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Does the Noom App Help You Lose Weight?

Like most people, I'm concerned with the practical needs of everyday life, and therefore research issues of health and livelihood.

Losing weight and getting in shape can be difficult. Sometimes you need a little push in the right direction.

Losing weight and getting in shape can be difficult. Sometimes you need a little push in the right direction.

I had put on a lot of weight. My breathing was always labored, my back always hurt and I'm still not getting any younger. It was about time to do something about it.

What that was going to be, I wasn't sure.

I was trying different things, but it didn't get rid of my tendency to eat too much.

Then a couple people suggested the Noom app. I was skeptical. But friends and family were enthusiastic about it so I figured I should try it. After all, my health was at stake, I needed to take action. I downloaded the app, answered a few questions and got signed up for the 14 day free trial.

What I Do With the Noom App

The Noom app has different features: Lessons, a guide, a support group and a way for tracking your calories. I mostly use the feature for counting calories, although I fairly often take part in the lessons, they are valuable too.

The way it works is you log in what you eat at every meal and for snacks. Typically there is an auto-suggest for whatever you eat and you can plug that in and it will give you how many calories it is depending on whether you use various selections like "servings", "cups", "tbs.", etc. It also will tell you whether what you ate is "green", "yellow" or "red": Green being the healthiest - things like vegetables and whole grains; Yellow being next healthiest, things like nuts and seeds and beans and some other surprising items like Taco Bell tacos. Red is least healthy, oily, meaty dishes and bleached flour, among other things. As you might think, you want to limit the red items and eat more of the green items. If you touch on "analysis" at the upper right of the screen when you are logging in food, you will get the breakdown of food colors of your items.

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The lessons tell you things like what are dense calories: Calories that have more food value than calories, like salads and fruits, are less dense so you can eat more of it. As follows, you have to eat less hot dogs and burgers, they are red and dense.

The Noom app helps you track calories and food value.

The Noom app helps you track calories and food value.

Does Noom Help You Lose Weight

I found the app easy to use and a great way of being more self-observant. The point is not to starve yourself or force yourself into anything but to be more aware of habits and behavior. But the app has a strange sort of motivating effect that made me want to watch out for how much I eat. In the end I limited my caloric intake more often than not; sometimes I'd eat too much but in the next several days I was under my calorie limit or maybe sometimes just barely above it.

So, within 2 weeks I'd lost 8 pounds using the Noom app. So for me, so far, it is a very encouraging success and I ended up subscribing to the app. I just had to go into my settings in my phone, scroll to the apps, go to Noom and cancel the subscription: It then gives you a choice to get the discount deal for the subscription. It's under $20 a month.

As you might have noticed, my opinion is that Noom works and it will help you lose weight. It worked for me and it will keep working, I'm confident of that. It's a convenient way to monitor your calories, keep track of the value of the food you eat and to change habits and behavior, and teaches you lessons about health. For me, Noom as a weight loss tool is a resounding success!

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