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Easy Tricks to Quit Smoking

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Smoking kills, maybe not now but someday. It’s just another habit learned from our ancestor who used to smoke during rituals and ceremonies or for medical purposes. A timeline of tobacco, which is the primary ingredient, shows that it was known long before Columbus met the Native Americans. As the timeline goes by, you would know that there were laws and prohibitions on smoking which were just lifted or lost its effectivity. Then you will see some countries proposed and implemented laws on regulating tobacco products. With those regulations, ads and posters that indicates smoking is dangerous, people still take a puff even knowing the dangers of cigarette.

Tips and Tricks to Quit on Smoking

Smoking is a habit-forming activity wherein you crave to take a puff every now and then. Some people find it hard to stop until they notice the change and the declining of their health. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you to quit smoking.

Start Another Activity that might Keep You Busy

You can take on other activity to keep you busy and forget your cravings. Try some sketching with android apps. Make some finger foods you’ve learned on the internet. You can also make some articles here at HubPages. You can engage in some early morning jogging or do it alone. Try to play some online games to keep your time occupied. There are so many activities that can keep you going or you can just spend your time at home with your family and watch some movies without going out to buy some packs and start a puff.

Let Your Kid Take Your Coins

Sounds crazy, but it works. Let your son or daughter get your coins from your pocket and drop it in their coin banks. Not only you will lose some coins to buy your cigarette but it will fill your children’s coin bank for future use. Make an improvised coin bank from a can of paint and design it with some cartoon characters to encourage the kid to put and drop coins whenever he or she sees one. Let them take a peek at the pockets of those pants hanging to gather the coins and save them.

Coins taken out of the coin bank, ready to buy some toys.

Coins taken out of the coin bank, ready to buy some toys.

Take an Early Jog

Wake up early in the morning and put on your running shoes. Try to run around the neighborhood or in an open space like a campus oval or gym. You will see that you get tired easily with just half a lap on the ground. It’s because of your weak lungs due to the smoke your taking. The more you notice your tiredness, the more you will crave for a puff, so it is better to run and take your cravings away with jogging. Do it for quite some time and you will notice that you won’t crave that much after an early morning run.

Ride a Bike

If you are not fond of jogging, why not ride your bike and do some pedaling at some tracks or in the environment like near the seas or hillsides. You can try to ride a bike uphill or downhill. It might be good to join a bike club or group wherein you can have a company to ride with.

An early morning ride.

An early morning ride.

Never Bring Money when You Take a Stroll

Sounds hard, right? But it is the best trick you can do to stop smoking. It’s hard to walk around without your wallet or any change at hand. If you can’t help but carry your wallet around, try to not stopping by some stores or try not to take a look at the counter table, where the cigarettes were displayed. Instead buy something like a sundae, a coffee shake, a drink in a tetra pack or even a can of meatloaf or tuna just to keep you from buying and taking a puff.

A cup of milk tea rather than a pack of cigar.

A cup of milk tea rather than a pack of cigar.

Say No to an Offer

You might try to stay away from companions who smoke or decline if you were offered one. Explain to them that you are quitting smoke for the sake of your health or if it would hurt your ego or your peer’s feeling, try to answer that you have just taken one. It’s not so bad to be not one of the gang if it is required to take a puff every time. It is not that bad to lose a friend than to lose your life. Still, a friend is a friend whether you smoke or not.

There were many things you can do to stop smoking. These tricks and tips were just some guides on how you can do it, or might help you quit smoking. The main idea is to discipline yourself and overcome your cravings. It would be hard at first but it would be worth it at the end.

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Klarenz V (author) from Philippines on November 10, 2020:

Thank you ma'am Brenda for dropping your thoughts. It is really hard to quit smoking but I managed to because of the idea that I may die one day due to smoking. As I've said, it's hard at first but worth it at the end.

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BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 10, 2020:

I have quit before for a whole year and then restarted.

When I did quit there were subtle things I did like eliminating that have to have cigarette first.

Making myself wait a couple hours afterwards before I smoked it.

I also changed what I would eat, drink and so forth. It did help me to not light up as quickly.

Then the day came when I had decided was quit day.

I just totally quit.

But as crazy as this sounds...I always had a pack of cigarettes in my house. Somehow it helped me.

Your ideas are good. Like keeping busy and taking a jog.

But i find that if someone wsnts to smoke, they will do so.

Klarenz V (author) from Philippines on November 10, 2020:

Yes it is truly addictive because of some habit forming compounds found in there. You can try those tricks mentioned above because it worked on me and some of my peers, especially the coins bank stuff. Just remember that discipline is the key to quitting. Let us add some moral support to our friends who were trying to quit smoking.

Liz Westwood from UK on November 09, 2020:

Smoking is so addictive, any tips that can help smokers quit the habit are useful.

Hertha David from Windhoek, Namibia on November 09, 2020:

Hi this is an amazing article but how can I help a friend who smokes?

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