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Why Isn’t Everyone Drinking Green Tea or Taking Green Tea Supplements?

With reported benefits ranging from reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes to increased metabolism and mental clarity, green tea seems like the ultimate late night infomercial snake oil product. However scientific research tends to support the anecdotal stories that green tea is truly a boon to overall health on many fronts.

Reduced Risks of Cancer

The consumption of green tea has long been prescribed in Eastern cultures for general medicinal purposes. Recent research has proved strong evidence that green tea can reduce the risk of lung, prostate, and breast cancer. Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols and the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), both of which have been shown in clinical studies to have cancer fighting properties.

A recent study was conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute that showed animals on a diet supplemented with catechin polyphenols experienced a reduction in the number and size of tumors. The catechin was observed to inactivate oxidants before cell damage occurred, thus reducing the effects of the cancerous tumors. Another study conducted at Kyushu University in Japan demonstrated that growth of human lung cancer was significantly reduced by the consumption of EGCG.


Increases Metabolic Rate

Clinical trials conducted by the University of Geneva in Switzerland indicated that green tea raises metabolic rates and speeds up fat oxidation. The researchers found that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract consistently burned more calories than those given only caffeine or a placebo. Another recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the effects of green tea consumption versus a placebo on weight loss and several measures of body fat in men over a 12 week period of time. After 12 weeks the men consuming green tea containing 690 mg catechins/day had a two-fold greater weight loss (-2.4 vs -1.3 kg) and fat loss (-1.4 vs -0.7 kg) compared to the men taking the placebo.

Additionally, the study assessed both subcutaneous and visceral fat in the abdominal region using computed tomography imaging. The men taking green tea had a dramatic four-fold greater reduction in subcutaneous and visceral fat in the abdomen.

With all of the evidence of the various health benefits of green tea it begs the question, why isn't everyone drinking green tea or taking green tea extract supplements?

Green Tea Cures Everything?

Not quite everything but several new studies have revealed a connection between the consumption of green tea and/or supplements containing EGCG with reducing the risk for contracting diabetes, slowing the spread of HIV, boosting the immune system, lowering stress levels and cognitive impairment, and even increasing metabolism.

A study conducted at the University of Sheffield in England discovered that EGCG boosted the immune system of HIV patients and slowed down the spread of HIV through the body. EGCG essentially won a battle for space on gp120 binding sites with HIV; preventing HIV from bonding with the cells and thus inhibiting it from spreading through the body.

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea for Everyone

With all of the evidence of the various health benefits of green tea it begs the question, why isn't everyone drinking green tea or taking green tea extract supplements? Of course if you have pre-existing heart or allergy issues consult your doctor before changing your diet or taking a new supplement. But for everyone else I highly recommend adding green tea or green tea supplements to your daily diet.


TotalHealth (author) from Hermosa Beach, CA on December 03, 2013:

Thanks FlourishAnyway, green tea is quite tasty and offers many health benefits. In past I use to drink about 2-3 cups of coffee per day but, after a thorough evaluation of my diet, I changed a few things one of them being my favorite daily hot drink, and since switching over to green tea I must say my energy level is much more stable throughout the day. - Thanks again for commenting.

FlourishAnyway from USA on November 25, 2013:

I've never tried green tea but after learning of the benefits here, I definitely want to give it a try. Thanks for presenting the information.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on November 10, 2013: