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Don't Wait! Take the Benefit of On-Spot Jogging

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While the country is in the unlocking phase, still many of us refrain from going to the gym. And also the rainy season keeping us away from outdoor activities. Well, I am not a gymgoer but I like to go for outdoor walking, jogging, or running. But due to the widespread concern about the infection, I am not going out that often and also due to the weather.

Also, some people are damn occupied with the work-from-home culture and other daily responsibilities that they aren’t able to keep up with their fitness routine. Many gym-goers and regular exercisers have their favorite exercises and they like to stick to them while some like to keep it simple. Either way but we all have constraints to work within. So those who aren’t able to go out due to the work, commitments, kids, infection concern, bad weather or location still you can workout within the confines of your home. A simple, easy, and time saver activity you can do to stay fit – Spot Jogging.

What is spot jogging?

Jogging on the spot is a great calorie-burning activity, especially when you can’t go outdoor. It can be as low or high intensity as you want. When you jog on the spot your feet land at the same point where they took off from.

So, to jog in place:

  • Lift your left arm and right foot at the same time.
  • Your knee should be at the level of your hips.
  • Then switch to the opposite foot and arm.
  • Continue the movements.

The procedure is the same as jogging only you won’t move forward and do it on the spot.

Is jogging on the spot effective?

Yes, jogging on the spot is effective in many ways such as :

It works on many muscles, burns calories, and sheds weight.

  1. As on-spot jogging is an aerobic exercise and it contracts your muscles thus, it improves your stability, muscle strength, and flexibility.
  2. It helps to develop a strong upper body and a powerful lower body.
  3. A study has found that running or jogging in place helps to improve posture.
  4. It improves sugar level, elevates heart rate, burns calories & fat, which helps shed weight.
  5. On-spot jogging also improves blood circulation, enhances lung capacity, and boosts cardiovascular function.
  6. Running or jogging in place doesn’t use muscle to move you forward. You land on your toes more hence, your ankle and the lower leg become stronger.
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The Importance Of Stretching Before On-spot Jogging

Stretching is always important before and after any exercise and so for on-spot jogging. It will help to ensure that you do not have cramps or muscle strain. It keeps the muscles strong, flexible, and healthy. And to maintain a range of motion we need flexibility otherwise the muscles will shorten and become tight. Also, healthy muscles help a person with balance problems and avoid falls.

Therefore, always warm up your body by starting at a slower pace and finish with a cool-down walking or jogging on spot for few minutes.

Advantages of on spot jogging

According to Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora, Senior Cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, “Spot walking or spot jogging gives the same benefits as walking, maybe more if done at a higher intensity. You may not run or walk outside due to humidity, rains, or just because you have to be too mindful of social distancing norms but spot walking doesn’t have any of these limitations.”

Dr. Dora adds, “To make the workout more rigorous, try to raise your knee to your hip level and do it briskly. Swing your hands the way you do while walking outdoors. With this technique, one can burn up to 250 to 300 calories per hour. You can also use a low-weight dumbbell during a spot walk to tone your biceps and intensify calorie loss. Doing various yoga asanas during this period helps improve muscle and joints' flexibility and strengthening core muscles.”


  1. Make sure you must warm up your body to ensure an injury-free workout.
  2. Ensure to allow your body to cool down with some stretches hence, do not suddenly stop.
  3. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your spine neutral and look straight.
  4. If you prefer bare feet perform this exercise on a mat or carpet to minimize the stress on your body.
  5. Using the toes and balls of your feet more can put pressure on your knees and hips.
  6. You may experience muscle soreness, fatigue, or discomfort after jogging/running intensely in one place for a longer period.
  7. Stop the exercise if you have an injury or feel you’ve pushed your limit.


On-spot jogging/running is not the key workout in your fitness plan but it will definitely give you results. Isn’t it an ideal exercise when you can’t go for a normal fitness regime and want to have a short and quick workout?

Additionally, you can do it in any environment. You can even experiment with adding other exercises like jumping jacks, high-knees, yoga san, etc.

Disclaimer - Consult a doctor before beginning any vigorous exercise program.

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