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Easy Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Fit at Home During the Pandemic

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We recently completed one year of the ‘Fit India Movement’ initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During the first anniversary, PM Modi interacted with several fitness enthusiasts and personalities including Milind Soman and Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli.

On this occasion, he addressed the nation and stressed the importance of eating good, healthy food, and staying fit. During the live event, he revealed one of the secret dishes that have helped him stay fit and active. It is ‘Sehjan Ke Patte’ (drumstick leaves).


Many celebrity fitness trainers believe that most of the food we eat in our homes are healthy and full of protein and essential minerals.

For the holistic growth and overall development of the kids and teenagers at home, it is important to eat home-made food. Not only it will help them become stronger physically but also become smarter mentally.

In this article, let’s discuss some of the most effective tips to keep your children stay fit and healthy by eating proper food:

The Coronavirus Pandemic Situation

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, children are unable to go to school or even play outside freely. It's been such a long time since they had a good outdoor time with their friends. They are forced to stay inside the home, which now becomes extremely difficult for them.

Apart from learning new things, going to school allows them to have an enjoyable time with their fellow classmates and friends.

Further, by going to and from home to school six days a week, it gave them a mild exercise essential for the proper working of the body. But due to the ongoing crisis, situations have changed a lot and they're unable to keep themselves active and energetic like before.


Kids are taking online classes and they’re also not able to freely enjoy the outside play with their nearby friends.

Although many state governments have announced the opening of schools, it will still be unclear whether their parents will allow their children to school considering the safety factor. That is the reason, it is important to take good care of your kids in terms of giving them healthy food.

Let's now discuss in detail the effective tips for keeping your kids healthy and fit with proper food:

1. Include Milk in Your Kid's Daily Diet

Milk provides our body with essential Vitamin A and calcium. And they’re more important for kids for their timely growth and development.

Give your kids at least a full glass of milk every morning or at night. Many children do hesitate when it comes to drinking milk. But it is your responsibility to make them understand the importance and encourage them to have it.

If they can drink simple milk than it is good, otherwise, you can put in some protein powder for a little taste. If they really cannot have milk, be sure to include curd in their morning or afternoon meal, as a substitute for milk.


You can also give them eggs if you want. Depending on your child, two eggs shall be enough for them. If you plan to give them a bread egg sandwich, use only flour bread instead of the standard bread.

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Green and orange-colored vegetables have Vitamin A in them. So, make sure to include these veggies in your child’s daily meal. Kids can also munch carrot while playing at home.

2. Avoid Obesity at All Cost

In today’s time when almost everything is going online and you rarely have to step outside your home, it is easier to put on some weight. And once you increase your weight, it becomes extremely difficult to get back in shape again.

Not only this but a healthy body also easily attracts diseases. If your child gets addicted to junk food and is not having proper healthy food, he/she will become the next patient for obesity.


Recently in Mexico, junk food was banned when it was found that it was affecting the lives of children and making them overweight.

Under this new regulation, eating junk food is considered the same crime as promoting the consumption of alcohol and cigarette. So, you can see how serious is the situation of obesity in children.

This is not just the story of Mexico, but many more countries around the world, including India. Many parents are experiencing their kids getting overweight sooner in life. Therefore, it is important to keep your children out of obesity.

3. Avoid Junk Food

Let's face it, most children and teenagers (and even adults) love junk food.

According to a study by a reputed Indian pediatrician, most kids eat various kinds of junk food at least three to four times a week. That’s approximately half of the month.

When it was asked to young kids that do you know that with the consumption of junk food, different types of chemicals are going inside your body. Most of them had no idea about this, which is really a matter of serious concern.


As per the study conducted in the UK, researchers have found that the added preservatives in fast, junk, and processed food consist of a lot of harmful chemicals. And these chemicals go inside our body and kill the good bacteria responsible for digestion and keep us fit.

In these situations, whenever possible, the children should stay away from all the junk food no matter what. Whatever your children are eating, try to find out and analyze the nutrition index of it.

4. The Joy of Eating Home-made Food

Your kids and children are staying home so that doesn’t mean they can't enjoy the home-made food.

You can make burgers, noodles, or pizza for your kids while they’re at home. But make sure not to make frequently. Once in two weeks will be fine for most kids.

If your children love eating burgers and similar food, you can include fiber proteins and vegetables in it. You can also make flour-made pasta and pair it with mixed veg.


Quick Tips to Make Your Healthy Food Delicious

  • You can have parathas rolled with paneer bhurji.
  • Make paneer tikka with several veggies.
  • Include mashed onion and cucumber to in thick curd to get a striking taste
  • In spite of bred jam, you can have a paneer sandwich, vegetable sandwich, or a bread omelet.
  • You can take parathas rolled with a thick paste of curd or coriander.
  • For rice lovers, you can put some nutrients or vegetables in rice similar to the biryani.
  • In the lunch meal, you should have curd, grains, pulses, and vegetables with parathas with mashed onion, cucumber, radish, paneer, and sugar beets.


  • Parathas: a common flatbread in the Indian subcontinent region usually taken in the morning or afternoon.
  • Paneer: a kind of non-melting cheese, usually the most favored non-vegetarian Indian food.

Important Eating Habits You should Incorporate

  1. Eating fruits and vegetables improves our immunity and keeps our weight under control. At least half of our meals should consist of vegetables.
  2. Excess sugar consumption increases the fat and, thus, our weight. Out of the total calorie intake, the sugar contribution should not be more than 0 to 5 percent.
  3. Don't eat too much spicy or salty food. Excess salt in food results in high blood pressure and increases the chance of many heart and kidney-related diseases.
  4. Packaged or processes food consists of chemicals that have no or less nutrition. So, make sure to completely avoid them in your daily diet.
  5. Chicken, egg, beans, peas, and dry fruits are a great source of essential proteins. Add them to your eating habits.
  6. Vegetarian kids can have almond, walnut, and flaxseed.
  7. Fish consists of Omega 3 that helps in the overall brain development. So, you can have fish once it for two or three weeks.
  8. The consumption of cold drinks is one of the root causes of obesity. Therefore, avoid drinking cold drinks at any cost.


As compared to adults, it is more difficult to make children eat healthy food. Due to minimal physical activities, kids are feeling low and washed out in this pandemic.

It's time we should look after their health properly, and encourage them to play a little at the rooftop or in front of the home for some time.

A child's stomach is very small and, thus, it is easy to make it full. But instead of normal food, we must incorporate healthy eating habits in them so that they can grow further and become healthier and happier physically and mentally.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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