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Don’t let fear control you to have unpleasant emotion.

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Most of us live in fear daily without realizing that stops us from learning new things, enhancing our knowledge, building our confidence; likewise, fear stops us from everything that we can achieve in our life. Some of us are scared to bring our weakness and show others thinking that they will laugh at me, and even they do not laugh at me straight away, they will laugh behind my back. Tell someone they know a knowledgeable person try to help them they will not accept it because they feel shy and do not want to open themselves to that person.

I will say that is a foolish thing because if that person tries to hide that weakness from you, this individual has to accept that they know me very well, so what is the point of hiding that from them. Let me talk about the individuals who felt shy to learn from a person who was ready to help them did not realize that they feel embarrassed in front of others and if they take the free opportunity and learn something new that makes them feel proud and they can face others with some pride.

Let me talk about my experience; I have known someone from childhood who became a math expert but only in his language. I asked him to give me all the math tutorials to translate that into English and make that an online course did not answer. Did not want to do anything like that and kept avoiding my request. So, I thought to myself and concluded that he did not want to lower himself but facing many financial problems; that is then I thought he was wasting his knowledge also not making enough money from it.

I am a fearful person as well; it is one of the reasons that I have not used my potential to do better in life. One of the main reasons was that I started my job with charities and did that for a long time and still have some friends. Now I am in the internet market, I am finding it difficult to find anyone to work closely with me as I am scared to trust anyone, and at the same time, my friends have no interest in the internet marketing business world. You need to trust people to a certain extent, and showing yourself as a trustworthy person boosts your business. Fearless life helps you in many ways, and fearful people always lose a lot ultimately.


What they face in their life are:

  • I cannot mix around with anyone.
  • Will not ask for help from anyone.
  • Low esteem.
  • Communication problems.
  • They do not believe in themselves.
  • Scared of everyone around them.
  • Never open themselves to anyone.

It does not mean they cannot do anything; they can start a business independently and deliver the best in that business, but they do not see success. What could be the reason for it? The company does not promote that you do the work and keep that with you, and you have to do something more than creating a business. That means you have to turn yourself into someone who can attract people to you and your business. As you are a fearful person, you find it difficult to get close to people.

What is the impact on your fearful personal life?

If you have a partner who makes you fearful of everything you do, finding fault in all your actions will significantly affect your life and live-in negativity. Some leave their partner for good, and others stay with them, hoping that their attitude will change one day. But in the meantime, your health gets affected as a result. I faced a situation partner was strict about everything and lived like that for a while, and suddenly, he became ill and lost all his capabilities of controlling others. So, the only thing I believe is that nothing lasts forever, and you see the change at some point in your life for the better.

How to bring yourself out of that feeling as a business owner?

It would help if you wrote down the reasons for your fear that stopped you from becoming successful. Then which task is the hardest for you? Keep trying to make you feel confident because if you do something that you are fearful of repeatedly, there is no choice that you will get used to it doing that.

Try to bring your courage out to face challenges and keep practicing it; if you do it a couple of times and leave, that will disappear. Likewise, if anything is helpful to your progress, if you feel hesitant to do it, you have to make your mind strong and keep doing that.

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How to reduce the fear of failure

Experience shame & embarrassment.

Never worry about the embarrassment you can face due to failure; try to keep from the community who are ready to laugh, ridicule, and embarrass you. It is normal when you fail; people out there are prepared to undereat you, so be ready to face that and forget about it as quickly as possible and start to work harder.

Address the problem

When people fail, they leave what they do straight away to feel better; of course, that is an immediate and short-term solution for them. But take your failure on board to find a solution, for it gives you the long-term gain. Do not ever put your head in the sand; face it and challenge it to get the best back from failure.

Learn from your mistakes.

I can assure you we fail to learn more and better things; for example, I fell in my business many times, but I have not given up, but I keep learning new things from my mistakes and becoming more and more knowledgeable. The knowledge you gain from your mistakes stays with you forever and helps you to have a better life.

Get support.

Do not keep it yourself; talk to someone who loves you and understands you to give you some emotional support to motivate you from your failure. That gives you more confidence to overcome your loss by finding new ways to resolve your reasons for the failure.

Fears due to wrong imagination

Most of us are fearful about things that we imagine that something terrible could happen; for example, I am a writer, but I guess that nobody will like my writing and feel scared and embarrassed without even getting any feedback from anyone. So, what should I do about it? I should try to read my work and get the input; even if I get the bad one, I should take that as a motivation to improve my writing. Instead, we imagine and feel fearful without even correctly trying anything.


Final thoughts

Failure should not threaten you; take that as your feedback on your current level. So that gives you a growth mindset because the failures motivate you to work harder instead of feeling shame and embarrassed about your inability. There is nothing to fear about losing all; most successful people have gone through many failures; the best part is they never allowed fear to control their lives. Many techniques and strategies can help young people overcome their fear of failure, helping them push on and realize their potential.


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