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Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse Diet


Dr Oz is constantly asked about cleanse or detox diets, to which he has always reported they are not effective or necessary as long as a healthy diet is being consumed. His concerns were generally surrounding the lack of calories, and lack of nutrients involved in most cleanses. Under increasing pressure, he decided to assemble a team of experts and create his own detox cleanse diet, to ensure enough calories and nutrients would be included.

Mark Hyman MD, author of The Blood Sugar Solution was co-lead, along with Julieanna Hever MS Plant-Based Dietitian. Together, with Dr Oz's medical research team, they formulated a 3 day detox plan that met all of the guidelines including about 1200 calories/per day, along with many vitamins, minerals, and very important to a cleanse, fiber.

Initially they debated including solid food such as salads and whole fruit, but instead opted for only smoothies. This is because most of us do not chew our food effectively enough to destroy the cellulose wall to release the nutrients inside. When fruit and vegetables are turned into a smoothie, the blender does all of the work, allowing the nutrients to quickly enter our system, and not just travel through the body and be eliminated.

Dr Hyman reports the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) is generally what is making us sick. We are consuming more chemicals than ever before. Our bodies become toxic when this load of toxins becomes greater than our normal body detoxification system can manage. This then can affect every system in the body.

Signs you may need a detox cleanse: Headaches, muscle ache, fatigue, constipation, weight gain, bloating, skin conditions such as acne.

Components in the fruit and vegetables are natures pharmacy, fighting against toxins, and supporting the kidney and liver throughout the process.

Every ingredient can be found at a local grocery store. No specialty store required. 3 days, a blender and $16 is all you need, according to Dr Oz. My grocery bill was closer to $58- I don't know where he shops, but I would like his prices!!


Start Every Morning Off Right

The first step- lemon green tea. You should drink this as soon as you get up in the morning.

Green tea has catechins to help get rid of toxins, it binds metals in liver, helps with caffeine withdrawl. The coffee drinkers will appreciate this drink each morning.

The lemon has phytochemicals which boosts detoxes liver, cleanses the bowel.

1 green tea bag, 1 sliced lemon, 1 tsp stevia

I found a whole lemon sliced was a bit much. I used about half a lemon in my tea, and drank another mid morning when I would usually have a coffee.


Breakfast Smoothie:

The main purpose for this mixture is to start the elimination process and reduce bloating.


1 cup water

1 tbsp flax seed

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1 cup raspberries

1 banana

¼ cup spinach

1tbsp almond butter

2 tsp lemon juice

All of the ingredients in this drink work together for maximum effect. The almond butter is high in calcium, vitamin E, and fat to absorb the fat soluble nutrients. The raspberries have vitamin c to help absorb the iron from the spinach. Make sure to start with whole flax seeds, and blend until they are pulverized, or you will not get the benefit from them.

Also at breakfast, take half your multivitamin (cut it in half), and a probiotic supplement. This gives the gut good bacteria to help with the cleanse.


Other Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


Lunch Smoothie:

Now that bloating has subsided, we need to increase energy. This is like natures energy drink.


4 celery stocks

1 cup kale

1 cucumber

½ green apple

1 tbsp coconut oil

½ lime

½ cup almond milk

1 cup pineapple (fresh)

Kale is the ultimate super food. They did not specify, but I just used the juice of the 1/2 lime. This was my least favorite drink of the three.

Dr Hydman insisted on the coconut oil in this shake. It is a healthy fat to fuel your brain cells, reduce inflammation, and fills you up. Creamy, like a pina colada, he says. I beg to differ!!



Dinner Smoothie:

This drink is all about hydration.


½ cup mango

½ cup blueberries

1 ½ cup coconut water

1 cup kale

1/4 of an avocado

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp flax seeds

pinch of Cayenne pepper.

Dr Hydman quotes a basic lesson from medical school "The solution to pollution is dilution". It is time to flush out the toxins from the bowels. Coconut water helps with this. It also replaces the electrolytes that may inadvertently be flushed out as well.

High in fat due to the avocado and flax seeds, this help absorb fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Also, this drink is very high in fiber. ½ avocado has half of the daily recommended amount of fiber.

Take the other half of your multivitamin, and an Omega 3 supplement.


Snack smoothie:

Repeat any of the 3 smoothies mid afternoon for a snack. I, along with Dr oz preferred the dinner drink.

Detox Ultrabath:

Sweating out the toxins is very important for a detox, as some chemicals exit the body this way. Take this bath each night of the cleanse for maximum results.

Fill the tub with very hot water, 10 drops lavender, 2 ½ cups Epson salts.

Soak for 20-30 minutes.

This gets the lymphatic system and circulation moving, sweating out the toxins. The Epson salts contain magnesium to activate enzymenes, and sulfur to boost glutathione, the body's most important detoxing compound in the body.

I made it to the end of my 3 days. What now? Ease back into regular food. Your metabolism is rebooted, so try to eat well after the cleanse. Keep some of the smoothies in your diet if you can, for example as a breakfast alternative. "Un Junk your diet" Dr. Hyman says. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep feeling your best.

Dr Oz tried the cleanse, and lost 2 lbs. He polled 2 people in his audience that also tried it, and they both found they were less bloated and had more energy. Focus and clarity were also side effects. But the best side effect was one lost 2 inches and one 3 inches at the waist, and they both lost 5 lbs.

I lost about 3 lbs, but my waist felt much thinner. I did not measure my waist before, so can't quantify it, but definitely the bloating was gone. I found the drinks very filling, and massive in quantity.

Groceries You Will Need

Grocery List for 3 smoothies per day ( you will need to add ingredients for your snack smoothie)

3 cups blueberries

3 cups raspberries

2 mango

1 fresh pineapple (3 cups)

2 green apples

6 lemons

3 bananas

2 limes

6 cups Kale

1 avocado

3 cucumbers

1 cups spinach

12 stocks celery

2 liters coconut water

1 ½ cup almond milk

6 tablespoons flax seeds (whole)

3 tablespoons almond butter

3 tablespoons coconut oil

3 green tea bags

3 tsp stevia

Lavender oil

Epson salts

multi vitamin


omega 3

The Ultimate Blender

Now for Healthier Eating


Brenda on September 18, 2018:

I’m trying this detox for the first time. My question is after I drink the green tea with lemon, can I have my coffee then and use it as one of my snacks? I add a splash of almond milk, 1 tsp of almond butter and 1 tbsp of coconut oil and blend it up. I only have one of these a day usually as my only breakfast.

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on April 12, 2018:

Thanks for looking MarlonKelley. Dr Oz put a lot of research into this diet, and I trust the experts he chose to work with.

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 10, 2016:

Hi Matiea. My suggestion would be for the lunch smoothie replace the 1tbsp coconut oil with 1 tbsp avocado. For the dinner smoothie, replace 1 1/2 cups coconut water with 1 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 a banana and a small pinch of salt. This will give you some of the potassium and sodium that would have been in the coconut water. Good luck.

Matiea on May 10, 2016:

What do you do if your allergic to coconuts? How am I suppose to get the full effect of the smoothies?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on April 19, 2016:

KB thanks for looking. A lot of thought and medical research was put into this detox. Careful attention was made to ensure proper nutrients and adequate fiber are included for the three day period. That said, only you know how your gut reacts to to the fruit and vegetables listed in this detox. Nothing here would typically be on the "foods to avoid" for IBS. Of course, check with your doctor if you have any doubts or questions. Let us know how it goes, if you do follow the 3 day detox, so others with IBS can learn from your experience.

KB on April 19, 2016:

Will this still help and be good for me if I have severe IBS? Sorry not trying to be too personal! I know this is to clean you out and be able to use the restroom... I am just worried because I have to take prescribed medication in order to go to the restroom. So wondering if with help still clean me my body and the toxins. Thank you

747CWD on January 12, 2016:

Is it okay to substitute apple for mango?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 25, 2015:

Thanks for your comment Karo. I am glad your headache lessened as the three days went on. I am sure some of that was due to stopping coffee! I agree, $16 is nearly impossible to achieve. My bill is usually closer to $60 shopping at a discount grocery store! This is a great, easy detox to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I try and schedule it in my calendar 3-4 times a year!

Karo on November 18, 2015:

Welllll.. Someone introduced me to this detox and it looked interesting so i decided to give it a try. First of i don't know where they shop that only spent $16.00. My total grocery bill including the vitamins was over 100. Nonetheless i loved the detox. The meal smoothie was the worse for me . the first day i felt so sick,nauceaus and the headache was so bad that i had to go to sleep. I am a big coffee drinker so that was the most difficult part for me, other than that i definetly recommend the detox. On the 3rd day i was totally ok, didnot have any food cravings nor headaches.. It has been 3 days after finishing with the detox and i have not have a cup of coffee and im not craving it either, also trying to drink one or two smoothies a day as meal replacement. Oh forgot to mention ..i lost 3 pounds!!

Marcy on October 27, 2015:

Also, my grocery bill was $115. I got everything on the grocery list.

Marcy on October 26, 2015:

This is my first ever detox. I really am motivated to try it to re-start healthy eating habits. The lunch smoothie is terrible though! I have had a stomach ache and have been feeling nauseous and bloated since I drank it. All I can think about is that I have to drink another one tomorrow. Hoping the dinner smoothie is better!

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on September 30, 2015:

Hope you got through the 3 days. Headaches are very common when doing a detox- the body is working hard clearing out all of the toxins. Try and drink more water, this can help. My friend has a vitamix machine, and she says the celery drink was much smoother than mine turned out in my blender. It is a very expensive appliance though!!

ToniAnn on September 23, 2015:

Im on my last meal of the first day. That celery one was so gross cause of the texture, and I hate celery!! I've been feeling really nauseous since lunch and am having terrible headaches. Is this normal? Also, I only found the milled flax seeds, is that okay?

Agility Beauty from U.S.A on August 12, 2015:

i like gran tea, its very nice

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on April 27, 2015:

Hi, yes frozen berries work great. They are frozen at their peak, so the nutrients are excellent. They help keep the smoothie cold, and give it a little froth. Good luck!

Orla on April 25, 2015:

Great article! Has anyone tried with frozen berries?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on February 28, 2015:

NicoDeez, great comment. Yes you can make the smoothie ahead of time and refrigerate. It apparently can lose a little bit of its nutrient power when not consumed immediately, but I don't think it would make that big a difference. I personally try and pick a three day stretch where I am not working to do the detox so I can destress as much as possible. I know that is not always an option. Best of luck.

NicoDeez on February 21, 2015:

Can you make the shake ahead of time...for example if I'm going to work can I make my lunch smoothie in the morning then store in a refrigerator until lunch?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on February 19, 2015:

Penny, thanks for looking. Yes a few ice cubes makes the drink a little frothy, and nice and cold. I do that too occasionally.

Aisha, try it once and see how you feel. I like to repeat 4 times per year at every season change. Although I so my winter one in January after all the indulging over the holidays!

Some people I know like to do it September and January. Good luck!

Aisha MUSTAPHA on February 19, 2015:

Pls after how many months can u repeat it, I want to try it.

penny on February 01, 2015:

If you have hard time drinking these smoothies . I suggested to add little ice to them and blend and it makes a little easier to drink . Colder the better!!!

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on January 23, 2015:

SassyStacie, yes a foot bath would be a good substitute. You might consider taking a magnesium supplement, as part of the benefit of the soak in epson salt is magnesium absorption. Steamy shower can also help pull toxins out of the skin.

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on January 23, 2015:

Rebecca, please don't add cucumber to your smoothie! I would try substituting zucchini. Another option, which would improve the flavor of the drink, would be honeydew melon. Good luck!

SassyStacie on January 22, 2015:

Here my dilemma - I don't have a bathtub! So how do you do the bath? Could you do a foot soak?

Rebecca on January 19, 2015:

I was wondering, I am allergic to cucumbers to where I break out in hives and my throat will swell! Is there something else I can use to substitute in place of the cucumber?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on January 13, 2015:

Thank you for your comment. I am with you- the lunch smoothie is the least appetizing! I am sure your modifications will be fine. I sometimes would add a little more pineapple. The energy is amazing. Let me know how it works out for you. Hope you took a waist measurement, because that usually has a big loss for me after the 3 day detox. Take care.

BeCcA on January 13, 2015:

I am on my last day of this detox and I love it, EXCEPT for the "Lunch Smoothie". I almost puke in my mouth every time I drink it. It's probably me but the texture throws me off. So I made some modification I only do 1/2 cucumber, 2 stocks of celery and 1 cup of Almond Milk, since this smoothie already makes a lot I figure these modifications won't hurt and now it's "drinkable" for me. lol. BUT I love this detox! My body doesn't feel like it's starving (besides the fact I have the desire to chew/eat something), but it's only a desire. I feel CLARITY , along with ENERGY!! I don't know how much weight/inches I have lost but I will find out tomorrow :) I would recommend this detox to anyone! Thank you Kitkat1141 for posting this. I agree with what you had to say more then Dr. Oz and found my grocery bill to be about $60, I tried to stay organic as much as possible.

beth on January 10, 2015:

Can i use chai seeds instead?

Evelia Veronica Rivera from Bridgeport, CT on October 15, 2014:

Thanks for info..a thinking of trying it

Susan Caplan McCarthy from Massachusetts, USA on October 08, 2014:

I don't know if I could limit myself to smoothies, even for three days. This does look interesting, though.

Johnb782 on September 16, 2014:

Howdy! Would you mind if I share your weblog with my twitter group? Theres lots of people that I think would truly enjoy your content material. Please let me know. Thanks edgkgbedegee

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on September 08, 2014:

Hi. Thanks for looking. I used an English cucumber, skin and all. The skin is thinner, and not waxed. There are a lot of nutrients and fiber in the skin, so I think it is important for the detox. If you can only find field cucumbers, you should probably peel them, because the thick wax coating is difficult to remove. Good luck on your cleanse. Remember, it is only 3 days!

Debbo on September 08, 2014:

Hi I am going to start this cleanse on Friday, very excited, with the cucumbers do you peel them. or in skin & all. Thank you.

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 21, 2014:

Thanks for looking. I like to do this 3 day detox about 3 to 4 times a year. Typically after Labor Day in September, when back to school is in full swing. Again in January after the holiday weight gain. In the spring just after Easter. And occasionally mid summer just to get rid of the bloat. I feel great after, and tend to actually crave healthy food for a while!!

Madeline Watterson on August 20, 2014:

How often should you do a juice cleanse?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 12, 2014:

He actually never commented on water for the cleanse, but I drank water between smoothies. I think it helps, and could cut hunger cravings too.

Mary on August 12, 2014:

Can you drink water in between shakes or is it strictly the 4 shakes a day?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on July 29, 2014:

Thanks for your comment jenjen. I would have to say no to your question. This is a detox, and the doctor and nutritionist that designed the plan stressed the fact that the nutrients in the fruit and vegetables included in the recipes are vital at a cellular level to the body. I just can't see getting the same benefit from a powder. I think 3 days of completely unprocessed, real food is why this plan works so well. Use the greens powder the rest of the year if you like, to supplement your diet.

jenjen on July 28, 2014:

Can u use the store bought mean green smoothies and get the same result

gizela on May 21, 2014:

thank you kitkat for an answer. My big problem is sugar sugar and more sugar. When i have my coffee it's a little bit of milk 3.25% no sugar , but... pastry, cookies, cakes etc. are my enemies !!!!!!!!!!!! I love fruit and veggie, I am not a big fan of meat. But still it is very hard ti give up on a cup of coffee with bagel in the morning !!!!

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 20, 2014:

Thanks for looking Gizela. My quick answer to your question is just drink both a cup of coffee and a green smoothie in the morning. I also love my cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, and are full of antioxidants. Giving it up for 3 days on this detox shouldn't be the end of the world, but I am not saying give it up forever! Of course the closer to drinking coffee black, the better. The health benefits are drastically reduced when sugar, sweeteners, cream and other things are added. Many people who love coffee actually like the ritual of holding that warm cup in their hands and sipping. This can be achieved with hot water and lemon, or green tea. Maybe you could give those a try. It is great that you have found some green smoothie recipes you love. I would just focus on incorporating them in your diet more often, and not feeling guilty about having a cup of coffee in the morning!

Gizela Faigelman from Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 19, 2014:

hi there ! I am glad I found Dr.oz detox diet, but I have number of questions that really bothering me. I really would like to make changes in my life due to a health issue and one of the options would be is to start my day with a green smoothie. I have lots and lots of precipices , some of them I've tried already and liked it. The big problem is that I like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning so My question is how do I teach/train/ get used to drink smoothie in the morning ?

Inga from New York on March 05, 2014:

Thanks! Great hub! :)

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on March 03, 2014:

This looks like just what I've been searching for. That first picture with the colorful smoothies really drew me in. I've been trying different smoothie recipes and the cleanse sounds good. I like Dr Oz. Finding your experiences with the process along with the instructions and ingredients really made this a valuable read.

CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on March 03, 2014:

Not sure how I missed this wonderful hub but then again, I've been on and off HP. I just posted an interesting hub on the same topic (Detox) but I'm not going to follow it. Lol! Your process sounds more practical and with ingredients that is not really hard to find.

I love my coffee in the morning but I love tea as well. Tomorrow, I'll change my routine with lemon green tea instead. Then, perhaps coffee in between. Why not?

Cheers to a healthier life style!

Tolovaj on February 17, 2014:

Detox diets are becoming more and more popular in our polluted world. I like the idea of cleaning the organism from time to time and these recipes certainly look tasty. Thanks! Spring is coming, time for action!

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on February 02, 2014:

I would try peaches or nectarine in place of the mango. Best of luck!

G Green on February 02, 2014:

I have a Mango allergy, does anyone know of another fruit I can use with the same benefits? I hope to start this next week!

lilcupcake on January 12, 2014:

hm. I always add honey to my green tea, and nothing else. Honey being so good for you, I wouldn't imagine interchanging it for the lemon would kill the detox, do you? I'm not big on strong citrus flavors.

Jimmy432 on December 28, 2013:

Been meaning to do a complete body detox for some time now, but never seem to get myself to go through it...

Alecia Brown from Paso Robles,CA on November 29, 2013:

Great hub, I love Dr Oz, he is the only Dr who actually recommend's alternative at home treatment's to help with health issues.

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on November 29, 2013:

I like your article about how to make the healthy smoothies and the tea. You did a good job.

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 23, 2013:

Cindy Lou, thank you so much for your comment. Yikes, my mistake. 1/4 of an avocado goes into the dinner smoothie- I have corrected it now. You can't really taste it. Just adds to the smoothness. I find avocados tricky. They find they are often under ripe, then quickly turn to brown mush and need to be thrown away! For the detox, I tried to find one just ripe, then I mashed it with a squirt of lemon juice. I then put it into a sandwich resealable bag, and squeezed all of the air out. I would store in the refrigerator. Then I could just spoon out the correct amount for the recipe when I needed it. Thank you again for pointing out the error. Hope you give it a try!

Cindy Lou on November 22, 2013:

Want to try this detox but you listed avocado on grocery list but I do not see it in any of the recipes?

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 21, 2013:

Margo Arrowsmith, thank you for your comment. Yes, the blender keeps all of the nutrients in the drink, as opposed to a juicer, where the fiber is removed. Thank you for your feedback on the program. I agree, the celery drink was my least favorite, but 3 days is a small sacrifice for how good I felt afterwards!

tsuprukblogs, thank you for looking. A lot of research went into creating this detox, and you can practically feel the nutrients rebooting the body for better health! Hope you give it a try.

tsuprukblogs from Parma Heights, OH on November 18, 2013:

A really good hub that is good for you since a detox diet helps keep your system clean. A really good job.


Margo Arrowsmith on November 18, 2013:

I have done this a few time, the one with all the celery is hard to drink, but it's a good plan. The high speed blender means that you are getting the fiber.

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on July 08, 2013:

Thank you for looking msshandriaball. This would be a great jump start to a new way of eating. It is an easy way to get a lot of healthy foods into your body quickly. I am trying to do this about 3 times a year to detox. I feel great after. Good luck!

Shandria Ball from Anniston on July 07, 2013:

Very useful hub,I just went to the doctor and found out I have high blood pressure and possibly a thyroid problem she suggested a diet change.I think I am going to try this cleanse to help get my system back on track and get healthy.thanks for writing

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 30, 2013:

Better Yourself, thank you for looking. It is nice to know so much work went into creating this detox. I really didn't feel hungry while doing it. Just a headache from not having my coffee! I would get the ingredients ready the night before, and put them in a big zip lock bag in the fridge- one bag for each smoothie, then I could quickly blend it when I was about to eat. That was a tip from another Dr Oz viewer! I plan on doing this detox about 2 or 3 times per year. Let me know if you give it a try.

Better Yourself from North Carolina on May 29, 2013:

I enjoy watching Dr Oz and remember this episode and think the detox plan is great! Great job with the hub!

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 09, 2013:

Nicole S, thanks for looking. They taste better than I thought. The fruit helps the vegetables taste better! It feels good to do this once in a while to reboot your system.

Nicole S Hanson from Minnesota on May 08, 2013:

Wonderful hub! I love Dr. oz all of his useful knowledge :) And these look yummy too!

kitkat1141 (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 21, 2013:

I agree, 3 days is about all I can handle without chewing any food! I really felt great afterwards. I think I may do this 3 or 4 times a year.

lemonkerdz from LIMA, PERU on March 21, 2013:

Thanks kitkat1141 great idea to do a detox diet every now and again. 3 days would be about my limit but looks like there are some interesting juices included here. Hub appreciated thanks.

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