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Hoping for the best expecting the worse

With expertise in developing a greater understanding of the existence of life


A study by the John Hopkins University showed 258 heart attack patients that were even slightly depressed, had a five times higher greater risk of dying after a heart attack then those that were not depressed.

Loss of companionship, social isolation, and loneliness increase every risk to a major disease including cancer, mental illness and heart disease.

"Is that all there is" mentality holds us back from acknowledging what is good about our lives, work, relationships and ourselves.


Factors influencing happiness

Each one of these fuels the other and ignoring any one of these puts us a real risk to loosing health and happiness.

- Struggling with depression, worry and anxiety

- Anger, hostility, cynicism

- Loneliness and isolation

- Family and marriage tension and conflict

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Coping mechanismWhat you think you getStress symptoms caused

Being strong

To be nurtured

Loneliness/ numbness

Being perfect

To feel good enough

Irritability, obsessing, guilt


To feel finished

Anxiety & urgency

Being careful

To feel safe

Difficulty making decisions

Pleasing others

To feel understood

Guilt, anxiety, withdrawn

Trying hard

To feel deserving of rest

Exhaustion and joylessness


By assuming the worst outcome for every situation, we forget to rethink and ask ourselves will it really go that bad? Even if it does what would we do? Will it be so catastrophic?

Remind yourself of all the situations you have handled before.

Will the situation affect me in a week, a year, ten years? And what if I don't try at all?

Gaze upwards and onwards, get past your personal struggles and believe in SOMETHING and DO IT!!

"Live like you were dying"- Tim McGraw

  • What visions do you have in your life?
  • What do you want to learn more about
  • What do you do to maintain and enhance your health?
  • What are your true talents?
  • What would you do for your perfect job?
  • What family do you want to see more/less of?

How do you spend your 168 hours per week

What we need to do more of !!

  1. Learn something new
  2. Drink water
  3. Get proper rest
  4. Make time for hobbies
  5. Eat for high performance and energy
  6. Have loving, intimate relationships
  7. Have some fun
  8. Remind yourself of the meaning of your life and what you're working for!!

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