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Dreaming of a visit of dead supervisor already

I am a Christian who believes with the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

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Do you believe in dreams?

What is your dream meant for you or meant from others?

But before answering this, it is good to be back here. After more than a year, I think since my last hub posted here. Anyway, hoping so, I pay a visit for this writing.

I woke up few hours ago (1:30 AM, Manila Time) from a dream that I never expected. I do not know, if this will be a good one or a bad omen.

I am writing this hub right now while watching from different social media and after reading some information about "dream interpretation about paying a visit from a dead person already" sounds creepy, but do not know how it feels. Time right now is 4:02 AM, Manila Time.

Can You Read This?

Dreaming of a dead person already

Few minutes before I woke up at 1:30 AM, Manila Time, I saw my previous head librarian from my 1st school library work after graduation. My first school library work was way back 1998-2009, better count, how old/young I am right now. I transferred to an academic library on the last month of 2009 and goes back in the middle of 2010 on the same institution with her help. But after few months, she gone to America for a new life and left me in question, why she left us. This head librarian is the one who insisted me to taking a license for librarian's examination. She's the one who paid at first for my librarian's examination review.

But when she left for a job in America as a Physical Education teacher, I decided to transfer to left the school librarian that I used to work for more than a decade already. I became a academic librarian again in the nearby academic institution for business and the arts.

While working on that academic institution for business and the arts, I heard a news from a colleague as well as family members of my previous supervisor that she passed away already in America. I forgot, the reason of her disease. I wanted to pay her a visit when she move back to the Philippines for a funeral. Most of our co-workers pays her a visit while in the coffin before in the tribute for a funeral.

Fast forward...

I dream of her few hours ago. The content of my dream with her. I am standing in one area after a thesis defense (not sure the kind of thesis in that dream), technically, I didn't finish my Master's degree. I finished my academic subjects but the thesis was not done because of financial problem.

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In that dream, I saw my former head librarian smiling at me. She had a gift in her right hand holding but keeping the end of the dream without giving that to me. I do not know the meaning of that gift, why she didn't handed it over to me.

When I woke up, I thought it was already 5:30 AM but I reading another time zone because my mobile phone has different time zone in the screen. I cooked first my after midnight before dawn breakfast. While eating noodles, canned tuna and almost 2 cups of rice, I scanned something to read in different websites about dreaming of a dead person already.

What I've read makes me more confused, because some of it, mentioned it is more a positive in life and the one, it is more like a negative. Until I decided to watch a video in the internet.

The video that I've read tells me that if I am dreaming for a dead person which I know smiling at me (my head librarian before), is something that my sorrow will soon end and my life situation will change for the better soon. Technically, my life right now is in the dwindling sorrow specifically to finances. Not literally, I have no money, I do have money but not exactly enough to buy what I've need. From my salaries, it only buys some foods, paying the bills, buying some clothes, paying the house rent, etc. But for the saving, it is not that much, we save only a few couple of bank notes.

I have no exact information, why my former head librarian is the one who visited me in that dream smiling at me? Why she didn't gave that gift she's holding in her right hand, although she's smiling at me? Why I am in that thesis defense which became my unfulfilled success because I didn't finished my Master's degree? Why she's in that thesis defense which I am not sure, if she's part of that thesis defense? Is the a thesis facilitator or a judge or a thesis participant also?

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To sum it up, I do not know how to believe this short dream. I do not know, if I will go to her tomb and pay her a visit for a short prayer, which literally, I cannot do that right now because of the travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic. I do not know, if that dream will help me believe the positive side or the negative side. I do not know, if I will let my friends know this dream or to let the sisters of my former head librarian in which they are one of my friends in one of the social medias that I save with.

Only thing, that I believe is there's only One True God that He sent my former head librarian back to me as a form a dream to give a message about the promises that God will do it for me.

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Luis G Asuncion (author) from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on February 12, 2021:

Wow. Better salary. That's good to hear. Yes, I am back here. Looking forward to write more. Thanks for paying me a visit to comment. God bless you.

RoadMonkey on February 12, 2021:

Good to see you back Luis. I don't know much about dreams but some people tell me they go by opposites, that dreaming of a dead person stands for a birth. Alternatively, it could stand for a change coming in your life. And if she had a gift, maybe it will be a good one. Hope so and that you get a better salary.

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