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Does Self-Realisation Really Matter ?

This Articles gives a brief about how important "Self-Realisation" is, in order to embrace your journey. Not only journey but an End as well

Opportunity Missed is not always the Opportunity Lost :

You all might have had those tragic experiences where an excellent opportunity laid in your hands, but due to some "xyz" reasons you could not bag that on time. You miss out the probability of reaping out some excellent fruits, if you would have gone through that chosen path. The reason can be one or many, it doesn't matter now. You missed the train, and you not even dare to imagine your dream destination now. You equate yourself to a failure. That guilt, that regret, those remorse emotions starts controlling you and you become so conspicuous in your actions that everyone could easily get enthralled by your actions crumbled up with those unnecessary emotions. Sometimes, you don't want to mix up your emotions, when you want to set things right. In Some cases, you need to act purely to achieve only the outcome, and simultaneously being abhorrent to the waves of flickering emotions that interrupts your sane thinking.

But is the opportunity that you regret missing now, actually was intended to be missed ?? Were you not prepared enough to accept it that very moment ?? Have you ever imagined , what if the destination you were dreaming about was not actually what you dreamt subconsciously ?? What if that opportunity was a one-way ride and there was no coming back (you could have regretted it later anyways) ??

I don't intend to disregard any of your's beliefs, but solely stating my own experience regretting the opportunities i missed myself. Not one but quite a few. And subsequently with time, I am starting to deduce the reason for every single aspect of my life. I am trying to dissent on the ways of justifying reasons for those missed opportunities. Yes, i do re-instate about acting on some of the things i missed doing. But altogether, i did find out few justifications of "why exactly some things didn't happen the way i wanted them to". On this journey of Self-Realisation, i sometimes tend to fall apart and get overwhelmed by those unwanted emotions that takes me back to those times where i could enact and make things right for myself. But was it really worth to regret upon now. Definitely a big "No".

Self-Realisation relates to the fact that, you don't even care to believe "What didn't happen in your Life" but rather align your thoughts towards more aesthetic belief that "What you are capable of achieving now, and Why exactly you enacted in a way, that was completely on-purpose ".

You haven't really lost these opportunities, it's just that the opportunity now will have a different version of itself that you will be dealing with. This new version would be more relatable to the result-oriented aspects rather than the aspect of the journey you once cared for. This new version would be more practical than the ideologies you once believed in. And most importantly, this new version of the lost opportunity would deal with a brand new up-skilled & matured version of your own-self.

Too many positive sides, it surely would be enthralling and exciting for you all !!

Cannot put an End to everything:

Not as simple as it sounds to be. The above statement is not everyone's cup of tea. Only those who have the big appetite of hitting all the wrong things and still smiling after taking those hits should be able to relate. The ones that have been blessed with a good fortune, good family, good upbringing, good childhood, good lifestyle and most importantly a good mind will not be able to relate any of this. In fact, these fortunate people can't either relate any of these articles/ blogs, nor can they pick up this type of writing style. As they are happening on the other side of Life, where they received all kinds of pleasures with minimal efforts purely out of their fortunes. Few of them might have been blindfolded to see what is ideologically right, rather than having beliefs of their own version of right/wrong.

My intentions are not to disrespect any of them either. But because a very few people are narcissistic, and they wrongly interpret their narcissism with self-respect, egoism and audacity. They can't obviously be a good judge of understanding "how does it feel for someone, when they are equally or more talented but still they didn't get that required respect or reward". But wait this is the comparison i would want to write in some other blog. Lets just say the people who wish to read this are the ones who have been broken at-least once in their lives. Then only they should be able to make any sense of this.

Fight Back -

There are times, when you get so much agitated that despite facing those blows on your face you don't wish to fight back. It's not about that you don't know how to fight, but it's about your willingness to fight. It's about the energy that you are intentionally holding back, because that boisterous minds of yours have consumed all that energy. That thinking and further thinking is not just only stopping you to act, but also to fight back. To take that chance of making a come back and to give a best fight for all those worries & troubles that you are dealing with. Believe me, you don't need any support from the outsiders in doing so. The ones that have been holding you tight right from the start, are the only ones that can give you that push. The most required push, the best advise and the right mindset embraced with positivism.

Please feel fortunate if you have these type people at your back !!

Key Aspects -

Look out for these elements in your moments of despair. Encourage yourself to stand up, and return that single but most powerful blow to life. Say to yourself, I am putting an End to this and an End to all those rough/patchy paths that life has been throwing me in. This time, nobody will end on my behalf and neither will I get myself lost in that path. I will find my own way, and my own wisdom while travelling that path. Will also try to pickup the ones who have lost on the same path, and will encourage them to give it a fight back as well.

As compared to the element of Self-Realisation, the elements like Self-Approval, Self-Support, Self-Encouragement, Self-Belief and Self-Control are the most important and further derived aspects that we have to deal with. Not only deal with, but inculcate these attributes as a part of our Self-Realisation process.
Start Slow, but try to Hold your World together !! You cannot put an End to everything, but at-least you can chose the right ending !!

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A Short-Verse :


A Wish to embrace, a Wish to hammer!!

A Wish to execute with an altruistic manner!!

A Wish to fight the embattled mind!!

A Wish to empower the ultimate kind!!

A Wish with the strength of dynamite!!

A Wish with the duration as infinite!!

A Wish for the alteration, rectification involved!!

A Wish for the growing things to get more evolved!!

A Wish for the embodiment of mankind!!

A Wish for the purity of disastrous human mind!!


Happy Reading !! Happy Experimenting !!

Best Wishes !!


© 2021 Sourabh Gaba

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