which is multi factorial. Troubles in achieving healthy intimacy can be devastating and impact both partners and the overall relationship. But what if you get to know an easy, affordable yet effective way to fix this problem? It is running, which can help you win the race on the bed too.

This article will discuss the unusual effects of running to improve your sex life.

Running Helps Decrease Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunctions are common, affecting more than 15% of the male population worldwide, where erectile dysfunction is top of the list.

Sexual dysfunction can be due to either physical or psychological problems. Secondly, chronic diseases can be a cause of sexual problems.

A systematic review in the journal Sexual Medicine found that physical activity helps decrease erective dysfunction. It further recommended that aerobic exercise of moderate to high-intensity 4-times a week can be helpful. Overall, the weekly exercise activity of 2 hours for 6-months improves erectile function, secondary to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac diseases.

Another study evaluating the effect of aerobic exercise on erectile dysfunction found that aerobic exercise such as running and swimming could relieve erectile dysfunction due to arterial insufficiency supplying to the male sexual organs.

Running Counteract Anxiety

Anxiety to perform well during intercourse is one of the most common fears, especially for those trying it for the first time. This anxiety can affect intimacy even if you are perfect in every way. It could impede sustainable erections in men, tense vaginal muscles and dryness in women, making intercourse painful and stressful to both sexual partners. Regular running exerts an anti-anxiety impact brain by lowering stress, boosting self-esteem and confidence-reflected in heightened sexual libido and sexual performance.

Running Boost Stamina and Confidence


Studies claimed that regular runners tend to have elevated perceived physical fitness and body image that makes them more confident and desirable in bed.

Moreover, running activities increase endurance by enhancing cardiac health and blood circulation, which would be helpful for a good sexual performance in bed.

Running Triggers Hormones That Spark Arousal

Regular running exercise causes the release of endocannabinoids that targets the pleasure receptors in the brain, making you more euphoric, energetic, and positive to get you in the mood. It also heightened touch perceptions, increasing orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

Running Boosts Testosterone Hormone

Testosterone hormone is responsible for masculinity and manly looks in males. Healthy testosterone levels influence sex drive, libido, sperm quality and fertility. Testosterone levels start dropping a bit after the 30s, but running can boost those levels back. Healthy testosterone levels signify good sex derive and libido.

A study in Med Sci Sports Exercise found that participants who had a 3-month moderate aerobic exercise such as running have had improved (14%) DHT (testosterone) levels than controls (1.7%).

Additionally, running activities relieves stress and promote good sleep that further positively impacts testosterone secretions in males.

A Research study found that people (both males and females) with faster half marathons have had a big ring finger to index finger ratio that is specifically associated with increased testosterone exposure and sex drive.



A healthy sexual life keeps the relation alive and makes a stronger emotional bond with your sweetheart. Sexual problems are not uncommon, and running can help to relieve these problems. Running reduces mental stress, arouse pleasure, heighten mind positivity, grow confidence in bed, increases healthy testosterone levels, weight loss and increase endurance due to cardiac fitness and good blood circulation.

Good sexual health requires no more than 30 minutes running 3-4 times a week. Running does not only cure sexual problems but also bestow you with benefits in other aspects of wellbeing. Keep running: Keep loving.

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