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Kidney Stones

My wonderful boyfriend, Terry was suffering with a kidney stone. His last kidney stone was 6mm, and he knew by the onset of symptoms that a new stone was forming. One week had passed and after work one early morning Terry tells me as I went to pick him up that he had seen blood in his urine.

We go to the emergency room, and after the Doctor examines him, and sees his urine sample which is all red, the doctor gasps and orders a cat scan. My thoughts are, expensive viist even with his poor quality insurance plan.  The cat scan has been completed and the antibiotic IV drug has been dripped into his arm because he also has an infection, and the Doctor confirms what we already know, a 3mm kidney stone.

I am not an expert on kidney stones, I did not know that a kidney stone is actually a stone which could be calcium based or not. Nor did I know that a stone will block your ability to urinate. I would venture to say that if I already had a 6mm stone that had to be crushed at one time or another, and it has been proven that certain foods or drinks like iced tea would cause such a stone to form, I would not have been consuming large quantities of iced tea. (daah)

However, it did not seem to have the same effect on my boyfriend Terry, who now has another kidney stone. The Doctor basically says that the stone has to pass, and there is a medication that will enlarge the uretha to enable the stone to pass easier. The medication only lasts a week, and his stone did not move and he was on the 2nd week.

Terry did not have the same level of pain as the stone before, yet it was annoying hearing the same whinning about the lack of urine passing by week two. I started some research and found a natural cure to solve his problem.

The natural cure for calcium kidney stones was very easy, drink 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and within 15 hours the kidney stone will pass. This method will prevent any hospital from charging you over $ 6,000.00. I figured that it could not hurt to mention this cure since nothing else was working, and Terry agreed and drank the lemon juice at 1:30am.

The next day at about 11:30am I hear sounds of great joy emerging from the bathroom as Terry is calling me. Terry informs me that he saw a speck of something red in his strainer, first sign in  over 2 weeks. Terry had been measuring his urine output for weeks, the highest was about 2 1/2 inches of urine.

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Sounds of joy fill the area of the bathroom by 4pm that day as Terry is calling me to tell me that something huge ( please see the picture) passed out of his private place. The kidney stone had passed all the way out! The urine flow returned to normal.

The sad thing is that a person goes to the hospital to be helped, the same person or their insurance is being charged a great deal of money for this privledge to be healed. There is no healing only a mere attempt to assist. I find the cure and it works and I do it out of love and basically for free.

Perhaps I can open a natural clinic but I guess that would be practcing medicine with out  a license. So I earn zero and solve the problem.

Who would think that lemon juice would fix a kidney stone?


lori on March 16, 2012:

I was told i have 15 1-3mm kidney stones in my left kidney and 2 1mm stones in my right its been seven days today and i am having little pain but not a great deal. So i'm online looking for ways to speed up the process. Think i will get this a try because it doesn't seem all the water i'm drinking is working!!! Will let you know.

Elena@LessIsHealthy on November 15, 2010:

I know that a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can help to get cured of liver stones.

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