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Easy Practices to Attain Peace in Fast Life

Life can be overwhelming. But there are practices to live peacefully. I have learnt these practices and believe that they are worth sharing.

Do you love yourself? If yes, you are on track to a happy life, and if you don’t, you will have to learn it. Our life is fantastic and moving at a fast pace. We all want to grow fast and have forgotten ourselves in this high pace of achievement. This article will help you with some easy-to-understand practices that can bring you peace and calmness in this super fast environment. Let’s start and understand the practices:

1. Prioritize your happiness over others:

Prioritizing happiness is the most crucial first step to improving your personal journey. Not sure how many of you prioritize self-happiness over others, but this is extremely important. Many of you must have heard this before, but how many of you executed it? Implement it now! Just review your life for a moment and assess when you spent quality time with your loved ones? Was it when you were frustrated or when you were contented? Now, based on the answer that you have in your heart, make a quick adjustment. The reality is, if you are happy within yourself, you will be able to serve the same contentment to others. Many people think this is selfish. But if little selfishness sources happiness for people around you, it’s worth it! So, if you are thinking about selfishness, don’t worry; it’s not being selfish!

How to live peacefully

How to live peacefully

2. Take out ‘Me’ Time for yourself

We work hard every day, sometimes it’s planned, and many times it isn’t. We don’t really get time to observe our daily course. When was the last time you sat in a lonely room and thought about your happiness and priorities? You need to meet your own intellect and heart every day, at least for 30 minutes. Because this is how you would realize what you really want in life. If you already take out ‘me’ time, it’s fantastic, but if you don’t, start it today. I practice this every day with a pen and a notebook. I call it a thinking notebook. I think about things that I would love to have in my life and mention it in my notebook. Then I practice visualization to feel that I already have those things and enjoy their possession in my mind. In a few minutes, when I open my eyes, I feel wonderful and rejoiced. I then plan to achieve those things practically in life and write down small goals to achieve them. You can do this your own way. This practice serves you a beautiful experience, as you will live in your dream world, disconnected from the real world for 30 minutes. At the end of this practice, you feel peaceful and rejuvenated.

3. Do one thing that you love

Do you take out time for yourself? If yes, great, you can directly jump to the fourth point, but if not, you are calling for trouble, and you need to fix it. Just close your eyes at this very moment and ask yourself what do you like the most? No matter if it’s the funniest or a silly activity, but if it makes you happy, nothing else can be better. Let’s do it for a few seconds. I just closed my eyes and heard my heart, it said I love playing Cricket with friends, I love reading Self-improvement titles, and I love watching content on Netflix or PrimeVideo. So, what did your heart tell you? Please make sure you tell me that in the comment section below. Once aware, you must make every effort to perform this activity every day or at least on the weekend. I am writing this at the time of lockdown, so I can’t play cricket, but I am reading self-improvement books. I have recently finished reading a book called ‘Declutter Your Mind by S.J Scott and Barrie Davenport.’ Some topics of this article are covered in detail in this book. I have also bought a kindle membership for an unlimited free book and thoroughly enjoying it.

Peaceful Life_Meditation

Peaceful Life_Meditation

4. Meditate for 5 minutes to revive

I know you are probably thinking that it’s easy said than done and I know you must have heard this umpteen time before. However, if you contemplate, read and research on it a bit, you will know how important this is, and you should not ignore this. There are distinguished Gurus, motivational speakers and life mentors who advise to perform this practice for mindfulness, but we never consider it essential. Many of us don’t even know that we tend to dislike this practice because of anxiety and our overwhelming lives. We find it difficult to bring our mind at peace and we fail to conquer anxiety. Hence, we end up rejecting this practice. Perhaps, for the 100th time but I will still reprise that this is indeed a very important practice for your peace. I am not asking you to do it for hours every day but start with small goals. Start by 2 to 3 minutes a day and then reach to a stage of 5 minutes and so on. To make you believe, how it can help you, let’s do it together for a minute or so. Let’s close our eyes, put both index fingers on your eyes and use thumbs to close your ears, just try to calm down and relax for a minute. Breathe in deeply from, your nose until air fills in your stomach and then breathe out slowly from your mouth. Just try to focus on your breathing. Don’t try to control your mind, let it roam freely but whenever you get conscious about your meditation, try to focus back on your breathing. After a minute or two, move your hands away from your face and open your eyes slowly. How do you feel? I believe most of you would love it. (I will be happy to read your experiences in the comments section.) You can gradually increase time, but you should ensure to do it for 5-10 minutes every day to add peace to the life. There are so many apps available like Headspace, Calm etc. to help you practice meditation. If you wish to learn this practice, you can download any of these apps and set up your goals on it.

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5. Rediscover yourself - Add spice to your job

I disagree with the fact that a job or work can be boring. Some of you would be thinking, this is incorrect. However, I feel that there are many ways to add spice to the boring job or rediscover your lost passion from your existing job. It is possible that you are stuck in a wrong job or there could be a feeling that you have already explored all possibilities of learning and earning from it. When you reach this stage, you are left with two choices; either accept that your learning is saturated or make it exciting by finding your new passion and adding little achievable tasks related to your passion in your everyday work. To share an example from my life, I was in Customer Service job for about 10 years, but I was keen to get into marketing, as I always thought that I was creative. So, I always tried to find ways to relate my Customer Service job to Marketing. I used to read about marketing every day, I made my friends who had experience in marketing, and I collaborated with internal marketing team for small marketing projects. I then realized that there could be lot of small projects that I could perform through my customer service team. So, I took up lot of small marketing projects like email campaigns, SMS campaigns, uploading product pictures and description online etc. Seeing my interest, I started getting many small unimportant jobs in marketing. I accepted those happily, as I knew that working on them will open the doors for me to something I love. One year down the line, I was managing a full-fledged digital marketing team! Finally, my passion rose to a stage, where I opted for a part time Post Graduate diploma course in Marketing and International business. This was mainly because I wanted to have both theoretical and practical expertise marketing. My schedule was extremely difficult, when I was doing this course, but those 2.5 years were best years of my life. Today, I am working as a Business Head with an insurance aggregator and managing in-house marketing team. I am also involved in lot of content writing and blogging now, as it adds spice to my current job. So, I have given you my advice, you have a choice to take or reject it. But remember adding this spice, will give you little peace and big happiness that you are looking for.

6. Get back to simplicity of life

I feel we are running too fast without knowing the destination and some of us know the destination but running fast ignoring the pleasure of the blissful journey. I recommend slowing down. I am not advising that you should not find your destination, or you should not try to reach there. But I am suggesting you to start enjoying your journey by rejoicing achievements of little goals that are taking you forward to your ultimate destination. When I was going through my Post Graduate course, one of my faculties was a highly experienced professional, as he worked as a CEO of one of the reputed global white goods company. Once I asked him for an advice on becoming a CEO. He told me, ‘Param, CEO profile comes with lot of side effects! He guided me that I must try to become CEO, but I should not wait for the destination for fun and celebration rather I should enjoy the journey, keeping destination as a goal in the mind. He told me that I will realize that journey was much better than the destination itself. I am following the advice and sharing the same with you.

7. Organize your life

As I mentioned above, we are currently experiencing an overwhelming life and we face lot of unplanned tasks every moment. The email notifications, WhatsApp simulates the need of immediate response. This has broadly covered in the book that I have recently finished. But this has impacted our prioritization. We are almost drowning every day in so many messages and emails and that too in addition to our day to day family requirements. Our life is all cluttered. STOP! Let’s just make it simple. I have turned off all my notifications and I have a schedule in the whole day, when I go through these messages. I prioritize tasks of my life every day in my ‘Me’ time mentioned above. You should see what a priority is and organize your life, as per priorities. I urge all of you to slow down and add simplicity to your life.

To summarize, you can simply add peace to your life by just adding these seven practices to your daily life schedule. These practices can give you some thinking space, mindfulness for evaluation, course correction and can train your brain and body to overcome anxiety.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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