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Dopamine Addiction : A Pathway to Self Destruction

Is Gen Z addicted to dopamine?

I think they are


Dopamine is a type of pleasure hormone and a neurotransmitter. As a part of the brain’s reward system, it is released when human beings feel a sudden rush of happiness or pleasure. When we do something that feels good and makes us happy, a neurochemical reaction takes place in our brain that causes an increase in the release of dopamine.

Low levels of dopamine cause depression, stress, and a feeling of hopelessness. It makes you feel moody and tired. High levels of dopamine make you aggressive and lead to poor impulse control, mania, ADHD, and addictions. High levels of dopamine can make you feel like you are on top of the world.

Our brain is designed to search out behaviors that discharge dopamine.

These behaviors range from seemingly harmless actions like eating your favorite food, watching your comfort show, and scrolling TikTok or Instagram to physiologically and psychologically destructive habits that include binge eating, excessive use of social media, addiction to drugs and alcohol, etc.

A good example of dopamine addiction is the excessive use of social media. We know in the back of our heads that we’re wasting our time and energy on something that’s useless. Yet it doesn’t stop us from spending hours on our electronic devices and using social media because if we don’t give in, dopamine levels are decreased and we feel moody, hopeless, and depressed. Other activities don’t give us the same level of pleasure. Too much dopamine can be detrimental to our well-being.

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It is important to keep dopamine release in check.

Dopamine detox means breaking the cycle of dopamine addiction. This is also called dopamine fast. It is centered on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps us get our focus back and makes us less anxious. It can be done by resisting cravings and changing our lifestyle. Addressing our poor lifestyle choices responsibly is the first step in dopamine detox. Getting rid of these unhealthy habits helps us regain control of our life and behavior.


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